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Change your mind: Think about thinking! Quickly counter the core intelligence of the rich.


What is the real difference between the poor and the rich?

Whenever a rich person does something to make money, people who have no money will return to poverty even if they win the lottery...

Zhang Guoli's "1942" lines: I know how to change from the poor to the rich, not a decade old or a rich man!

Oil King Rockefeller said: "You strip all the clothes on me, don't take a penny, throw me into the middle of the desert. As long as there is a caravan passing by, I will still be a billionaire!"

Why are they so emboldened?

Now what is the real difference between you and the rich?

Different levels of thinking consciousness!

Different levels of thinking consciousness!

Different levels of thinking consciousness!

Change thinking = change your life! There are one hundred million people in the pocket, and the one with 10 dollars in the pocket. What is the difference?

In fact, it is in the mode of thinking. Different thinking modes determine the difference between the pattern and the horizon. Many people's thinking patterns limit his development. The products should be found by themselves. The copy should be written by themselves, the customer service should be their own, and the products should be sent by themselves...

In fact, you only need to learn the basic calculation skills.

This is the other side of the rich man's Nuggets - the truth that many people cannot see and can't think of.

How far you can think, how far you can go.

As far as personal entrepreneurship is concerned, the fastest way to make money must be to use money to make money, to advertise, and to make paid traffic.

If you have played the paid diversion or transaction, I bet you will not play free in this life, it will take time and energy too much;

The advertising industry has a problem like the "Goldbach conjecture", which was proposed by the famous advertising guru John Wanamaker: I know that half of my advertising costs are wasted, but unfortunately, I don't know where it is. Half was wasted.

This issue has been plaguing all advertisers since it was proposed. Advertising means money investment, and investment must be related to output. Entrepreneurs are concerned about whether the investment of money can produce corresponding returns!

But in any case, most entrepreneurs expect to invest three yuan in exchange for three dollars, five dollars or more, and hope to turn the ads of the sky into a precise target advertisement, thus achieving "every bullet destroys an enemy." The only purpose of this is that advertising fees are "rich in the blade."

Countless advertisers are looking for successors: What wastes "the half of the advertising fee"?

After nearly a hundred years of exploration, no one found the answer, but one person found a formula to calculate the maximum, close to this answer.

Vincent James, a student of world marketing guru Jay Abraham, earns more than his 30-year-old income.

Vincent, 28, earned $100 million in just two years with a pen, a piece of paper, and a small bottle of pills. His method is simple and efficient, you can use it right away, as long as you learn to change.

How does Vincent do it? The core mode of thinking is two words: calculation.

He discovered a wealth formula through testing. How did Vincent test it? He first bought a list of 9000 customers who had purchased similar products.

Divide them into three groups of 3,000 each.

Calculate the cost of each letter is $0.6, and 3000 is the cost of $1800.

There must be 30 orders to be flat and keep costs.

Then wrote three different promotional copy letters each issued 3,000, tested separately.

The first group: 10 orders at a loss.

The second group: 15 orders at a loss.

The third group: 30 orders are flat.

Then the third group of texts was further optimized, and a large-scale letter was sent, with an average of 2% response. Then calculate the repeated purchase (lifetime value) and find that each customer purchases an average of 4.4 bottles in 6 months. In this way, deducting expenses, each customer contributes $180 in six months.

Then: (1000 letters x 2% response) that is 20 × 180 = 3600 US dollars - cost 600 US dollars, and get 1000 letters to earn 3000 dollars.

That is to say, the result of the calculation is: every dollar you send a letter can earn 3 dollars. This is the wealth formula that is calculated:

1=3 profit formula!

It's easy to follow, and large-scale copying and amplification will lead to wealth.

Summary: Creating wealth is a process from 0 to 100.

From 0 to 1 is the most difficult. Once you find your own wealth formula 1=3, it is very easy to follow 1~100. In the future, I will share 110 rules and 1111 theory, and you will know where the steady stream of customers and wealth comes from.

The calculation of the physical store owner - buy customer thinking!

“Buying customer thinking” is the most effective and fastest strategy and means to obtain customers. It is also the fastest magic weapon for leaders to cut into the market.

I remember last year at the end of a sharing meeting in Jinan, a training master listened to the customer's thinking, holding my hand and saying, "buy customer thinking" completely subverted the traditional low-efficiency and unsupervised marketing extension The customer method will surely become the guiding ideology for all businessmen to develop their customers most effectively, and it is also the way of thinking that our marketing people must master!

Although the master's comment is a bit exaggerated, I'm sure that when you understand the business thinking of buying customers, you will never be short of any business.

If you are the first to hear the concept of "buy a customer", you may have a series of question marks in your mind... Can customers really buy it?

How to buy?

Where to buy?

How to buy it?

for example:

The first one: design a drainage scheme with a single sales profit.

Principle: Based on the gross profit of a single sale, calculate the cost of attracting target customers according to the transaction rate, and use this cost as a reference to select and build the drainage products for the target customers to enter the store.

What does that mean?

For example, for every set of products sold, you can earn 1,000 yuan. Then, you can attract target customers to the store at a cost of 100 yuan. If 10 people enter the store to deal with one, they will not lose money. If they make 2, they will earn.

If you spend 50 yuan to attract a target customer to enter the store, 20 will not lose money when you deal with one. If you make 2, you will earn. If you make 3, you will make a big profit.

In order to let you understand the idea of ​​"buying customers with a single sales profit" more intuitively, the following examples are further elaborated.

Case: Children's English dot reading machine precise passenger flow detonation scheme.

The owner of the children's English dot reading machine was blocked by the flow of passengers. He encountered unprecedented pressure. Through the cooperative sales of looking for kindergartens, and the use of various means such as advertising on the street, there was still no improvement.

Later, through less than 30 minutes of dialogue, he easily solved the problem of expanding the source of the customer and realized the automatic drainage.

How is it done? In fact, using a single profit as a guide to buy customer thinking, can help her solve the problem, the following restore the dialogue process.

Customer: Hello, I am a dot reading machine. Thank you very much for taking the time to give me 30 minutes to explain the project.

Me: You are welcome, let me introduce your business first!

Customer: I have represented a dot reading machine. My friend is a manufacturer. I get the goods directly from him. The profit is relatively high, and I can get the goods first, sell them and then give them money. Now I have problems that I don’t know. Increase sales.

Me: There are a lot of dot reading machines on the market. What advantages does your dot reading machine have over other similar products? In other words, why do people choose you?

Customer: This is the case. Our dot-reading machine is different from ours. Our positioning is more precise. It is only for children and we focus on English learning. Now we have no similar products here. Moreover, we have 9 sets of complete textbooks. Basically, we can let our children learn for several years. It is very cost-effective for Chang. Now I have to report an English class for tens of thousands a year, and in order to open the market, we The price during the promotion period is relatively low, only 540 yuan for one sale.

Me: Very good, how is the sales situation now, and how is the acceptance of the parents?

Customer: The sales performance is not very good, but as long as the parents who pass through our ditch, basically do not carelessly save money.

Me: In other words, your transaction is no problem. The key is that others don't know your product. There are too few passengers, right?

Customer: Yes, our current transaction rate is basically 70%, because the product is really good, and the price is also cheap, as long as it is explained to the parents, it is easy to accept.

Me: Since it is a passenger flow problem, what methods do you usually use to attract target customers?

Customer: At the beginning, we were a lot of publicity flyers, but the effect was very bad. After reading your book, we knew that we must find a precise customer channel, that is, fish pond cooperation, so we started looking for fish. The dock is docked.

Me: How about the result of docking the fish pond? What problem have you encountered?

Customer: We are looking for kindergarten cooperation, but the person in charge of the kindergarten seems to be not interested, giving them 70% of the profits are not accepted, and all three have failed, so I am very depressed, I want to ask you, what is the reason?

Me: If you talk like this, they will definitely not cooperate with you for the simple reason. First: policy is not allowed; second: parents dislike the school to sell things, they do not want to take risks. The single-handed straight-through commission will let them sell it for you. It will definitely refuse. I know that there have been many similar products to talk to them. If they cooperate, they can’t open kindergartens.

Customer: I also asked my brother to point out the maze, and now we are confused.

Me: First of all, we have to analyze, what do kindergartens need? In fact, it is not difficult to find that these private kindergartens also need to maintain good relations with parents, and they will also cooperate with some public welfare matters. Therefore, it is recommended that you plan a “drainage gift” that is highly correlated with the English dot reading machine. Then, in the form of a public welfare activity, the kindergarten will send the gift collection card to the parents. The parents will card to you to receive the gift for free. The drainage can be smoothly implemented, and the kindergarten also plays a role in maintaining customer relationships, and students get high-value products or services for free, which is a win-win situation.

Customer: This is a good idea. Let me think about it. What better is it for me?

(A few minutes passed) I really can't think of it, my heart is not at the end, can you give me some tips?

Me: How much can I earn for each machine sold?

Customer: Sell 540 yuan, cost 200 yuan, one can earn 340 yuan!

Me: Then we make a hypothesis. If you purchase the diversion gift at a cost of 20 yuan, each sells a profit of 340 yuan, which is equivalent to attracting 17 target customers to enter the store to deal with one without losing money. Just earned! You said that the turnover rate can be 70%, so you don't make a big profit!

Customer: Oops! ! Brother, yes, why didn't I think of it! If you do this, it is really the same thing!

Me: In fact, this is the idea of ​​using a single profit to buy customers. Now you only need to solve the problem of using the 20 yuan cost to purchase any diversion gifts. Of course, the 20 yuan here is only a reference, but it can also be 30 yuan, 40 yuan. 50 yuan cost, all OK!

However, there is a premise that the diversion gift you choose must be associated with your main product, which can reduce the cost of communication conversion after the parents enter the store.

Customer: I understand, you said this, I really thought, I have a English word reading card in the store, a set of cost 20 yuan, and now the price is 68 yuan, I feel this is very good!

Me: Of course, the key is to prepare a few different forms of diversion gifts, and test them in several different fish ponds to see which ones are more attractive to target customers.

Customer: I understand!

Me: In addition to testing different fish ponds and different drainage gifts, you also need to test the transaction process. When parents bring cards to the store to receive gifts, set up several different transaction methods to see which exchange rate is higher. First, small-scale drainage test, after testing a certain proportion of transactions, the scale of scale can be combined with a large number of fish ponds.

Moreover, since the value of the English dot reading machine is so high, don't mark the low price because it is during the promotion period. You must know that when others don't understand your product, low-priced sales will lower the grade of the product, at least to increase the price. More than 1,000 yuan, such as 1,580 yuan, and why the value of this price.

Then you should not trade at 540 yuan, preferably to 640 yuan, and the price of 100 yuan can also purchase a learning product worth several hundred yuan as a high-value gift to promote the final transaction, so that should It is easier to deal than selling 540 yuan directly.

Customer: Yes, thank you for reminding me!

Me: After the parents come, don't force sales. They should guide them to understand your products and give them a sense of identity, scarcity, urgency and a sense of herd. At the same time, when receiving gifts, be sure to Register the contact information, and finally there is no chance to continue to follow up.

Customer: Thank you, my brother, I understand!

Me: So what confusion do you have now?

Customer: No, the idea is completely open, and I am very excited now, thank you very much, I will act immediately when I go back!

After the above dot reading machine customer deals once, unless the dot reading machine is broken, the dot reading machine will not be purchased repeatedly. How can a physical store like the beauty salon that provides continuous service customers to design a customer drainage solution?

There are also two ways to buy customers:

1. Use the customer lifetime value to design a drainage plan.

2. Design a drainage plan using the expected target profit.

No matter what type of physical store is not necessary to wait for a high amount of expenses every day to wait for the business, after the calculation is clear, you can take the initiative.

The above case shows the calculation method of buying customer thinking. How to choose and package drainage products, how to connect customers through precise channels (fish ponds), how to deal with and lock in consumption, you need to learn more...

The calculation of the liar:

Recently, the police have smashed multinational telecom fraud criminal gangs. Every year, these scammers can deceive billions and hundreds of billions. It sounds shocking and unbelievable.

Police, television, and various media are spreading the news and precautions of these telecom frauds every day. Why are so many people fooled?

For the liar, the goal is to find a deceiver in the crowd and deceive the money. However, the first thing to understand is that only interested in fraudulent text messages can only be called "hook", and finally the money is remitted to the liar to be deceived.

The proportion of the last person in the crowd is not very much related to the content of the text message, because the hooker will not send money to the liar just because of the content of the original text message, but more importantly, the next contact with the liar, once the " hooker " "If you find the wrong place, you will break the connection with the liar.

It is not without investment that the scammers do this kind of fraud. There is not much cost to send a text message to the group. However, if the fish is hooked up one by one, the cost will become larger.

If you have more people to contact, you need to hire more "customer service", you need to open more bank accounts, you need to make more fake materials, and even the risk of introducing the "snake" police.

In the end, these people who are not stupid or naive will find out the truth after in-depth communication and refuse to pay the liar. The liar is busy.

I caught up on people who were not easily deceived in the crowd and deceived. I missed the stupid and innocent people in the crowd and didn't lie to them.

Nowadays people are more and more vigilant, and the proportion of people who can be fooled is very small, perhaps only one in ten thousand.

If the content of the SMS scam is written like Sherlock Holmes's detective novels, it is equivalent to raising the sensitivity. This means that the scammers need to contact more people at first, but in the end, the people who actually pay the money may not increase much. The result is not necessarily the result. Cost-effective.

After conversion , the scammer will reduce the credibility of the content of the email or text message , and first select some of the people who may be fooled in the crowd.

They deliberately sent some fake emails, so they were all victims of "silly", which could reduce the hard contact with the "fish caught", but they didn't lie for a penny.

Nowadays, the cost of fraud by scammers is getting higher and higher, so that the scammer can get half the income in half the time and effort.

Liars are actually very business-minded. Just use the wrong place, after all, it will pay the price.

If you don't know how to change, money will never be enough.

If you feel that earning 10,000 a day is a lie, then please stay in a five-star hotel for a few days and participate in a training of thousands or thousands of people held by Liu Yi. In the final promotion, you will see What is the daily income of millions, earning millions every day.

People do not touch such a circle, they simply do not know the pattern of barking, screaming momentum.

If you don’t know how to change, if you don’t want to spend money, you will all be trapped by money!

Have you heard about this paragraph on the Internet? The story of two young men chasing a girl without money reveals two kinds of people that exist in reality: one that can be mixed without money or money, and one that is trapped by money. A guy A used 2,000 yuan for 1,500 yuan to buy a Samsung mobile phone for the sister, stayed 500 yuan for dinner, and rode a battery car to find a sister. The sister said: You are a good person, but we are really not suitable.

A guy B also has 2,000 yuan, rented a BMW with 700 yuan, and then went to the wholesale market for 300 yuan to buy 99 roses, telling the sister, he likes to go hand in hand to those romantic snack bar 100 yuan, leaving 900 yuan, looking for The sea view room of the five-star hotel, the sister slept with him that night, and said that because of love...

In this section, regardless of the qualifications, looks and family conditions of the young man A and the younger B. Even if you change the angle, you can’t stand up.

The role of wealth is to bring happiness, how to invest is the master?

The criterion for judging is: how the investment ultimately got.

Total investment: 2000 yuan.

The main goal: to get the girl's heart, establish a long-term partnership, and end the single state.

Secondary goal: Spend a happy and satisfying night.

Investment restrictions: short-term investment, fast return, can accept high risk.

Guy A, more honest, with a regular investment strategy, how much I have, how much I will spend. Without paying attention to the main and secondary goals, the funds are wasted on long-term effective fixed assets (mobile phones), but the return on the fixed assets is not directly related to the main secondary goals of the group, which is obviously a failed investment.

Guy B, who has a change, knows how to make the most of the limited funds. First, use the lease method to use the expensive BMW in case of insufficient funds, and secondly, buy 99 roses in the wholesale market (not 1 or 12, because for the girl, 1 and 12 roses are It may have been received, but 99 is very small, which can exceed the critical point touched by the girl . But because of wholesale, the marginal cost is diminishing, only cost 300 yuan).

Next, for the non-main goal - eating, the guy only spent 100 yuan (to reduce investment in places where the investment results have little effect), but for the secondary goal, spend a happy and satisfying night, the guy spent the rest 900 yuan (key target, key investment).

In any field, funds are always insufficient. Knowing how to mobilize more funds for your use is king. Thinking mode is the key to determining the success or failure of a project, not capital, cost, do you feel that you don't believe it?

Have you heard that the Wenzhou extra-large prostitution gang has been arrested, do you know the insider?

According to friends, only 1% of the gangs in these gangs are really engaged in model occupations. The rest of them are ordinary street women who used to pick up passengers in small hotels. After training, they turned into “flat models”. Send your own photos to the Internet to create news sources, search sources, many of which are fake photos of PS.

But those customers can find it when they ask for it online. These ladies specially map to find out those upstarts and some officials, and the entrances and exits are all five-star hotels. In the past, they had a good income of 100,000 a year, and now they earn 1.5 million+ a year.

Some people will say that I don't have money, what should I do? Then I ask you, do you have 100 yuan? You should always have it.

100 yuan in the hands of people who know how to change, can become 100 copies of the leaflet, only 10 yuan, 100 popular forum account (10 yuan), dozens of popular chat software account (20 yuan) Money), hundreds of popular email accounts (20 yuan).

Buy a prescription recipe or snack recipe, post directly in a certain forum, send e-mails in the mailbox, add friends in the chat software, chat and sell all kinds of remedies, can be stable in dozens or hundreds of days every day for three days. Yuan's income.

If you don't know how to change, the money will never be enough! Therefore, I always suffer from loss, I am reluctant to spend money to advertise, I am reluctant to give gifts, I am reluctant to use a small gift to please my girlfriend or wife, and I can’t get up in front of my friends. The information is blocked and the road is getting narrower.

Whether a person has a calculation or not can be reflected in daily gifts.

To be continued...

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