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Jazz is a rushing and dynamic rhythmic dance. It is an extroverted dance, unlike an introverted dance performed by classical ballet or modern dance.

Style introduction:

1. Lyric Jazz: It is usually the use of lyrical songs with lyric mood, blending modern dance with a lot of floor movements and elegant and feminine body movements to express emotions.

2. New Jazz: Developed by the jazz, it is a fusion of classical jazz and Latin dance, belly dance, and hip hop, emphasizing strength and magnitude.

3. Power Jazz: The most important feature is Power. It is very focused on the bursting and control of force and force. It is very exciting to jump.

What are the benefits of studying Jazz for a long time?

1. Can strengthen muscle and joint flexibility

2. Train students' hands and feet with the brain

3. Train students' physical coordination

4. Helps the growth of bones

5. Cultivate your own perseverance, you can also build weight loss fitness

There are many kinds of dance styles, including Japanese and Korean jazz, European and American style, and scheduling classes. There are more than a dozen classes in a week, which can be chosen according to your own time. The teachers are all graduated from professional colleges and have more than 5 years of teaching experience. We are serious and responsible for systematization. Nothing more to say than to feel it for yourself.

At the same time, we have 6 branch campuses in Nanjing, Xinjiekou in Nanjing, Sanshan Street, Jiangning Zhushan Road, Hongyang Square in Pukou!

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