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New Year's Eve 30

Today is the New Year's Eve, I will not talk about the techniques of fortune-telling, and talk more about ideas.

Most of the smooth people do not believe in life, they think that people will win the day, hahaha. They attribute the achievements they have to hard work, struggle, and not admit defeat. I used to think so, and I was killed by my life. Before the university, I understand that the standard for students is the test score. Honestly studying, learning is still a good one. If you have a bad test, you will add strength, brush the questions, remember the wrong book, and test the next test.

After I went to college, the evaluation method was multi-dimensional, but I was somewhat at a loss. I admire those social people, but I don’t know how to take the first step. I don’t want to endorse my testimony. The test scores are poor. (I want to criticize my university’s teaching system here. The exam is a dead endbook, poor academics, and little management.) I have experienced some things that have changed my worldview. Full of doubts, I began to look for answers from the eight characters.

Those who study the eight characters will analyze their changes in every year and every big move. Speaking of it, so far only experienced the two-step operation of Bingwu and Ding, but they are still relatively poor, but always make some comparisons. It’s been 5 years since I contacted the eight-character. It’s also a small experience, sharing the way the fate of the New Year’s fate affects the fate.

1. If the flow is good, is it easy?

the answer is negative. In this year's Bing Shennian year, I have a golden word. I thought it was a year of ease and ease. In fact, I have suffered a lot in the past six months. I have experienced many crises and of course dealt with many crises. Looking back now, it was the hardships of the first half of the year that tempered my will and exercised my ability.

Second, the flow is good, the mind is clear.

This is what I felt at the beginning of the year. Since 2016, my analytical response has improved a lot. Several clues come together and I can draw conclusions quickly. Like Holmes's Blood Word Study, Holmes analyzed that Watson participated in the Afghan war. In the same way, the big luck is bad, the mind is not clear, and many decisions are made wrong, often regretting, so the decision is made by the young.

3. How to distinguish between the Universiade and the Year of the Run

To tell the truth, it is very embarrassing. I have not experienced the bad luck of the good luck. I can't compare the difference between the bad luck year of the big luck and the good flow year of the bad luck. But I am also a few hundred characters. According to so many characters, the Universiade is a strong shroud. Some people will get a certain reward in the general flow of good luck (the general flow will not damage the gods). .