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Against the sky! I saved 10,000 pieces of tiles, passing by the friends to discuss!


Recently, there are always friends who asked me to teach them how to choose bricks. I said that you go to Baidu, go to the forum, the masters are all in the folk! Although I have installed a house, I still decorate the small slag. They gave me a group and let me share the decoration experience. Well, I am going to first discuss the little knowledge about tiles with the decorating gods.

My family is a 期房, after a year and a half to close the house, I told his husband to buy him, the decoration will be handed over to me, to tell the truth is because the straight man's vision can not bear.

(There is a husband who specializes in screenshots to show me the big wall he likes!! Powerless to vomit!! It is really unbearable, and he said that the bathroom and the peacock are very good... and the door below, he said that the terracotta warriors are very I feel a sense of security. I am really afraid that he will give me the whole two stone lions back..)

Since my husband is so unreliable, I can only pick up my sleeves. I have never been exposed to this piece. I am still very much looking forward to this new field. During that time, I devoted myself to Baidu and major forums. When I was on the subway, I was holding a book on how to become a decoration person in 30 days. In reading, all kinds of decoration nouns are fainting to me. In terms of tiles, they are actually divided into porcelain bricks, enamel bricks (half tiles), ceramic tiles, and you go to the building materials market, they will definitely name them. For microcrystalline bricks, vitrified tiles, polished tiles, full polished glazes, glazed tiles, whole bricks, antique bricks, porcelain mosaics, etc., I guess even the sale does not understand what the brick is.

I have thought about whether I want to lay the floor at home. Later, I still feel that it is not enough for the atmosphere. Now I think it’s really fortunate that the whole brick is a very wise choice. Our house is not too dark, if it is paved, it will be even more Dark, not bright, but affect the mood.

【living room】

Choosing the floor tiles of the living room depends first on what style you want to install, and then chooses the type of brick. If the living room area is more than 30 square meters, you can choose 800*800mm bricks. If it is smaller than this area, you can choose 600*600mm specifications. The color can be lighter, such as white, light beige, solid or slightly patterned. .

When visiting the building materials market, there are a lot of different colors, such as Dongpeng, Mona Lisa, Marco Polo, Nobel, Enoch, Shengfan, Guanzhu, Gold Asia and so on. After the final comparison, I chose Shengfan's 800*800 marble floor tiles. In fact, I didn't catch a cold at the beginning of this brand. It is inevitable that Marco Polo Dongpeng and other famous people, even said that they have not paid attention to it, and later on the forum. I saw that there was a floor tile attached to the home of the friend. I found out that it was a Guangdong brick. I have been a local brand for more than ten years in Foshan. It is basically the first choice of the local people. It is not easy to break, the key is good density, wear resistance can be used for a long time, the price is cheap, so the price is good. After that, I went to the factory of Shengfan Tiles in Beijing. I looked at the atmosphere. The production workshop environment is also OK. It is all machine operation. It also looks like the information I found on the Internet. There is a double craft, there is sales and I said that it is the main product. I didn’t understand it very well at the time. I only felt that it was quite realistic and it was a circle.

My living room is 30 flat, and the sticker is 800*800. At that time, I saw the price of 250 or so in the factory and I plan to go back and consider it. Later, the factory called and said that it would be easy to buy it in two days. The price is cheaper. I hope we can Come and see. Finally, we placed the order directly at the easy loading site, because the same brick is only 120 pieces, the manufacturer goes directly to the activity, the price is really cheap. My family has lived for almost two years now, and there is no wear and tear. Every floor tile is still brand new. Friends come to my house and always say that they are in a good mood. It is also because the color of the floor tiles is very bright and the room is also a lot bigger. I found the floor tiles. The choice of the soft furnishings can really make the small living room feel more open. By the way, the last time I lost my hand and put a glass ball of ten pounds on the ground. At that time, the glass ball was broken. I went to see the bricks with distress. I thought that the finished egg would definitely be cracked. As a result, the floor tiles actually only took out one. The small hole shows that the quality of this brick is really good and the hardness is very high.


The operating environment of the kitchen is a high temperature environment. The color of the selected tiles should be light and cool, such as white, light green, light gray. Such a color will make the spring feel cool and cool under high temperature conditions, and the light color can make the space expand and extend, avoiding the dullness and depression of the dark color in a small space. Floor tiles and wall tiles must be made of water-resistant and clean, because it will be stained and left behind for a long time, so it is very important to clean easily. The kitchen is a place where water is often used. The waterproof layer is connected to the wall, and the tile is the best protection for the waterproof layer. If there is no tile layer protection, the waterproof layer will quickly age and lose its waterproof effect. If there is a tile behind the cabinet, we can reduce the vibration, and you can safely smash the meat on the countertop.

The kitchen is still a selection of antique bricks, 300*600, it is really good to wash, the oil stains on the wall will be wiped off, and it is non-slip! Focus on this waterproof and non-slip! Last time I went to a friend's house to be a guest. His kitchen was covered with glazed tiles. It was beautiful, reflective, bright and high-end, but it was slippery when it was wet. Fortunately, I chose a waterproof brick that was better in waterproofing. Although I didn't feel it in my imagination, I was very satisfied with the waterproofing!


The humidity in the bathroom is very large, so we must consider the problems of anti-skid, moisture-proof, and low water absorption. And it is best to choose small size bricks, it is recommended 300*300 or 330*330, because the bathroom is relatively small, the big floor tiles are not good looking, and the floor of the bathroom is required to tilt to the drip to facilitate the flow of water, the large size of the floor tiles is not good. Do the slope. The color of the tile can be selected from the light-colored wall tiles. The light-colored wall tiles also have the effect of expanding the space, so that the bathroom has a good decorative effect; it can be matched with the darker floor tiles, so that it does not appear top-heavy, let people Feel uncomfortable.

The bathroom is very small, as long as 5 flat, the shop is Dongpeng 300*300 bricks. It is also seen in the group purchase meeting that Dongpeng is also doing activities. In the actual home, you can see 15 bricks of the same type and color. And as long as it is easy to install the site as long as 7 blocks, it is really half price and finally settled together. And the color of the look is what I like, and the high white looks very new at home. Some people say that the wall tiles of the bathroom will become mildewed and yellow for a long time. I think that no matter which kind of material is used for a long time, it will be deformed and detached. It depends on how we maintain it in the later stage, will it be cleaned frequently, and the bathroom will have No dry and wet separation, reducing the chance of mildew and yellowing.


I chose the dark color in the bedroom. The 800*800 Dongpeng glazed floor tiles are deeper and more mature. At that time, the shopping guide said that the bedroom could not be used in too bright colors, which would make people feel excited, and could not sleep easily, resulting in disharmony between husband and wife. So I chose a darker brick without saying anything.

Dongpeng's tiles do have a price difference. I originally planned to use the best bricks for the bedroom and bathroom.

At that time, the budget probably cost about 20,000. Later, when we bought the materials, we all organized a group to go to the easily installed home fair and saved me 10,000 yuan. At that time, we had a total of 20 people in the community. At about 9:00 in the morning, we were about to pack the door easily. We discussed the materials together. Basically everyone put the bathroom, tile, ceiling and security door directly on the spot. There are several decoration gods among us. I have installed several houses in my home. I said that I didn’t know how to have this activity before. It’s really a big loss. God took us to buy materials and felt the happiness from the same community. Because of the big customers we came with 20 people, they also sent me a microwave oven.

(Oh, people have taken pictures of me, thank you very much~)

Later, in the lottery session, everyone got the summer cool quilt and the rice cooker, and returned with full load. We are not directed at gifts, but at the price, can save a sum of money, why should we spend money? Actually, the red star is big and stylish, but the price is very expensive and expensive. For example, the Fang Rubo's Cloud Rubik's Cube needs nearly 7,000 pieces in the store, and I only see more than 4,000 pieces in the easy-to-install. The same model is the same as the same after-sales gift. Why do you have to spend two thousand more?

I changed my opinion on the home fair through easy loading. I am very fortunate to have a good time, and I am very grateful to my reliable neighbors. Thank you.

Finally, give the website to all the friends, push it~ Super cost-effective~

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