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What is the cause of otitis externa?


The phenomenon of otitis of the ear canal is not particularly rare. The occurrence of this disease is terrible for the health of patients and friends. For this reason, we must treat the disease in time, then the otitis of the ear canal. What is the reason? Let's take a look at it:

When the external auditory canal is severe, the ear pain is severe. When the mouth is chewed, it can be aggravated and can be shot to the same side of the head; the diffuse external auditory canal is characterized by earache and discharge of secretions. To prevent external ear canal inflammation, you must pay attention to correcting the ear habits. When swimming and shampooing, the sewage should be wiped out in time, and the external auditory canal or foreign body should be removed or removed in time. In short, it is most important to keep the external auditory canal dry and avoid injury.

What is the cause of otitis externa?

Reason one: When we are swimming or taking a bath, if the ear is not placed in the ear, the ear is likely to be ruptured, swollen, softened, etc. due to the impregnation of the water, which will cause some pathogenic microorganisms to enter the ear. Road, induce infection.

Cause 2: Sustained stimulation of purulent secretions in the middle ear, causing epithelial damage and infection of the external auditory canal.

The third reason: the use of fingers, hairpins, small wooden sticks and other objects to dig to cause damage to the epithelium of the external auditory canal, causing microbes to invade the epidermis, even the dermis.

Cause four: The external auditory canal skin is secondary to infection on the basis of allergic eczema.

Cause five: systemic diseases, such as diabetes, anemia, endocrine dysfunction, etc. are also easy to induce this disease.

Nursing of external auditory canal disease:

1. Pay attention to hygiene when you are not sick, especially children. Anyone with suppurative otitis media, ear edema, and infant eczema should pay special attention to local cleanliness and dryness, keep the ear and its surroundings clean, and be careful not to lick your ears.

2, after the disease, avoid washing. If it is contaminated or smear, it can be rubbed with vegetable oil. After it is loose, gently wipe it with gauze or sterilized soft paper. It is necessary to wash the person, using Kushen soup.

3, replace the external medication on time, and take the internal medicine on time.

4, when itching, avoid scratching, if necessary, soak some salt water, drip in the itching. Its concentration is based on the ability to achieve itching. If it is a child, it is necessary to prevent him from scratching.

5, bathing, haircuts, bath body, pay attention to prevent sewage into the body, before washing your hair, swimming, you can use a special rubber stopper or clean cotton ball to block the external auditory canal.

6. Swimming is forbidden after illness.


1, first of all should quit the bad habits of ear. Digging the ear not only damages the skin and causes infection, but also often stimulates the skin to grow "external ear canal papilloma", causing frequent bleeding in the ear canal and even affecting hearing. Second, it is necessary to prevent sewage from entering the ear.

2. Before washing your hair and swimming, you can use a special rubber stopper or a clean cotton ball to apply oil to block the external auditory canal. It is necessary to remove the external auditory canal or foreign body in time. Finally, care should be taken to keep your ears dry and avoid damage.

What is the cause of otitis externa disease? Through the introduction of the above content, now everyone knows about this problem. The occurrence of otitis externa disease seriously harms the healthy body of patients and friends. For this reason, our usual In daily life, this disease must be treated in time.