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Do 50 personal things before you die! Chinese Version!


I will do 50 personal things before I die. I have found them online. They are all in English. The translation is as follows~

  1. Kiss a girl / Kiss a girl

  2. Have anal / do anal sex

  3. Have a threesome / do a 3P

  4. Engage in group sex / Participation group P (3, 4 are our hobbies, please practice)

  5. Have phone sex / Come on a phone sex

  6. Masturbate / masturbation

  7. Use a vibrator / with vibrator

  8. Use a sex toy on someone else / Use sex toys on others

  9. Be tied up / tied

  10. Tie someone up / Bundle others

  11. Have sex in a public space / Make love in public places

  12. Be a voyeur and watch others having sex (live, porn does not count) / voyeur to have sex (marginal behavior is not counted)

  13. Sex in a car / car shock

  14. Sex at a drive-in / driving while driving

  15. Mile-high club / aircraft shock

  16. Sex with a stranger / Making love with a stranger

  17. One-night stand / one night stand

  18. Married sex (the best kind, in my opinion) / Marriage sex (best, and the easiest)

  19. Sex on a boat / Ship Shock

  20. Sex in a body of water / water shock (in water)

  21. Light spanking / light ass punishment

  22. Read erotica / reading porn novels

  23. Play strip poker/Monopoly/card game / Play stripping punishment for poker, monopoly, other card games

  24. Sex in the shower / Make love while showering

  25. Sex standing up against a wall / press to make love on the wall

  26. Sex with no kissing / don't kiss to make love

  27. Sex in the pitch black / Making love in the dark

  28. Sex in the broad daylight / Broad daylight to make love

  29. Making out with no sex long after you're no longer a virgin / After absconding, abstinence for a long time

  30. Sex in a tent in the wilderness / making love in a camping tent

  31. Watch porn together / Watch AV together

  32. Watch porn alone / Watch AV separately

  33. Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms / Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms

  34. Sex on the beach / making love on the beach

  35. Blindfolds / Blindfolded (when making love)

  36. Using ice sexually / Using ice cubes (when making love)

  37. Sexual role play / sexy role playing

  38. Whipped cream / whip? Was covered with cream? (I don't know what it means)

  39. La Perla lingerie sex / Wearing La Perla lingerie for sex (an Italian top luxury lingerie brand)

  40. Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie sex / Wearing Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie (American lingerie brand...)

  41. Sex with someone much older / Having sex with someone who is older than you are

  42. Sex with someone younger (legal!) / Make love with someone who is much younger than you are (note the law!)

  43. Sex in a foreign country, possibly with a foreigner / Making love in a foreign country, maybe with a foreigner~

  44. A quickie in a skirt / wearing a skirt in a hurry to hurry up to make love

  45. A longie in the rain / Doing love in the rain (don't know what longie means, even make love~)

  46. Sex in the ocean while people swim all around you / making love in the sea where people are swimming around

  47. Feather ticklers / Feather teasing?

  48. Sex while "altered" whether by alcohol or something else / "change" sex, if you are embarrassed, drink some wine...

  49. Learn to orgasm in less than five minutes from intercourse alone learn a person masturbating within 5 minutes to climax

  50. Silent sex in a full house / Silent sex in a room that is all human

I feel that it is not in line with the national conditions. I will do a personal event that is in line with the national conditions.

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