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Thailand TOP International School Progression Special Report Shrewsbury


We Are Shrewsbury

In the first three issues, we analyzed the rate of progression of NIST, ISB, and BPS.

Sweetheart Dad: Thailand TOP International School Progression Special Issue BPS

Sweetheart Dad: Thailand TOP International School Progression Special Issue ISB

Sweetheart Dad: Thailand TOP International School Progression Special Issue NIST

The high school stages of these three schools are all IBDP systems.

This time, we analyzed the English school of the IGCSE+A-LEVEL system. One of the nine traditional British public schools, Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury, 2018

A-LEVEL score

  • 43.6% A* (5.5 times the UK average)
  • 69.9% A*/A, of which 43.6% A*, 26.3% A
  • 97% AC, of ​​which 17.9% B, 9.3% C
  • 28 students get 3+ A* grades

(I) GCSE scores

  • 43.3% A*
  • 69.0% A*/A
  • 95.0% AC
  • 36 students get 7+ A*

Compare 2017 results

A-LEVEL score (89 students)

  • 40% A* (5 times the UK average)
  • 65% A*/A
  • 95% AC
  • 24% of students get 3+ A*
  • 50% of students get 3+ A*/A

(I) GCSE score (108 students)

  • 42% A*
  • 71% A*/A
  • 96% AC
  • 30% of students get 7+ A*
  • 64% of students get 7+ A*/A

You can still see the increase, Shrewsbury himself said, this year is a record year.

(I) GCSE scores can be compared with BPS scores, with links at the beginning.

Then we look at the college admissions this year, although the school did not announce the number of students this year, according to the data provided, the number of students estimated by the father is around 96-100.

  • 52.6% of the United Kingdom
  • US 18.9%
  • Thailand 11.6%
  • Australia 8.4%
  • Japan 2.1%
  • 3.2% interval year

There are 425 admission notices issued by universities, including 131 universities in the world ranking 50, and 206 universities in the world ranking 100 (including 131 in 50). There are 8 admission notices from Oxford University and Cambridge University. The two universities ranked first and second in the world respectively. The full admissions list includes 15 admission letters from Imperial College London (the eighth in the world) and 21 admissions from top US universities; University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, Berkeley (Berkeley) ), Cornell, Northwestern, Michigan, and Carnegie University. Other highlights include two admissions notes from the University of Tokyo and three admissions from the University of Melbourne, the highest ranking in Oceania. Notice. Plus 8 medical school OFFER.

It can be said that this year Shrewsbury scores quite beautiful. Even so, Dad still wants to emphasize that the results are only a factor in the school. Parents can't just take the results as a factor in choosing a school, or choose a school that suits their children.

In the next issue, we analyze Bangkok Harrow

Attached to the TOP100 list of THE, the results of this analysis are for reference only. The statistical dimensions of different schools are different and there is no comparability. Do not use the score as the sole criterion for measuring the level of international schools. Reproduction is strictly prohibited, and it is strictly forbidden to take it out of context.

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