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Net loan intermediary big secret secret packaging skills articles


When online lending agencies are digging a hole, they usually conduct background checks first. This is mainly the background of the employer and the team. For the employer, the article " Basic Knowledge of Internet Loan Intermediary Secrets " is introduced in the article, and will not be repeated here; for the team background, it is mainly to see if there is a replicable mode. For example, if a person from a China Merchants Bank comes out to start a business, its risk control rules may be similar to that of China Merchants Bank. The second step, if possible, can see if you can find insiders. If there is a ghost to help, it will save a lot of time. Of course, there are also formal channels of cooperation, which is to introduce customers to this online loan product as a draining party. Formal cooperation can also put some useful information, so some agents will say "internal channels, 100% of the next paragraph" when advertising. The third step is product testing and channel testing. Product testing is to use a set of identities to apply, look at the following paragraphs and the information that needs to be provided, summarizing routines. Channel testing is only available for a small number of multi-channel products. For example, there is an online loan (for the sake of suspicion, the name is not mentioned), and there are two application methods: app and public. If the application for the public account fails, you can apply again on the app immediately. If the app fails, you can't apply again. A routine like this will be revealed during the channel test. After summing up all the routines, you can start picking up (well, exactly, take orders).

Step 1: Equipment preparation (if applying with an intermediary mobile phone)

Intermediary to do a single mobile phone essential software:

Cleaning machine software

2. Positioning software

3. IP simulation software

4. Address Book Sync Assistant

For a description of these four softwares, please refer to the " Basic Knowledge of Internet Loan Intermediary Secrets ", which will not be repeated here.

Here to be specifically stated, after completing a single order, it is necessary to clear the machine, change the IP, and clear the browser cache and records.

Step 2: Equipment inspection (if applying with customer's mobile phone)

If you are using a customer's mobile phone, you need to do the following checks:

1. Address Book Check: Delete contacts with the words “loan”, “network loan intermediary”, “small loan”, “gambling”, “borrowing”, etc., delete the black/black contact;

2. Call record check: delete all calls with the intermediary, calls with the online loan customer service, calls for collection, calls with black/network black, etc.;

3. SMS check: delete all bad credit card repayment information, collection information, registration network loan verification code information, etc.;

4. Mobile APP check: delete all loan app, gambling app, cash app, offer app, etc.

5. Taobao/Jingdong order check: delete the address information of others, leaving only 2~3 personal receiving addresses; delete the orders for purchasing virtual goods such as game coins;

6. Mobile butler check: Android users check whether the mobile phone housekeeper has blocked the function of reading SMS and address book. Apple users check whether the permission is open. If the online loan does not read the information, it may not be credited.

7. E-mail check: delete credit card bad records such as overdue credit card and minimum repayment amount, and delete credit card bills that are not used for a long time and have a credit card for 6 months or less;

The third step: credit inquiry

Inquire about PBOC and online credit information separately. The inquiry of PBOC can be Baidu, which is explained in detail. The inquiry of the network credit information, " The Basic Knowledge of the Internet Loan Intermediary Secrets " is introduced and will not be repeated.

The fourth step: identity information preparation

1. ID card (and use the mobile phone with high pixel to shoot the front and back and the hand-held ID card, there must be no spot, it must be clear);

2. Real-name mobile phone (real-name information is consistent with ID card, real-name authentication is more than six months);

3. Credit card (if available, you need to provide the most commonly used credit card, the flow is large enough)

4. Bank card (preferably salary card)

5. Alipay account (used to authorize sesame seeds);

6. Social Security Provident Fund account (used to authorize social security contributions);

7. Life insurance policy (if any, preferably more than three years. Car insurance and accident insurance are useless)

8. Taobao Jingdong account (need to check the order in advance, if it is not enough for 6 per month, you need to pay the number in a few days, no need to pay, as long as there is an order, the amount should be large enough, the category is normal)

9. Taobao / Jingdong receiving address (must write a home address in line with the loan, the big mouth will usually check)

10. Call history (retain at least 20);

11. Address book (retain at least 30, do not forge);

12. Common contacts (2-3 people who talk most frequently, preferably relatives and elders, no loan information)

13. Credit card account (used to authorize the letter network to check the academic qualifications);

14. Email account (mailbox that accepts credit card bills, may need to be packaged);

15. Work information (preferably consistent with the credit report, or consistent with the information on the previous loan application, do not arbitrarily change. If there is no work, it can be packaged into individual industrial and commercial households or large enterprises, large hospitals, employees of large factories)

16. Mobile phone service password (used to authorize the query operator data)

Step 5: Packaging

1. Marital status: Married is better than unmarried, but don't make fakes for products that can be used to check people's credits;

2. Personal education: above junior college;

3. Working years: more than one year;

4. Current place of residence: more than one year;

5. Unit: If there is work, fill it out truthfully; if you have applied for online loan before, you need to be consistent with the previous application; if there is no work, package it into a large enterprise or individual industrial and commercial household, Baidu local large enterprise can. The reason why it is packaged into a large enterprise is because when there are too many people, even if you call back, you may not find someone, and the front desk may not take care of you. For those who like individual businesses such as P2P, you can make a name, for example, my name is Sister Huang, I may open a dry cleaner called "Sister Dry Cleaner"; if you call Wang Da hammer, then your store may be called "Sled Hammer Car Beauty Center" and so on;

6. Taobao / Jingdong orders: If necessary, you can place a single number in a few days;

7. Social Security Provident Fund: For the three non-populations, it may take a long-term maintenance, or even pay the social security fund for six months. Such users have high cost, long time, and high agency fees;

8. Contact person: the rate of passing the other half of the marriage is high; the rate of parental acceptance of the unmarried person is high;

9. IP: Turn off wifi, use 4G application, so that the online loan will get the Wi-Fi name, you can connect to the wifi list to lock the intermediary office location;

10. Jailbreak: Do not use a jailbroken cell phone, or you will definitely refuse it;

11. ROOT: The mobile phone that the root has tried should not be used, otherwise it will be rejected.

12. Positioning: Targeting frequently-acting addresses such as home address/company address; city pass rate is higher than rural pass rate;

13. Landline: For the mouth that must be called back, you need to prepare a landline. The caller needs to be familiar with the customer information. During the call, you need to make a background sound such as typing/flip paper. It has been confirmed that this is an office;

14. Income: 5000 or more;

15. Sesame Sub-license: If the previous Sesame Branch has authorized other online loan products, delete these authorization records;

16. Other Authorization: If Taobao/Jingdong/Social Security Provident Fund/School Letter has also authorized other online loan products, log in to the account to cancel the authorization of other products.

Step 6: Apply

Prepare all the information, you only need to apply according to the requirements step by step, the authorization is authorized, the action range is large when the living body is detected, and it should be operated in a good place to ensure the clarity.

For those who want to take a few more mouths at a time, the action must be fast, otherwise if they are operated for a few days, they will probably be on the list of long-term loans.

Special note: According to the qualification of each user (whether there is a credit card, whether the credit card is more than 6 months, whether there is a mortgage, whether there is a policy, whether there is a social security fund, etc.), the intermediary will recommend different mouths, this , can refer to the online loan invincible mode.