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Bitcoin, Ethernet imitation, Lite currency market analysis (131)-3/22/2019


Flatbread: $3978 姨太: $136 Spicy Bar: $59 Prince: $157

Otaru too: $4.84 ZRX: $0.27 Green Tea: $0.31 Grapefruit: $3.6

After the end of the bear market, I don’t know what to start with. The previous articles are the xxx days of the bear market. Everyone can make a suggestion. What to start with, the bull market is still far away, so you can't start with a bull market. The monkey market is not good because the market is relatively stable. I don't know if you have any good opinions.

The current market is stable and rising, but the rate of increase is very limited, which is also foreseeable because there is no new capital. The market relies on big funds and Dazhuang's buying to inject confidence into the market, let everyone see that these people who manipulate the market come back to buy, indicating that the market is no longer panic, so the market will be stable before large funds flee. There is rise. However, it is not the big funds of these big villages that rely on the big bulls. It depends on the crazy retail investors. The funds gathered by the retail investors are far greater than the funds of these big goose households. Retail investors. However, there are not so many retail investors who are willing to enter the market, so it is too far from crazy.

The best way to do it now is to hold it. This is the worst way to operate in 2018 - it doesn't move, it will probably become the best and simplest way to operate after 2019. Don't always be When the bear market insisted on holding it, it started to operate again after the end of the bear market and did not hold it. The hardest part of this market is that no one way is applicable to any stage. Holding it will cause you to lose more than 90% in the bear market, but it will continue to be carried after the bear market is over. Your profit. Frequent operations in the bull market may also earn a penny, but in the bear market can make you lose less. Therefore, we must adopt different strategies at different times. Now, when there is no fluctuation in the end of the bear market, holding patience will definitely not treat you badly.

BTC: Bitcoin has been hovering around 3950 recently. In fact, it is actually going to go up, but there is no money, it can't be rushed, but now it will not throw out too much profit. It’s so ridiculous that the bubble inside is too big. Up to now, 99% of the speculators have been killed, leaving the gambler’s believers, and many of them’ ideas have been The value has shrunk by 90%, and it doesn't care about the remaining 10%. No matter how bad these people are, they don't care.

The first major resistance position above Bitcoin is 4200. Over the past four months, this position will encounter the next strong resistance near 5300. In the current market, every position will inevitably be very difficult. It takes a few months for each position to be normal. Up to now, 4200 has spent 4 months. So patience holds waiting.

LTC: Spicy strips have always maintained a strong road. In the current market, limited funds will of course favor the strong and profitable coins, so LTC can continue to maintain its strength to stay as long as it stays above 51. 70. If you have to make a short-term, then you should observe 51. If you break below and can't get back, you can leave in the short-term.

XRP: It's too stable. I don't know who is more stable than XRP in the past few months. It's basically around 0.31. If it breaks, it can quickly return to 0.31. If it breaks, it can quickly fall back. 0.31. When is it possible to break through being pulled by people, I am really not sure. Take a look at 4 months.

ETH: I am not good at it, so I can only follow the BTC.

ETC: Otaru has risen slightly in the past few days, but it is still too far away from the big rise. Unless the bull market is difficult, there is no independent and worthwhile rising market.

Competing coins: At the end of the bear market, Bitcoin does not have so much money, so if you can't move it, the competition coins are the best.

The first category has formed an upward trend: this category is based on NEO, ONT, EOS, TRX (slightly a bit fascinated), BNB, THETA

In the first category, ONT continued to maintain its strength. From the previous article, the ONT continued to rise by 30%. The first mention of ONT on February 25 has increased by more than 40%, and has been maintained at present. In the upward trend, it should continue to be strong. TRX continues to be lost~~~

Several other trends have been formed, but have not continued to pull recently, that is to rest, but they are still in the upward trend.

2.25: The second category is underpinning and is expected to form a clear upward trend: the ADA, IOTA, QTUM, NULS, and VET coins are not as good as the first category, but they are also actively staying at the bottom. It is one step away from the formation of an upward trend.
03.14: QTUM, NULS, and VET in the second category have risen a lot in recent days. The step that is still worse than the rising trend has been completed, and each has plunged 40-60%. If the callback is normal, it will continue to get better. The ADA and IOTA have been very stable since then.

As we said in the previous article, QTUM, NULS and VET in the second category have completed the final step and formed an upward trend, so in the past week we can clearly see that NULS and VET continue to pull another 20%. QTUM is in the callback. These coins have formed an upward trend and have entered the first category, so they will continue to be strong. The ADA has also pulled 30% in the past week, so it has also entered a strong position.

2.24: The third category is still struggling in the down channel: XLM, ZRX, NAS.
3.14: These performances are messy, XLM and ZRX are still a little weak, NAS has not been able to break through 0.7 before, In the past few days, I have finally passed 0.8, and I have slowly looked up.

The third category still remains weak, NAS is slightly better, but it has not entered the second category.

So it is obvious that for some coins, the trend can be judged. In the past month, the first and second categories have started to rise separately, and the third category is still weak, so in the profitable market Here, how to choose coins is very interesting, others choose ONT, EOS, NULS and the like, and if you choose XLM, ZRX and the like, in the same period of time, others have to earn you to continue to wait. This kind of classification market is also not applicable in all the market. In the bear market, you are running, so everyone is running, so they have to fall down just in the morning and evening. In the bull market, no matter what kind of you, so many investors with so many funds, the money has to skyrocket is only sooner or later. However, in the market where cattle and bears are removed, the limited funds will definitely go to the strong and favorable currency. The big players are not fools, and the fools can't be big.

Summary: The market for the conversion phase is the most difficult to judge. Anyway, I am buying a long-term holding, how long is it? Two years? Three years? We will see. Of course, if you are worried that the market will continue to break, then set a stop around 3200 to sleep.

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