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Tell me loudly, why do you want to lose weight?


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Many friends came to ask me how to lose weight.

I generally don't give him a positive answer.

I will ask him, why do you want to lose weight?

The answer is really a lot of things.


I need to

I want to be thin

I want to marry

I want to chase the god

I want six packs.

I am going to the beach for a holiday.

I want to wear nice clothes.










These reasons

Tens of nine will fail

Because what they want is not important

So I generally don't give him any advice.

But for some reason, I think it is very likely that it will succeed.

For example:

Fat is so uncomfortable, I don’t want to be fat again.

I checked out fatty liver.

My blood pressure is high

I have a problem with my heart.

I want a healthy life.






Friends who often come across like this

I will do my best to help him.

The success or failure of the matter

Your starting point is crucial

Someone is reading for the rise of China.

Someone is reading for the face of their parents.

Someone lose weight for their own health

Someone is going to lose weight in order to wear beautiful clothes.

Weight loss success or failure

Look at the beginning

I can usually guess the end.

So, I will ask you again.

Why do you want to lose weight?

Please answer aloud:

I want to be healthy for a lifetime.

I want to be healthy for a lifetime.

I want to be healthy for a lifetime.

Ok, three views, now we are starting to talk

How to start losing weight?

How to make up your mind to lose weight?

How to lose weight successfully, never rebound?

How to develop a good habit of a lifetime of health?

How to lose weight once and enjoy a healthy life?

First of all, I want to congratulate you.

You have entered the first stage of weight loss

Review the previous content

I divide the weight loss into four stages.

The first stage : is to start dissatisfied with your body, you can lose weight with all kinds of whim, eat less today, exercise tomorrow, but they are just a flash in the pan, because the brain controls all your behavior, some people I have been at this stage for a lifetime and I am unable to extricate myself.

The second stage : Because something happened, I decided to completely lose weight and completely change my diet and completely change my lifestyle. This time is called a turning point in your life, once you come to this turning point.

The first step of your long march begins. This stage is very fast. Sometimes it is a matter of thought. Many people have made up their minds many times. In the end, they gave up and repeated many times before they really made up their minds.

The third stage : the battle begins to start, the body and the brain fight with all kinds of wits, start slowly, little by little, learn to fight with the brain, and start to cultivate their good healthy eating habits. The way to exercise, and finally achieve the purpose of radical change, this stage is recommended to do a plan for more than half a year.

The fourth stage : develop healthy eating habits, find the way you like to exercise, cultivate a completely healthy lifestyle, the body feels the benefits of health, the brain tastes the sweetness of phenolic phenolic, and begins a virtuous circle. Congratulations, you lose weight successfully.

You only need to continue this healthy habit all the time, really start your thin life, healthy life, this life needs to be carried out for a lifetime, but if you really develop a habit, it is completely easy and enjoyable to implement.

Ok, you are in the first stage now.

Actually, there is nothing sad about it.

80% of people are here 徘徊

Of course, there is nothing gratifying.

80% of people will continue to be here 徘徊

Can you jump out from the first stage?

Jump out of 80%

Successfully entered the second stage

Truly do not hesitate

Without hesitation

Never look back

There are still a lot of tricks here.

In order to avoid the length is too long, the next analysis

How to avoid failure in the first stage of weight loss?

How to successfully enter the second stage?

To be continued

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