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What are the books to get started with artificial intelligence technology? Most recommended on StackOverflow


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What books should I read to learn artificial intelligence related technology? This is a problem of extremely high frequency in each WeChat group of qubits.

Today, we have moved a well-documented selection of books from Dev-books.

Dev-books analyzed the programmer's Q&A website Sackoverflow's more than 40 million questions and answers, and counted the most frequently mentioned artificial intelligence books, and obtained the following results.

Qubits removed duplicate and old books from Dev-books recommendations, resulting in 14 books, brief introductions, and Chinese translations. The rankings are in order.

1. Learn OpenCV

The authors of Learning OpenCV are Gary Bradski and Adrian Kaehler, both of whom are promoters of the OpenCV library. Among them, Bradski is a consultant professor at the Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; Kaehler served as Vice President of Magic Leap from 2014-2016.

This book is for people who have a basic understanding of computer vision and image processing. This book will give you a better understanding of how OpenCV makes programming tasks easier.

The authors coded well-known algorithms into a callable library of functions that can be used to perform more complex tasks. Of course, this also serves as a user manual with a clear directory structure and can be consulted when problems are encountered.

The Chinese translation of this book is called "Learn OpenCV", and even the cover has not changed much...

Pricing is 75 yuan, a certain Dongmou Baomou when a certain Xun has sold, about 50 yuan.

2. Artificial intelligence: a modern approach

Artificial intelligence: A Modern Approach is a classic textbook in the field of artificial intelligence by Stuart Jonathan Russell and Peter Norvig. Russell is a professor of computer science at the University of California at Berkeley and has published more than 100 papers on general artificial intelligence; Norvig is the director of Google Research, AAAI fellow, ACM fellow.

This book provides the most comprehensive and cutting-edge introduction to the theory and practice of artificial intelligence in modern technology. It introduces the most advanced artificial intelligence technology through intelligent decision-making, search algorithms, logical reasoning, neural networks and reinforcement learning. Intelligent professional researchers interested.

Chinese translation cover may be more familiar to some

Currently on the market is the third edition, priced at 128 yuan.

3. Intelligent web algorithm

The authors of Algorithms of Intelligent Web are Haralambos Marmanis and Dmitry Babenko, the pioneers of machine learning to solve industrial problems, and the latter involved designing applications for banking, insurance, and supply chain management.

This book will let you learn how to capture, store, and build user data in the network, and classify data through mathematical statistics, neural networks, and deep learning to build a recommendation system. The book also provides case studies such as click predictions for online advertising, with associated code.

The second edition is common on the market today. The difference between the two versions is that the first edition cover is blue and white, and the second edition is black and white.

The Chinese translation of "Smart Web Algorithm (2nd Edition)" is priced at 69 yuan.

4. Speech and language processing

The authors of the book are Dan Jurafsky and James H. Martin, both of whom are professors of the Department of Linguistics and Department of Computer Science at Stanford University.

This book covers classic natural language processing, statistical natural language processing, speech recognition, and computational linguistics. Chatting robots, intelligent consultations and dialogue systems, etc. make speech and language processing one of the most exciting research content of the 21st century. In this paper, statistical methods and other machine learning algorithms are used to illustrate the relative advantages and disadvantages of various methods, including sequence annotation, information extraction, intelligent question and answer, speech recognition and speech synthesis. This is an important reference book for professionals in the field of phonetics.

The title of the Chinese translation has lost the "voice", called "The Comprehensive Study of Natural Language Processing", and the People's Posts and Telecommunications Press has the English photocopying version "Voice and Language Processing". It seems that they are not very good to buy.

5. Pattern recognition and machine learning

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by Christopher M. Bishop, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This is the first pattern recognition textbook that proposes the Bayesian method. This book proposes a variety of the latest classification methods such as approximate reasoning algorithms and graph models for describing probability distributions.

Before reading this book, it is best to have multi-variable calculus and basic linear algebra and other mathematical foundations for the undergraduate, graduate and related researchers.

This book is in the country often referred to as PRML, currently there is no official publication of the Chinese version, but there is a present inside the spread, the results become the electronic version of the spread of the Internet, as detailed in behind 10016038857 .

6. Game artificial intelligence programming case essence

Programming Game AI by Example by Mat Buckland.

This book is a classic of game artificial intelligence. It has been selling for many years. It mainly describes how to make the characters in the game intelligent. First introduces the basic attributes of the game characters and common mathematical methods, and then deeply discusses the implementation of the game agent state machine. The use of the graph in the game and various graph search algorithms are mentioned. The Lua scripting language is taken as an example to introduce the advantages of the game scripting language.

In summary, this book is for enthusiasts and game AI developers interested in game AI development.

There is a Chinese translation, priced at 79 yuan, easy to buy.

7. Statistical natural language processing basis

Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing by Christopher D. Manning and Hinrich Schütze, both of whom are professors at Stanford University.

This is a textbook of computational linguistics at many famous universities at home and abroad, and comprehensively and systematically introduces statistical natural language processing techniques.

This book covers a wide range of topics, including almost all theories and algorithms that will be used to build natural language processing software tools. The whole process of the book is from shallow to deep, from mathematical foundation to precise theoretical algorithms, from simple lexical analysis to complex grammar analysis, suitable for different levels of readers.

The Chinese translation of "Basic of Statistical Natural Language Processing" was published by the Electronic Industry Press and was priced at 55 yuan.

8. Pattern classification

The author of Pattern Classification is Richard O. Duda, Peter E. Hart, and David G. Stork, of which Duda is an honorary professor at San Jose State University.

This book is a classic in the field of pattern recognition and scene analysis. The first edition was published in 1973, and the second edition in 2000 retained the main content of the first edition on statistical pattern recognition and structural pattern recognition. Many new theories and methods in the past 25 years, including neural networks, machine learning, data mining, evolutionary computation, invariant theory, hidden Markov models, statistical learning theory and support vector machines.

The Chinese translation of the "model classification" is priced at 59 yuan, and some Dongmou Baomou and so on are available for sale.

9. Neural network in pattern recognition

The author of Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition, like the Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning we mentioned earlier, is also Christopher Bishop, a professor of computer science at the University of Edinburgh.

From the perspective of statistical pattern recognition, this book provides a complete introduction to feedforward neural networks. After introducing basic mathematics knowledge, this book studies the modeling method of probability density function and the properties and advantages of multi-layer perceptron and radial basis function network model. It also mentions the main algorithm of error function, neural network tuning technique and Application of Bayesian technology.

The target population of this book is related researchers involved in the field of neural computing and pattern recognition.

Did not see the Chinese version / (ㄒoㄒ) / ~ ~

10. Computer vision

Computer Vision: A Modern Approach is a classic textbook in the field of computer vision by David Forsyth and Jean Ponce.

The book covers linear filtering, local image features, clustering, image classification, object detection and recognition, image-based modeling and rendering.

The Electronic Industry Press introduced the English photocopy of the book "Computer Vision: A Modern Approach", priced at 75 yuan, when there is still goods.

11. Artificial Intelligence Game Programming Mantra

The author of AI Game Programming Wisdom is Steve Rabin, chief software engineer at Nintendo.

This book brings together the artificial intelligence content related to the development of smart games, with which developers can develop their characters smoothly.

The book is divided into 11 chapters, namely: general intelligence, practical technology and dedicated systems, A path search, path search and motion, tactical issues and intelligent group movement, general intelligent game congratulations, decision architecture, FPS, RIS and Intelligence, competition and sports intelligence, scripting language and learning theory in RPC games.

Readers can use this book as a roadmap to learn about technologies that have been successfully used in smart games and new technologies that have great potential in the future.

Whether it's an experienced smart game expert or someone ready to enter the game industry, this book is a must-have resource.

The Chinese translation of "Artificial Intelligence Game Programming Mantra" is priced at 54 yuan, and it seems to be out of stock.

12. Java design pattern (2nd edition)

The authors of Design Patterns in Java are Steven John Metsker and William C. Wake, Metsker, a management consultant at Dominion Digital, specializing in building clear, powerful software systems using object-oriented technology.

Through a complete Java project, this book provides an in-depth analysis and explanation of the 23 design patterns introduced in the classic book Design Patterns. It is practical and without losing the essence of the model.

This book creatively divides these patterns into five categories to fully demonstrate the important features of each model, and combines UML class diagrams with corresponding Java programs to make the readers better understand. At the same time, the book gives a lot of exercises and reference answers, so that readers can confirm the comparison and find the deficiency.

The Chinese translation of the "Java Design Pattern" was published in 2007, with a price of 49 yuan, it seems that the same serious out of stock.

13. Python natural language processing

Natural Language Processing with Python is authored by Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, and Edward Loper, three associate professors in software engineering at the University of Melbourne, a professor of language technology at the University of Edinburgh, and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.

This book is based on the natural language toolkit NLTK library and does not require the reader to have experience with Python programming.

The content is organized in order of difficulty, first introduces the basics of language processing, describes how to use small Python programs to analyze textual information of interest, and then discusses structured programming to consolidate the programming points introduced in the previous chapters; The basic principles of language processing are introduced, including annotation, classification and information extraction. Then, sentence analysis, syntactic structure recognition and sentence expression are introduced, and how to effectively manage language data. The postscript section briefly discusses the past and future of the NLP field.

Comprehensive evaluation, this book is a practical guide to the field of natural language processing.

There are Chinese translations and English photocopies in the country, which are called "Python Natural Language Processing". The Chinese translation is priced at 89 yuan.

14. Practical Common Lisp Programming

The author of Practical Common Lisp is Peter Seibel, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

This book is an unusual introduction to Common Lisp, introduces the author's learning experience, and describes various basic knowledge, including: REPL and Common Lisp implementations, S-expressions, functions and variables, standards Macros and custom macros, etc., then detail several representative examples through 9 chapters, including how to build garbage filters, parse binary files, build ID3 parsers, and how to write a complete MP3 web application, etc. content.

This book is suitable for beginners of Common Lisp and related people interested in it.

The Chinese translation of "Practical Common Lisp Programming" is priced at 89 yuan, all major e-commerce platforms have, and occasionally out of stock.


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