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I am all ready to go to the ink, but the offer is facing failure...


Hi~易申网's friends, everyone~ I am Dannie, now I have got a full offer from the University of Dreams, and I am going to study in Australia soon! Looking back at the application process is still very thrilling. Almost "turned face does not recognize people" ... well, first put an offer to pressure yourself!

Three thoughts about going abroad

My undergraduate degree is in Macau, and the major is hotel management, around GPA 3.17. In the past, in the internship of the hotel tourism industry, I found that I was particularly interested in the market management of the hotel tourism industry. These internships made me understand that there are still many shortcomings in the market planning and brand public relations management of this industry. This prompted me to further study in the market management category.

The time difference between Australia and China is small, it is convenient to contact with relatives and friends in the country, and the teaching quality and reputation of the colleges are also very recognized by the country, so I decided to study in Australia. Before the university went to Sweden to be an exchange student, I also liked to touch more Yuan culture, and people from different countries got together to make my experience richer. These are the places that Australia attracted me.

At that time, there were a lot of students who chose to study abroad. I asked my friends how to apply for a postgraduate in Australia. She recommended Yishen to her (she was awarded the offer of the University of Queensland at the time); and I know a little about IDP, knowing After IDP, I am more willing to choose here.

Two reasons to look at the big

Later, I contacted Mr. Zhang from Yishen. Her serious responsibility made me feel very professional.

After learning about my personal intentions, Mr. Zhang gave me the positioning of the University of Melbourne, the University of New South Wales and the Australian National University.

On the professional side, Teacher Zhang respects my opinions and thoughts. Through communication, I decided to apply for Marketing Communications from the University of Melbourne, Marketing Business at the University of New South Wales, and Business at the Australian National University (market direction).

I most hope to apply for the University of Melbourne. The marketing communication major I chose was taught by the University of Melbourne Business School and the Humanities and Social Sciences Academy. The business management of the business and the brand management and public relations planning of the media will be combined. The University of Mexico's world rankings and quality of education are highly recognized, and the media category is also a strength of the University of Melbourne.

For the city of Melbourne, the development of media resources and hotel tourism is also excellent. Whether you intend to stay or return to China, Melbourne can provide a very broad platform. All in all, the University of Melbourne is the best choice for me.

After the professional selection, Mr. Zhang told me in detail the time plan, what materials to submit, what time to complete, and everything was fine, and finally submitted the application in mid-October 2016.

I was very fortunate. After waiting for about three months, I received CON-Offer from various schools. I am most happy to receive the offer from the University of Melbourne. I feel that it is so simple to apply for study abroad. Recognize the reliability of

After I confirmed that I was going to study at the University of Melbourne, Teacher Zhang told me what I needed to do next – submit qualified IELTS scores, university four-year transcript certification, etc.

Every time I complete one, Teacher Zhang will tell me in a timely and detailed manner what to do next, so that I have a clear and clear understanding of the application process, and Mr. Zhang’s control over time and planning of the application process also make me Very peace of mind.

I am often in a hurry to hear from the friends who are applying for study abroad. .

It’s very difficult for me to make such a wayward score.

Our school is taught in English for four years. I was granted the exemption from IELTS by submitting a four-year course in the UK. In this way, without exception, I will be awarded the full offer of the University of Melbourne's marketing and media profession after submitting the University's four-year certification, and will enter in July 2017.

And the accident is so sudden.

In the last semester of my senior year, I decided to stay in Macau for a half-year internship, and the internship will keep me from getting through the Australian visa and the July 2017 entry time. Because this internship company and position is very rare, I don't want to give up. After weighing the balance, I finally decided to postpone the study until February 2018. Teacher Zhang respected my decision and set out to help communicate and extend the issue.

Macau Internship Photographed at JW Marriott Hotel & Ritz Hilton Hotel Dannie

However, it was not long before the news of some of the postgraduate professional points at the University of Melbourne came out! Among them was the market media major that I will be enrolled in, and I was directly informed that if I applied for an extension, I would only have a specific college background (eg c9, tier 1 985). University) students.

After Teacher Zhang confirmed to me the truth of the news, I was even more flustered. Didn't the missed offer be missed? The teacher did an analysis based on my application background and the reasons for the extension, and then told me that my situation was Can be with the school argue. At that time, it felt like I had caught the straw, even if I had only one in ten thousand possibilities.

Then Teacher Zhang told me that I should write an application to the University of Melbourne to clarify the reasons for my application for extension, and to state in detail what my previous internships and social activities in marketing communication were. I wrote some of it myself, and then Teacher Zhang checked and revised it and submitted it to the school.

Ink applied for the law: be patient!

Then I went back to the school to approve the long wait for my extension. Whenever I consulted Mr. Zhang about the application process, she will respond to me promptly and patiently.

It is very likely that you missed the opportunity to enter the University of Melbourne because of the internship and application for extension. Although I don't regret it, I still have some loss and worry. After all, I had already given up the offer of the rest of the Australian universities. I only recognized the University of Melbourne. If the Mexican refused me, all the previous efforts would be lost.

In this way, I also graduated in an anxious wait.

It didn't take long for the good news to come - the University of Melbourne passed my application for extension! After submitting all the materials that meet the school requirements, I was relieved.

However, after waiting for half a month, I still have not waited for the school's Full Offer. Compared with other students applying for Melbourne University, the waiting time is not too long, but the anxiety in this process, I think every student who applies will understand .

Waiting for less than a week, I finally waited for the Full Offer of the University of Melbourne's marketing communications profession in early July. I immediately shared my joy with my neighbors and relatives. The anxiety and worry before were no longer what they were at this moment.

The twists and turns, big and small accidents, made my application to the University of Melbourne all the way to "cowardly". Fortunately, Teacher Zhang has been guiding me, helping me and encouraging me. Thanks to my previous efforts, the University of Melbourne did not give up choosing me. I am also grateful to Mr. Zhang for his efforts and responsibility. When I encountered various accidents, I still respected and supported me very much. I never gave up and neglected me.

Finally, I will share some suggestions for you.

Image source: bestadvice

1. Learn more about studying abroad. Only by knowing more about yourself can you plan your study abroad more clearly.

2. Do not have a herd mentality. Choose the profession that you like and that suits you best. Don't be influenced by others' thoughts about immigration. Your future is in your own hands.

3. Practically complete each step of the moment. No matter whether you are preparing for the study abroad or the preparation of the testimonials, don't have the luck, don't delay, these preliminary work is completed earlier, and your application for studying abroad will be smoother.

For the application for study abroad, the concept of most students and parents still stays at the stage of high-priced study abroad agents in exchange for peace of mind. I hope that more people will be able to understand, a professional and responsible free application platform for studying abroad .

After the application was successful, I also recommended and Mr. Zhang directly to my friends. And they also successfully applied to their ideal college through the platform of

Now that I have obtained the Australian visa, I have already bought the ticket to Australia, continue my internship, and look forward to the coming of February 19, 2018, starting my new life at the University of Melbourne .

Finally, I sincerely hope that every student who applies for studying abroad can do the same as I did, and I will apply to the university of my choice. In the middle, whether it is bumpy or not, all the effort and waiting will eventually usher in the best result.

Easy sauce: Dannie's experience is very unique. She experienced the extension of the ink, and then unfortunately hit the ink big points, but with the help of Teacher Zhang, she successfully saved the ink.

Editor: The bears and hats know that the younger sisters who apply for studying in the UK & Australia are welcome to send a private letter~

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