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By the well-known actor Han Xue shelling "bundling sales", how should Ctrip go out of the continuous whirlpool of public opinion?


Ctrip, a well-known online travel service platform in China, has recently fallen into an unprecedented public opinion storm, and may rise from a "public opinion storm" to a crisis.

In this year's National Day holiday, an article entitled "10 billion a year? The article that reveals the "chopper" pit trap "trap" accuses Ctrip of "strong buying and selling", which is quickly spread in the circle of friends. Due to the peak of holiday bookings, a lot of attention has been raised.

In the face of this sudden public affair, Ctrip on October 7th, "10 billion a year? In response to the article “Ctrip” “Pit”, Ctrip responded that Ctrip was concerned about the public’s untrue statements about Ctrip. After verification, the content of the article was not true and there was suspicion .

However, a microblog on the evening of October 9 once again made Ctrip a target.

Lyric Communication Overview Han Xue shelled Ctrip "Bundled Consumption"

Han Xue, a well-known domestic actress, has a strong appeal. On October 9, Han Xue said that Ctrip "bundled consumption":

Image from Han Xue Weibo

In addition to the "bundling" problem, Han Xue also said that he had complained to Ctrip because of the resale of hotel orders, etc., and all of them were apologetic, so they couldn’t bear to send this Weibo, and advised everyone: Ctrip is at hand to see Go ahead and go.

Image from Han Xue Weibo

After Han Xue confessed to Ctrip on Weibo, it quickly triggered public sentiment. Many netizens, including many famous people, joined the ranks of the condemnation, and the public opinion broke out.

According to the monitoring of Huikexun's all-media big data platform, Han Xue was widely forwarded after Weibo was released. The media immediately followed the report. The public opinion about Ctrip quickly reached its climax the next day. The number of public opinion in one day reached 3,551, most of which were negative public opinion. .

Among the public opinion topics that broke out in the past three days, the proportion of negative public opinion reached 58.1%. This data is highly valued by the crisis public relations.

The media reported by public opinion are mainly online media, with the highest volume on the website and social media.

Among the popular reports, topics such as rectification results, purchase process, and China Consumers Association are more concerned. In the comments on major topics, many netizens vented their opinions on Ctrip and other similar booking websites. Long-term dissatisfaction.

Ctrip responded urgently, but sincerity is obviously not enough

On the evening of October 10th, Ctrip said that it had carried out emergency rectification of the ticket products and launched the “Ordinary Booking” window for the bundling sales.

In the external public relations, the person in charge of Ctrip ticket performance is very sincere, and it said that in the future, Ctrip will continue to pay attention to the needs of consumers and provide a better booking experience.

However, the media’s public relations remarks on Ctrip are not bought, because from 2013 to 2017, Ctrip has been exposed to bundled sales insurance every year. After the inventory and rectification, Ctrip has repeatedly repeated it. Obviously, Ctrip’s “untrusted” has been repeated many times. There is a serious lack of public trust.

Some media reports: When the reporter viewed the Ctrip APP on October 11, the "Ordinary Booking" window needs to watch 5 seconds of advertising, and the current advertisement is the Ctrip "Traveller" membership system.

This move once again triggered netizens’ emotions, and the report caused some of the forwarding to spread, once again pushing Ctrip into the lyrical whirlpool...

At a time when the public's trust and patience are gradually declining, Ctrip wants to maintain the position of the OTA boss and regain the people's new trust. I am afraid that it will take some time.

Lyric summary

When enterprises encounter crisis public relations and public opinion management problems, they can eliminate certain negative impacts through announcements and actions of emergency rectification, but insisting on timely and sincere attitudes to coping with grievances is the way to develop. Here, we recommend that companies can make the following more effective measures at the same time:

1, causing distress users apology that companies pay attention to attitude;
2, rectification perfect product strategy, improve product quality, enhance the transparency of products;
3, more timely public relations crisis, promptly issued an official statement, the maintenance of corporate image;
4, Strengthen the training of customer service personnel to improve communication quality.

Today's social media information dissemination is very rapid, and negative public opinion will cause strong destructive power when it is not noticed. Crisis public relations and public opinion management are long-term issues that any enterprise should pay attention to. In the face of developed Internet and sensational situations, companies must adopt strong public opinion monitoring and solutions. Huikexun can provide scientific and accurate all-media monitoring insight solutions for enterprises, timely warning/tracking/analysis, and accurately respond to sudden public opinion.

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Current analyst: Xu Qiang

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