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Finally, there is a mountaineering bag so that women are not afraid to reload the OSPREY Aura AG Halo Backpack.


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As we all know, if you want to enjoy the outdoors , backpacks , sleeping bags, hiking shoes, the three major pieces must be selected within the range of tolerance. Outdoor few years, the backpack 's role is more like a loyal friend, a backpack is home. As an outdoor woman, not only does it have fewer things to do than men, but it also bears more risks about lack of congenital strength and coping with crisis accidents. OSPREY is the first brand to offer a custom-made backpack for women. For women's bags, how to cater to body curves and bone strength needs to be re-examined.

The unique application of "anti-gravity" anti-gravity system , OSPREY Aura AG (halo) This bag has always accumulated a good reputation in the folk, this time carrying this bag, I am climbing in Sichuan 5588 Mna Mafeng Conduct an assessment. Please let the half-wood classmates tell you about OSPREY Aura AG (hereinafter referred to as Aura AG).

First, the introduction

Product Name: AURA Halo AG

Scope of application: hiking backpacking / crossing hiking / overnight to long-term travel

Size: XS/S/M

Liter: 50-65

Place of Origin: Vietnam

Comes with a rain cover and a backpack compatible with water bags.

Second, the design 18 points / 20 points

At first glance, I saw the OSPREY aura, and its shape captured my heart. In the past, the backpack used to cover the rain cover, but the first moment that AuraAG was brought into the forest, it even became a weapon for taking pictures. Green is chosen in green and silver tangles. Green is more resistant to dirt than silver. It doesn't need to be cleaned frequently, but silver has never been used in outdoor backpacks. The bold silver is undoubtedly adding vitality and speciality to outdoor MM.

  • Shape design: Aura AG backpack is made according to the female streamlined body. The body is long and the back plate has a smooth flow line. It is also the reason why the backpack can not stand upright vertically when the material is full. The top pack is detachable and can be adjusted for the hobbyist. There is a debris storage bag on each side of the belt, but it cannot be easily placed in a 5.2-inch phone. There is also a net pocket around the backpack, which can be placed directly or obliquely into the kettle, as well as sunscreen sunglasses and other items.
  • Fabrics and materials: Different strength fabrics are applied according to the weight bearing requirements of different parts and the predictable degree of wear. The main body of the backpack is 100D×630D Dolby nylon, 210D high-strength nylon, and the bottom touch part is made of 500D wear-resistant fabric. The front abdomen of the backpack is a stretch bag that can store items such as snow covers, garbage bags, hats, etc. that are light and difficult to pack.
  • Mesh Breathable Fabric: A breathable mesh fabric that separates the back of the body and the backpack through three-dimensional cut and styling. At the same time, the shoulder strap and the waistband are also meshed and connected to the back of the net for integrated design.
  • Pendant design: designed with trekking pole pendants, moisture-proof pad pendants, and hail pendants. The trekking poles can be stored without having to unload the bag.

Third, function and piggyback

Adjustability: 16 points / 20 points

  • Shoulder strap adjustment rail: Because the backpack has almost three sizes, the Aura AG has adjustable rails that can be adjusted freely depending on the length of the back. The adjustment method is to hold the two ends of the slide rails up and down by both hands. The picture above shows the front and rear of the adjustment. The position of the red line is seen as the shoulder strap is raised.
  • The belt is retractable: for the sake of beauty, the adjustable "mystery" is hidden inside the belt. The inner belt can be pulled away from the Velcro to obtain a longer belt. The length of the belt can also be adjusted according to the user's waist circumference to meet and adapt. Used by backpackers of all sizes.
  • Backpack compression belt: Finally, the volume of the backpack can be retracted by adjusting the compression bags on both sides of the backpack for better stability.

Comfort: 17 points / 20 points

Aura AG uses the anti-gravity anti-gravity carrying system, which can be said to be a fusion of the small backpack Airspeed and the large backpack Airscape, and has the dual advantages of small backpack ventilation and large backpack weight bearing. The AG is equipped with a mesh fabric with excellent air permeability. It is soft and close to the body. When the bag is wrapped, the back and the back plate have an inch distance. When the performance is good, the back ventilation effect is also greatly improved. At the same time, the shoulder straps and belts are also connected to the back of the net, which also improves the breathability while maintaining comfort. The shoulder straps and belts hold the body firmly, so that the center of gravity does not shift during the uphill and downhill slopes, but this unique one-piece shoulder strap and belt design also has an impact on the flexibility of the backpacker's body.

Ease of use: 18 points / 20 points

The ease of use of the backpack depends on whether it is quick and easy to retrieve the item.

Aura AG is also satisfactory at this point.

The backpack-independent sleeping bag compartment is designed to quickly remove the sleeping bag. The top bag is detachable, even if it is light, it can be used as a top bag. It can also be used separately. The top bag is divided into two layers, and the upper layer is specially equipped with a rain cover. Attachments and compression straps designed for trekking poles, mats, hail, etc. also enhance its ease of use in detail. The mesh pockets on both sides can be erected or slanted into the kettle, and the trekking pole pendant is located on the shoulder strap and waist, allowing people to travel on the way. Take it easy.

Weight: 16 points / 20 points

The 1680-gram AURA AG50 is superior to many well-known backpacks and feels light in one hand. Compared with Aura AG, the backpack of the same heavyweight is very rare.

Anti-gravity anti-gravity piggyback: The lightweight frame bracket and the continuous integrated mesh back structure greatly enhance the support and stability of the backpack. When you ask to grasp the body, you can maintain the initial tension, and the stability of the backpack can be maintained under the soft and elastic overall structure. Within the recommended weight range, properly packaged and properly sized, the anti-gravity system distributes the weight perfectly and evenly throughout the body.

Fourth, outdoor testing

From May 16th to 22nd, the primary technical snow mountain Nama Peak climb, Aura AG mainly followed me to complete the journey from the starting point to the base camp to the C1 camp. In the plateau in May, there are climate changes throughout the year, rain and snow, and the wind and fog.

Scene 1: Shangzi Mei Village - Base Camp

The road to the base camp is mainly based on dense forests, meadows and pastures. The sun is burning, and the ultraviolet rays on the plateau are not vegetarian at all, but the changing weather does not dare to take off the jacket. If it is in the past, under the weight of 25 pounds, the back will soon become an open-air swimming pool. The sweat is a basin and a basin, and it is worn off and worn off. Stretching tight but 3D surface Aura AG bear for love of sweat for me is a kind of liberation, to walk for several hours will not feel hot back, truly bear the guarantee of the same time to achieve ventilation effect .

Scene 2: Base camp to C1, rain and fog

The altitude is elevated, the vegetation is reduced, the trees covered on the plateau are getting less and less, and the plateau weather that is coping with it is becoming more and more complicated. The last second is still clear and clear, and suddenly it is smoky and hazy.

In the April of the world, Fangfei did it, and the temple temple peach blossoms began to bloom. This is not a peach blossom, and the mountain rhododendron is competing for it. Carrying a beautiful and comfortable backpack on the back, with a happy mood, it is very pleasing, and live up to the beautiful.

The backpack can also prevent water from splashing for a short time without the rain cover. As the weather goes up, the sky begins to fog and rains continuously. Aura AG is also very contentious, and insisted on camping in the rain.

Walking in the rain and fog, I immediately arrived at the camp.

The dark green backpack will not be inconsistent with the red clothes, but it will look good and flourish.

Scene 3: C1 camp descends to the base camp

At the top of the 5588-meter Naama Peak, carrying the bag down to the base camp of 4200 meters above sea level, the road was raining heavily. In the case of rain cover protection, in addition to the waist and the exposed part of the shoulder strap, it was slightly wet, close to the back. The key face has no effect.

Scene 4: Anti-gravity, jump

A good backpack still has to withstand the endurance. The outdoor will not always be a flat "highway". Sometimes it will face steeper sections and the unbalanced feeling of the swaying of the wooden bridge. This time is the time to test whether the backpack is completely close to the body and carry the system. Next, let me experience the general feeling of "anti-gravity" in the case of overweight in the gravitational acceleration.

Fasten the belt, adjust the shoulder strap, and other compression belts, decide to jump in the plateau, backpack 25 pounds, good in the foam hollow 3D tight honeycomb mesh breathable fabric provides a good cushioning effect, anti-gravity AG piggyback system plus The soft, solid foam shoulder strap allows the weight of the backpack to be evenly distributed over the waist, hips, and back despite the overweight conditions of jumping upwards. However, for knee considerations, it is best to use knee pads, trekking poles, and scientific walking methods for weight-bearing situations. Girls should not be overweight.

5. What are the applicable conditions for OSPREY Aura (Halo) AG?

Strictly speaking, Aura AG is a heavy-duty bag that can be used for overnight or multi-day hiking and hiking activities. However, due to its perfect comfort and breathability, Aura AG is highly adaptable in various environments and body fits. Sex, so that it does not carry excessive weight.

As a world-class backpack with beauty and strength, Aura AG's best weight is around 15 kg, and of course it can handle weights below 18 kg when used properly. We should streamline our equipment according to our own weight-bearing ability. Women are not the same as men in terms of weight and physical quality. Therefore, women can bear light weight and share weight with teammates.

Finally, take the top of the seven-day outdoor trip to make a knot. There is great beauty in the heavens and the earth, and the Mafeng climbs the road. From the marching to the topping to the returning journey, there is a companionship of Gongga Mountain. I use Aura AG to meet the king of Lushan. If you are the same woman, you can carry it on. Please only be responsible for the funny fish, and OSPREY Aura AG will escort you.

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