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It is dirty and rot, but it is a fire!


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Recently, there is a domestic anime called "Under the One Man", which is completely raging!

After successfully defeating a number of big coffees such as "One Piece" and "Naruto", he successfully climbed the top spot in Baidu's hot search list.

This is the second bomb of domestic animation that is in the process of groping forward after the "Swordsman Mountain in the past" .

Adopted the current popular Sino-Japanese co-production mode .

For the animations that have been co-produced in China and Japan in recent years, many people’s first impressions are “disintegration and collapse”, and “under one person” is almost inevitable.

The first season stills under "One Man"

The production attitude that the Japanese side did not care about almost ruined this anime. Fortunately, the unprecedented powerful core of the story finally pulled it back from the edge of death.

With the successful conclusion of the first quarter of last year, the second quarter has also returned strongly.

"Under the One" I 2017

Douban: 8.6

This is a domestic animation adapted from the same name comics. Thanks to the cooperation with the Japanese side, the whole painting style reveals a strong day .

The dubbing is also available in Japanese and Mandarin.

If you look at the Japanese version, you will think that it is a pure day.

If you look at the Mandarin version, the voice of the dialect is matched with a strong day and the wind may feel a sense of violation.

However, the Mandarin version still has a lot of highlights, and I will say it later.

"Under the One Man" was originally called "The Alien". This anime is about the story of a strange person.

The so-called aliens refer to those unusual people who can use special abilities.

At first glance, it seems to be a set of old-fashioned settings. After all, we have seen too many super-shaped aliens in the day or the beauty.

But don't forget that those settings are rooted in other people's cultural systems, and the settings in "Under the One Man" are very localized.

There are many different people inside, which are the existence that our Chinese people can be familiar with.

For example, in the first few episodes, the zombies with the yellow characters on the head and the "Xiangxi corpse corpse" , there have been many bizarre legends about them in China;

The last few episodes of the Dragon and Tiger Mountain Tianshi House should be the famous descendants of Zhang Tianshi .

According to the story, many people in Buddhism and Taoism are aliens , and even many temples or Taoist temples are the base camps of strangers.

Interestingly, the author continues these legendary sects to modern times.

In this era, in addition to the ancient gangs that have been handed down, there are some very trendy organizations.

For example, "Which is a courier company", the "World Group" with a market value of 100 billion .

On the surface, they are engaged in normal production activities. In fact, they are all composed of different people. The organization and organization are dark and strong, and they are divided into a world of aliens.

So in the whole anime, the simple, tearing, collision and fusion of simplicity and modernity became the biggest feature of "Under the One Man".

The male advocates Chu Yu, a strange person hidden in ordinary people.

Zhang Chuyu

Harmony "Zhang Chuan", 19 years old, 24K pure silk, one of the two years of the university still maintains a virgin body.

As usual, the male owner is not a high school student or a waste wood.

And what about Zhang Chuxi? Not only does it have no aura of the main character, but it also has its own gas field.

People call it "invisible big cockroaches, not shaking Bilian."

The appearance is handsome, but the heart is a full- scale teasing and shaking .

Either WeChat shakes and throws the gun into the pit;

Or ask the girl to ask for a mob;

Either pleading for the woman to not reveal the short (virgin).

In the first 19 years of his life, he has been careful to hide the difference between himself and others.

Until one day, he was stared at by a mysterious beauty and forced to be a slave by her.

Since then, he has been chased by living corpses, and he has been hacked by geeks and involved in unprecedented troubles.

This mysterious beauty, the famous name Feng baby, is called Baoer sister.

Feng Bao

"Society, my sister, people are on the road"

She is fascinated and stunted. She has been transformed into a soul and her personality is second to none.

Often mad, not playing cards at all, but dressed up is horrible.

Like this:

Or like this:

There is also an important existence that cannot be ignored in the play:

Shaving knife Xiahe

One of the four madness of the whole sex, with the special ability to control the sexual desire of others .

Recognized "Surfing Waves"

Those who are attacked will run away because of sexual desire and become waste.

Under the setting of various brain holes, the first few episodes can be said to be dirty and rot .

(absorbing yang)


(trick naked man)

The male advocates Chu Yu and comes with the "Shou Gong Sha". Anyone who wants to lure him instead of really wanting to marry him will make his little brother sore that he can't breathe.

This became the reason why he was shackled and slain by Feng Bao.

Bao Erjie: I will be my slave immediately, or tell others that you are a virgin.

Zhang Chuyi: What happened to the virgin! I am a virgin, I am glorious!

Bao Erjie: I will let everyone know that you can't even do it;

Bao Erjie: I will let everyone know that you are suffering even with the "flag raising";

Zhang Chuxi: Baoer sister, the small future is your slave...

Come talk about the inside of the episode, especially the theme song, it has been all Tucao "opening kneel" .

The prelude used the Chinese folk songs, and then connected to the rock; the lyrics from "dao Dao, very road" to English rap, quite embarrassing.

Theme Song joined the "east of the sun that bright yo, west of the rain, do not know that my sister sweetheart yo, yo what time return" This folk tune .

Chongqing's southeastern folk song "Huang Yang Ping Du" has also appeared in animation many times and has become an important clue for the development of animation plots.

This is so arranged because the female lord Feng baby is a Sichuan sister in the setting , even the voice is a Sichuan dialect . (I don’t like to be afraid to play in minutes)

In addition, the whole work is based on the Chinese Taoist culture , so the traditional Chinese music elements are used in the music.

Incorporating local characteristics is also common in many animation works abroad.

Needless to say, Japan is not a minority in Europe and America.

For example, in the "Ace Special Agent" , a group of elite elites burst into the BGM "Wei Yi Tang Tang March";

The song of the song "Come and Get Your Love" in "The Galaxy Guard ";

The large number of classical orchestral music used in "Cats and Rats" is an anime soundtrack, etc.

These are all examples of integrating traditional culture into modern works and continuing to spread among young people.

In the domestic animation, the Chinese traditional culture has been implanted in this piece has been relatively lacking.

Because many people have overlooked one point: in the young people market, traditional culture actually has a place.

For example , the "Chinese style" music represented by Jay Chou is very popular.

Let's go back to the field of animation.

From the "one under one" of this fire can be foreseen:

The traditional culture that seems to be “earth” will definitely become an important element of local cultural products in the future.

This is a very good phenomenon.

I hope that "Under the One Man" can be the forerunner to lead the country to find the direction.