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The day before yesterday, there was a hemp to run around to ask the full moon. The tightness of the milk pain can not be sucked up with a breast pump. It seems like a long lumpy look. What should I do? Ma Ma is not an alarmist, if you accidentally get breast hyperplasia, it is more likely to develop into mastitis and breast cancer!

what? Do not

Do not

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What is milking?

In the first few days after delivery, when the milk is significantly increased, the breast may become hot, swollen and bloated. But the milk can still flow smoothly, which is called milking.

What is swelling?

If the baby does not suck more when the milk is raised, the breast may become swollen and hard, the milk tube is pressed, the milk does not flow easily, the skin looks tight, and the nipple is relatively flat, which is the swelling of the breast.

At this time, the baby's sucking posture is not easy, and it is often easy to cause the nipple to be damaged. Sometimes it is accompanied by redness and fever, but it usually falls back within 24 hours. Before the intravenous infusion of hemp, the swelling may be more serious.

When did the rise in milk mainly occur?

Usually 2-5 days after delivery (the most common is 3-4 days). It is also the signal of the second phase of lactation. The pregnant mother can start colostrum at about 20 weeks of pregnancy, which is the first stage of lactation;

The milk volume begins to increase within 30-40 hours after delivery, which is the second stage of lactation; followed by the third stage of lactation.

How long does it last?

The duration of physiological milk rise varies from person to person and can be up to 12-48 hours. What kind of person lasts for a long time, and what kind of person has a short duration?

According to the degree of refilling of the mother's breasts to determine the duration, the faster the refilling speed, the more serious the filling, the longer the duration.

Why do you want to suck more milk?

The lactation mechanism of lactation stage 1 and lactation stage 2 is different from that of lactation stage 3. The two stages of lactation are dominated by hormones, that is to say, both stages will come regardless of whether the baby does not suck.

Therefore, although some babies are separated from mother to child for various reasons from a lifetime, the mother will still have milk.

A large number of clinical observations show that if the baby does not suck or suck the mother's breasts for the first two days, the mother will experience very painful milking 3-4 days after birth. Moreover, the degree of swelling is directly related to the frequency and duration of sucking in the early stage.

Avoid barbaric massage during the milking period

When the milk is deposited, the local pressure is large, and the edema is squeezed into the breast tube, which makes the milk more difficult to discharge. If the sputum is pressed directly at the lumps, it is equivalent to applying an external force to the already edematous tissue.

Not only does the milk not be discharged much, but more importantly, it causes damage to the breast tissue, lymphoid tissue, and skin by external forces. Many mastitis and even suppurative mastitis are caused by improper pressing!

Mothers need to know that it is not good for milk to be discharged, but it will add new damage!

Can milking be hot?

This point is also controversial. Some breastmilk guide books, including textbooks, are recommended for hot compresses; the book "Best Breastmilk" recommends not excessive heat, because sometimes it will cause blood vessels to swell and swell.

How can hot compress be used properly? Often new mothers are hard to master. If the new milk produced after the emptying is not carried out in time, the milk rise will only be more serious. Therefore, the hot compress increases the milk, and the cold compress is the last word.

What happens when a milk rise occurs?

The premise that the milk in the silt position can be discharged is that the front end outlet position, that is, the breast tube at the areola should be unblocked.

Only the milk at the door is smoothly discharged, and the milk in the distal deposition position is likely to flow forward slowly and eventually discharged. External application of edema at the lumps can help the milk drain faster.

Mother needs to know: this is more effective.

1. It is more important to reduce swelling: use cabbage or potato chips to apply to the hard part and change it in about 20 minutes.

2, help the milk to discharge faster: ensure that the baby's milk posture is correct, and feed the baby. Baby sucks once every 1-2.5 hours;

If the breast is too hard, use the "reverse compression softening method" to soften the baby a "landing" that is easy to connect, so that the baby can deepen the connection and effectively empty the milk.

3, promote body fluid circulation, timely hydration, pay attention to rest.

4. Seek professional support and ask the prolactin of the professional agency to discharge the accumulated milk.

What can't be done with milking?

1. Hot compress: Although hot compress can promote blood circulation, it will exacerbate edema.

2, breast pump suction: the breast tube is not smooth, it is not suitable for breast pump, strong suction can easily damage the breast.

3, the baby is too frequent to eat milk: too frequent milk will make the baby not interested and eat a few mouths to go. This

It stimulated the milk array but was not sucked away in time, which easily increased the siltation area.

4, comb scraping: the comb only acts on the skin surface, which is basically not helpful for milk discharge.

How to avoid fever and mastitis caused by milk rise?

Don't drink milk soup so early after childbirth

The most common cause of fever and mastitis caused by postpartum milk is to drink milk soup immediately after delivery. The milk is sharply in the acinus, but it cannot be discharged smoothly through the mammary gland.

After the postpartum light diet, wait until the breast tube is smooth and then drink the milk soup.

I have to open the milk after delivery.

The purpose of opening the milk is to ensure that the breast is activated and the breast tube is kept open. Just like dredging the river, the pass is all-pass, and the general rule is not painful.

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