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[VG League of Legends] Transfer Announcement


Former professional player and former WE coach KimNamHoon (ID: Hoon) joined the VG E-Sports Club League of Legends as a free agent. He will be responsible for club training with Lu Rui (ID: Rui)!

With the more comprehensive management training method of the e-sports club, the help that an excellent training team can bring to the team becomes increasingly obvious. We have already paid attention to Hoon coached by WE. I have been deeply impressed by Hoon's love and dedication to e-sports in the past.

2017 is a year of VG ups and downs, and the turbulent VG cherishes the lost LPL quota. After internal deliberation, we contacted Hoon again. He just left from WE and carefully considered it. He finally decided to join us and expressed his strong recognition of the strength of VG players and confidence in meeting new challenges.

The list of VG.LOL competition training groups is as follows:

KimNamHoon (Korea)

Lu Rui

Wang Jiaming

2018 new season is coming soon! I hope that the competition team will lead you to seek more trials and changes and take VG to a new level. Tomorrow we will announce the new lineup list of VG.LOL, so stay tuned!