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NintendoSwitch version of "Civilization 6" detailed game evaluation


"Civilization 6" NintendoSwitch Reviews

The Civilization 6 "sleeping after the next round" finally entered the Nintendo Switch platform. As a player who started the liver from Civilization 3, after playing a few disks of Nintendo's version of Civilization 6, I want to bring my experience to you. Share with friends on the sidelines.

This article first introduces the experience of "Civilization 6" on Nintendo Switch to old civilized players, and then introduces the game to new players. [A player from Benxi Xianqun's evaluation of Civilization 6]

First, "Civilization 6" Nintendo Switch 喵 version

1, the game version: has not updated the "ups and downs" information piece, the game is transplanted based on the PC version.

2, the game language: the region supports Chinese subtitles and Chinese speech

3, game operation: support touch screen and handle, Nintendo Switch version of the handle experience is very fast, very comfortable, very natural.

4, game media score: MC average 87, 22 ratings media all praise; IGN 9.4

5, purchase: personal recommendation digital version, this type of game card is too troublesome. Russian eshop 340 is the lowest. Commonly used eshop, Japan's lowest, 380 up and down. Taobao physical version price is above 350.

Second, "Civilization 6" in the game experience of Nintendo Switch handheld mode

Since the Nintendo Switch is a personal handheld for me, this article only covers the handheld experience. The game environment is a download version of the TF card, which is said to be better loaded in the machine or the physical card experience.

1, the game screen: (what game screen on Nintendo Switch) is actually not so bad, for turn-based strategy games, pretty good, and in-game voice and cutscenes are retained, compared to other mobile devices Words have made great progress.

2, the game loading speed: the larger the map, the longer the round, the longer the loading time.

Under the minimum map (4 people), after the initial preload and 100 rounds, the narration is completed and the loading is completed. After 300 rounds, it is basically loaded for about 1 minute;

Under the big map (12 people), the first preload takes about a minute, and after 100 rounds, you have to wait for a long time after reading the narration. You can play "Civilization 6" for more than 300 rounds.

3, switching speed between rounds: Similarly, the larger the map, the longer the number of rounds, the longer the waiting time.

Under a very small map, there is basically no need to wait within 100 rounds, and you need to wait after 100 rounds, but it does not take more than half a minute after 300 rounds.

On the huge map, after 50 rounds, I need to wait. After 300 rounds, I cough...

4, the game fluency: no matter which kind of map, screen shift, unit movement, cutscenes have not appeared obvious. However, after 100 rounds, when you click on the unit or bring up the menu, there will be a stutter, which does not affect the overall game experience.

5, power consumption: one tube of electricity is absolutely not enough for 3 hours.

Summary: Civilization 6 is far better than the PC in the Nintendo Switch handheld mode, we finally do not need to play a round of night and night, because we can play it anytime, anywhere. The performance of the game on the Nintendo Switch is basically acceptable, but I recommend that you play it on the map below the standard size. Taking into account the playability of Civilization 6, it can help players to survive the vacuum period released by Le Xinyou. Civilized series players and Nintendo Switch single platform players strongly recommend starting.

Third, the player who has not played the civilized series begins with the guide

1. What kind of game is Civilization 6?

"Civilization 6" is a turn-based strategy game. The player plays the head of a civilized society. From the initial stage of civilization, he holds the stage of knocking his head on the head. The primitive society has gradually evolved into an aircraft carrier through continuous expansion and development. The information civilization of tank nuclear weapons. The civilization played by the players will compete for resources with other civilizations on the map, competing for military, cultural, technological, and religious development speeds; civilizations will show their magical powers, and they will compete for the victory of the game through war and diplomacy.

2. Characteristics of "Civilization 6"

(1), 26 kinds of civilizations to choose from, each civilization has its own unique characteristics, and the repeatability is extremely high.

(2), the game contains dozens of resources, miracles; hundreds of technology, architecture, arms, characters. Large enough to familiar buildings (sky garden, pyramid), characters (Qin Shihuang, Queen Elizabeth); small to cattle, sheep, archers, each with its true historical background included in the game's civil encyclopedia, players You can learn while you play. Every time I build a miracle, I am eager to understand its historical story.

(3) There are many dimensions of civilization development. Land, resources, money, industry, agriculture, scientific research, military, culture, religion, diplomacy, players need overall planning, comprehensive development, in order to achieve victory.

(4), there are teaching modes in the game, scene mode (similar to the campaign mode in other games) and custom mode. In the custom mode, the player can choose the winning mode, map parameters (size, terrain, etc.), game duration, Each game can bring different experiences.

3, "Civilization 6" purchase advice

(1) First, you need to be a history and culture enthusiast, followed by a player who likes strategy games. Meet the above two points, don't miss this game.

(2), the game has a high threshold. After completing the teaching, the novice player may need to spend dozens of hours to understand the mechanism of the game, the role of various resources and architecture, and the algorithm of the data in the game. Players who like brain burning are highly recommended; players who are impatient or unwilling to accept complex logic are cautious. Fortunately, there are 8 kinds of difficulty in the game, players can choose their own difficulty according to their level.

(3) The game duration of each game is more than ten hours, so there will be an evaluation of “playing a round and sleeping again”. Players who do not like liver are cautious. Fortunately, the portability of NS makes the liver not in pain.

(4), satisfying the incompetence of (1) and (2); the player who satisfies (1) meets (2) suggests that the cloud re-enter; if not (1) the player who satisfies (2) may play after playing Satisfy (1); players who do not meet (1) and (2) should never enter.

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