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[To develop these singing habits, how to sing is not tired! 】


First, start with a silent practice.

We must learn how to use gas, because singing is based on the vibration of the abdomen to promote the vibration of the vocal cords, rather than simply rubbing the vocal vocals, which is not only wrong, but also hurts our scorpions.

How to use gas properly? We can use our hands to akimbo and suck the air into the dantian with the nose - about 3cm below the belly button, then you will find that the abdomen will be filled with gas and bulge outward. Then we began to learn to exhale, pay attention to the diaphragm can not be relaxed.

How to practice the breath of the long? In the same way, we learn the sound of the snake and make a sound of "咝...", letting the breath spit out evenly between the upper and lower teeth.

Secondly, it is the voice, which is also my first learning how to use the bubble sound to forward the sound. Singing is a kind of exercise between aerobic and anaerobic. The gas sucked in does not spit out at once, but has a feeling of "憋". Through many exercises, everyone can master how to use the bubble sound to forward the sound. There may be problems such as air leakage and inaccurate sounds. Therefore, we need to practice and sing the scale every day, so that we can make progress.

Finally, singing not only has to master basic skills, solid skills, but also pay attention to analyzing the emotions of songs, and sing different tastes from others with their own understanding.

Singing, starting with the right habits, pay attention to the following singing habits:

First, keep the breath in the abdomen diaphragm, and keep the abdomen from relaxing when singing.

Second, keep the teeth open when singing, which is conducive to better sound.

Third, control the breath, find the feeling of "憋", prevent leakage.

Fourth, pay attention to control the throat position, when the height is high, yawn, let the mouth fully relax, or press the tongue root, help lower the throat position, and then let the tongue return to the normal position.

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