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Counting the six kinds of death methods of BOSS in the arcade game, even the "Devil King" is unable to resist!


Today, let's talk about the most awkward death of BOSS in arcade games. Arcade games as a form of contact with our earlier video games are very important to us. When playing arcade games, we gradually fancy from various BOSS to learn a variety of ways to fancy BOSS. How can you show more? Let’s take a look!
is still difficult to be a fan of the four arcades of the year. For many old arcade players, it will be a little difficult to get through the customs. However, many players have mastered a certain method in the process of playing. The abuse of BOSS is no different from the abuse of food. I don't know if it is intentionally designed to be a BUG in the game. In the game, one can use the mech to catch the BOSS, and the other person can play infinitely. The BOSS can't resist.

The last level of BOSS is very classic, I believe some people have seen it before. The two players stood on the sides of the BOSS and passed the BOSS like a football. The death of this BOSS can be said to be very wrong, very faceless.

The dinosaur is
playing the most arrogant BOSS in the dinosaurs. I believe it must be the parasitic fear of the sixth level. At that time, the BOSS of this level could be parasitic on other monsters like venom, and it was really hard to kill. However, after the master research, the "AB blood kill" was used to achieve the killing in the state of the BOSS larvae, and the ultimate mutant beast of the poor man died into a squid.

comes to punishing those who believe that 99% of people immediately think of the players will be able to shake the Reds, which has become almost synonymous with the game. But even if it is not a red-hot person, in fact, some BOSS can also bully. The tank geeks like the third level were very difficult to play in the past, but if the two players cooperated with each other, the result would be completely different. You have seen football, have you seen the tank?

The classic arcade of the Three Kingdoms 2 also has a very fancy style of play. In the PK of the three people, the No. 3 Guan Yu was beaten by the other two small partners. Playing in the arcade hall is a real PK!

Xia Houyi should be the worst BOSS! The blood was killed by a wooden barrel, which is the first in the arcade!

The gameplay of the Three Kingdoms Wars and the Three Kingdoms should be the most familiar to everyone. From the rescue of the river to the Three Kingdoms, almost all the BOSS have been played by the players numerous times, and the gameplay must have been well understood. When I first hit the arcade to play the Three Kingdoms war, almost all the novices had fallen in front of Xia Houyuan of Dingjun Mountain. This demon king made many people feel daunting.

Later, I learned four strokes and one style. With the appearance of various fancy strokes, players can start to change these BOSS. Xia Houyuan of the year was able to ascend the dragon, and now it is basically connected, Xia Houyuan's skills can not be released! The big devil who was scared by everyone in the past, to the current one-time wooden stakes of the players, still confirms the words of the year, and it will come back sooner or later!

Today's content is all of the above. Do you know which fancy gameplay in arcade games? Welcome to express your opinion in the comment area below, we will see you next time!