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New professional farmers have subsidies, how to apply for training?


In 19 years, becoming a new professional farmer will also receive subsidies. So what is the new professional farmer?

What are the new professional farmers currently focused on?

“Modern young farmer”, “New agricultural management subject leader (production and management type professional farmers)”, “professional skilled occupational farmers” and “professional service professional farmers”.

What are the benefits of becoming a new professional farmer?

Professional farmers will enjoy support policies, and support policies such as land transfer, industrial support, talent incentives, and financial insurance will be tilted toward new professional farmers.

Will new professional farmers have more opportunities for development?

Relevant departments will organize training institutions and training bases to carry out full-cycle follow-up guidance and services around the production needs of the cultivated targets, encourage local organizations to engage in cross-provincial and overseas study and exchange, and support professional farmers to establish professional associations or industrial alliances to realize the development of the group.

To become a new type of professional farmer, it is necessary to go through the prescribed education and training links. Farmers and friends must first submit a new type of professional farmer training application, and then participate in the training after review.

There are two main reporting methods for attending training:

1. Online declaration through the “New Professional Farmers Cultivation Reporting System”;

2. Fill in the paper application form at the local Agricultural Broadcasting and Television School.

Only after training and obtaining a certificate of conformity can farmers' friends participate in the identification of new professional farmers and formally become a new type of professional farmer.

Today, Xiao Bian will give you a detailed introduction on how to apply for training through the China Rural Distance Education Network .

New professional farmer cultivation declaration system" declaration steps

system login

1. In the browser address bar enter the login URL:

2. For the first time, click “Sign up now”.

3. Enter "Mobile Number" and click "Get Verification Code". The system will send a verification code to the corresponding mobile phone by SMS.

4. Enter the verification code in the SMS and complete the password setting, click "Next".

Complete personal declaration

1. Read the “Declaration” before choosing the type of training.

2. According to the individual's actual choice of a training type to fill in the report.

3. Click “Basic Information” to fill in (report to fill in the real name), click “Save” after completing the filling.

4. Click “Contact Information” to fill in. After completing the fill, click “Save”.

5. Click “Learning Confirmation” to fill in, click “Save” after completing the filling.

6. Click “Production and Operation Status” to fill in, click “Save” after completing the filling.

7. When all the words "filled in" can be clicked, click "Submit" to complete the registration.

8. To this step, the registration process has been basically completed, and the majority of farmers can visit the “New Professional Farmers Declaration System” to check the audit results.

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