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What kind of experience is the original purchase of a reliable one?


As a senior handcuffs party, I just came to discuss with you how the original order is in great care.

I like to buy the original order. I see a lot of people saying that the original order is fake. What brand has no original order?

First, we are all consumers. Where do you come from the confidence that there is no evidence that there is no original order?

The second dress is some clothing worn on the body but also directly in contact with the skin. I think it is not the original one, and it is worthwhile if the quality is good.

Third, in the case of a good quality bar, the same details as the counter flagship store spend less than one-third of the money.

Listening to the little fairy, the clothes are the same clothes. After a store has been multiplied, the price is doubled. Which price is more cost-effective? You should have a judgment in your heart.

No picture, no truth, this is part of my original order.

[La Chapelle deer locomotive suit]

This is a single La Chapelle that I started with. The three standards are complete in quality, warm and thick, and the workmanship details are very advanced. Shopping mall price 700, I started 240

[Puma sweater]

Stand collar webbing string, can completely winter sweater, cotton does not fall down, couple models, but unfortunately I have no boyfriend, otherwise I will not only buy one, hehe. Start with 200!

[small CK bag]

I bought a 469 from the Tmall flagship store, bought a 230 from the micro-business, and specifically compared it. It feels no different. The flagship store tastes even bigger.

The possibility that I have fallen into the original pit and can't climb out is tan90° does not exist.

Therefore, this fairy thinks that as long as the bold attempt to find a reliable business, the original purchase of the soft hand from this counter is a passer-by refueling all the fairies 嘿嘿嘿~

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13048463506😘 Sorry, I only know it! Regarding the micro-business, I am not making the original order now, it is the imitation of the shoes, and the clothes of the sports brand.

Taobao also has a lot of small ck stores, you must polish your eyes and buy shipping insurance. There is also a bag of Nanfeng small shop is also good, if the South Wind home women's clothing, then the body feels good to buy the body. I bought a cotton suit in the New Year, ummmmmmm is OK...