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Seeing the yellow and green of the goose, it is the old acquaintance of Jiangnan---the bleakness of the poet


Light yellow willow

The guest is located in the west of Hefei Nancheng East Chishao Bridge. The lane is bleak and cold, and the river is different from the left; but the willow color is intertwined. Because of this song, to the customer.

Empty city Xiaojiao, blowing into the Yang Mo. Immediately chilling. Seeing the yellow and green of the goose, it is the old acquaintance of Jiangnan.

Being silent, the Ming Dynasty is cold. Strong carrying wine, Xiaoqiao house, afraid of pear blossoms fall into autumn. Yan Yan flew, asked what spring is? Only the pond is from Bi.

In the early morning, the whole city is like an empty city, and the horn blows into the hanging alley. Dressed in a single coat, riding a horse, especially cold. The weeping willows reveal the yellow and green trees, which is an old friend of my early years in Jiangnan.

When it is still, tomorrow is the cold food festival. Reluctantly carrying wine, home in a friend's house, afraid to see the pear blossoms, the fall of the monks makes people think infinitely. The swallow is back, ask me where is spring? Only the green pond can see the shadow of spring.

This is a word that sees spring homesickness. The poet is living in the alley of Hefei. There are two rows of weeping willows in the alley. When the spring arrives, the willows turn green and green, reminding the poets of the scene in Jiangnan. The alley is quiet, but the cold food festival is coming. You can barely bring the wine and find an old friend to drink it. I am afraid that I will see the pear blossoms blowing off the branches, and the autumn leaves will fly and make people feel awkward. The swallows are back, where is the spring? Only the first floor of the pond can see the look of spring.

A good word, there must be details, but also emotions. The details are reminiscent, easy to bring into the audience, the emotions can resonate with the spectators, make the spectators become delicate, soft, and embed a little text in the dry desert, can beautify the soul and then change the society. There are many details in this first word, and there are only two emotions: I am afraid that the pear blossoms will fall into the autumn color. Only the pond is from Bi. The first sentence is clearly written, the latter sentence is written in a dark manner, asking for self-answer, and the ending is clean and neat.