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Away from the routine, the new policy of Spanish immigrants in 2019, do not look regretted by the pit


Immigration to Spain is to obtain permanent residency in Spain. The permanent residence right is equivalent to the green card policy of many countries, that is, the residence card issued by the Immigration Bureau reasonably and legally long-term residence in Spain.

Immigration to Spain only knows that 500,000 euros to buy a house is really being routine! Spanish non-profit immigrants! It is the same as the purchase of the house and is listed in the immigration bill.

The Spanish Non-Profit Residency Project Act is based on Articles 46 and 47 of the Spanish National Gazette article published on April 30, 2011 (this bulletin on the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain and social inclusion)

Spanish non-profit immigrants

Articles 46 and 47 of the Spanish National Gazette issued on April 30, 2011 are as follows:

Chapter 46: Regarding the temporary residence permit for Spain and the corresponding visa granted to work or professional activities, foreign applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. Normal activities in Spain.

2. If the applicant meets the legal age of criminal responsibility, a certificate of non-criminality in Spain and the country that has lived in the last 5 years is required.

3. Countries that have not signed an agreement with Spain are prohibited from entering the country.

4. If you do not need to work, there is enough money to meet the living expenses of yourself or your family living in Spain.

5. Insurance institutions approved in Spain have purchased public or commercial medical insurance.

6. Return to Spain within the commitment period.

7. There are no major diseases that endanger public health as set out in the 2005 International Health Regulations.

8. The relevant handling fee for the application process has been paid.

Chapter 47:

Proof of financial ability to obtain temporary residence

1. Non-profit foreign occupants must have sufficient financial ability to cover their own living expenses during their stay or to prove that they have a fixed source of income.

The following is a list of reference criteria for applying for a Spanish visa or updating a residence: (1) To support the main applicant's expenses during his stay in Spain, the monthly IPREM index (the minimum amount of subsistence index) must be met, or etc. The foreign currency of the value. (2) In order to support the expenses of each family member during their stay in Spain, each additional member increases the IPREM index (the minimum amount of the subsistence index) by 100% per month, or the equivalent foreign currency.

2. Regardless of the method of economic income, the total amount of economic income must meet the above monthly amount during the period of application for residence.

3. Provide relevant documentation to prove that it has a fixed enough income, or that it has a legacy that ensures the above income. The proof of financial ability can also be a legally permissible certificate, including the provision of a house title certificate, a guaranteed check or a credit card (a bank certificate is required to indicate the credit line of the card). If the economic ability comes from a dividend paid by a Spanish company, a multinational company or a foreign company in Spain, the applicant needs to provide proof that the company is not involved in the labor activity and submit the relevant guarantee statement.

[Small series to say]: This time I understand, immigration to Spain, do not need to buy real estate first , 500,000 euros, when the money of our Greater China people are all from the wind? If you are willing to invest, you can buy a house in Spain after applying for non-profit stay. There is no price limit. The Spanish house is not so expensive . People who don’t know much about it, originally chose to buy a house immigrant, thinking that they can finally drop the house, and later Understand the straight-legged thighs that are regretted by local house prices , and the property purchased by Spanish non-profit immigrants can also be bought and sold. The property is not tied to the identity, and the property can make money by selling it. (It is already earned without spending more money.) The Spanish non-profit residency bill has been in place, but the profit is not high, obviously there is no big purchase of water! So half of the immigration companies are not willing to do such a real project, or how to buy a house?

Ok, Xiaobian is here today, and finally concludes with the key conditions for non-profit immigrants in Spain:

The main application for adulthood, acquittal, bank deposits that prove economic ability, medical examinations, purchase of Spanish insurance, and stable Spanish address.