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How to submit a bad review


For Taobao, there is a bad review, there is no bad comment?

Recently, the company started to use nails. From the very beginning, I thought that the class we added could finally be transferred back. How can there be such a good humanized software? In this way, I am very active in software, research related functions. result. . .

In this world, the function of such software will only be biased towards the party that pays, that is, the company, just like every moderator, will never forget their gold owners.

First, I found out that overtime has to approve this function that people don’t know what to say. Nothing will stay in the company. Anyway, I won't, so I filtered a group of people who are afraid of trouble. I don't think it is necessary to apply for it. Is it early? Of course, it is not overtime, invisible, how many hours have gone, the time of floating in the air, not at home or working overtime.

In order to test the overtime function, the application was submitted, the leadership is still very strong, and the approval is very fast, but, however, the overtime time shows 14 hours, the adjustable time is actually 0, zero, yes, you are not mistaken, It is 0,,, I don’t want to go to work today, the result is 14 hours of overtime work, the result is still not a break, it really is biased towards the company!

Then, if there is a problem, it is natural to react. It is like eating a worm in the rice. It is as big as the store. So I ask people, and the result is that no one cares about me for two days. Everyone talks and ignores me automatically.

Two days later, I got this reply.

I would like to ask, the revocation should be approved by the two leaders twice, and the submission must be approved twice. You are not bothered by leading comrades.

Then overtime application was submitted, and it was found that the button for revocation was not found. As a result, it was found that the over-the-counter entered as shown in the left figure below, there is no undo button (the bottom three options in the right figure), but the application record from the punch card is There is a revocation record, this logic gives people the feeling that it is complicated, the same function, two different paths, you are doing this?

In addition, after the cancellation of the five overtime records, there are once different approvers, went to the administration, which is another logic.

All in all, there needs to be a place to provide bad reviews. Just like many official service areas, there is only one robot that can never understand your problem. The channel for finding artificial services will always have to turn n-turns, just like applying for overtime. Those who are afraid of trouble will forget it. What about the service hotline? Perhaps it is necessary to feel that the product has not improved! ! ! !