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"Three Laws"


Foreword: "The Pure Inheritance of the Inheritance of the Reappearance of the World"

"Abolishing any religious concept, people's sorrows and joys are all in life , and no one can object." Therefore, if the practitioner wants to solve the troubles, he should cut into the adjustment and adjustment from the life , because the interaction between the "six roots" and the "six hexagrams" is "life". In other words, the Buddha's life has been said for more than 40 years, which is to teach people how to face with wisdom. life.

The "Six Degrees of Polomi" taught by the Buddha must teach people how to face life with wisdom. These six entry points will be the main axis of the Mahayana Buddhism practitioners. Since the publication of the three collections of the "Tibetan Method", it has attracted a lot of resounding, but because the readers have different comprehension abilities, some of them have not fully realized, so don't be embarrassed. As long as you work hard, you will be able to fully understand it one day.

Those who have the ability may wish to share their personal opinions, but if they use the "Wu Li Group" or "personal sentiment" of the Buddha Gate to carry out "attacks, curses, and slanders", this is definitely not a Buddhist monk. This is a cowardly act. It will only affect social order.

The "Wooden Phase Method" of "Censoring Good and Bad Business Reports" is a quiet method, but if you take the superstition and the evil heart to divination, the "six degrees of Prajna" of the "Tibetan Method" is credible. It is debatable because it will not get corresponding.

As can be seen from the previous points, there are lifes in the six reincarnations, and there is no practice in leaving life. It can be seen that if "seeking" is to establish "cultivation confidence" with the mentality of "divination", I believe that the Buddha will It should not be said that 40 years of teaching in the 40th chapter of the Three Tibetans.

After Sakyamuni’s testimony, the first reason was to say “four holy monks”, the focus was on “bitterness” and “bitterness”, which was the first connotation of “first turn to Falun”. According to historical records, the Dharma does not seek to establish a spiritual practice with the help of God, but instead cuts into life and practice through the path of the Eight Orthodox Road. Also known as "righteousness, positive thinking, righteousness, righteousness, righteousness, positive advancement, righteous thoughts, and positive definite."

The author studied the number of Ziweidou, the divination star, and the "Miaojiu Boys Divination Law" ~ Manjusri Bodhisattva method, fully understand these divination stars, and finally guide people to understand cause and effect, no blessings, no one.

However, Dharma tells us that "everything is ideal, all things are created by heart." If you need to live by divination, instead of "seeing alloka", you can practice it yourself. Centrifugally, the decision is "outside", and it has nothing to do with Dharma.

The earth is changing every day, the sun rises eastward, the west falls, spring, summer, autumn and winter, life and death, and there is no change because Sakyamuni Buddha is Sakyamuni Buddha. In other words, the Buddha changed the "inner heart" instead of relying on the outside world to call his own mind. Find out exactly what the Dharma is saying, and this topic is indeed worth pondering for all those who are conscious.

How can a person who really seeks to question the author by "big noise, insulting other teachers, publicizing other people's private content, and accounts"? Sima Zhao’s heart is well known.

The Mahayana Buddhism practitioners don't want to look at each other. They don't mean "right or wrong". They don't mean that they are confused by the laws of the human world. They just don't stay in the world and produce any entanglement of climbing.

The author was betrayed today, and the private conversation was arbitrarily disclosed. I also disclosed my WeChat account to the public, and I did not get my consent before. Some people can sell anyone, this kind of despicable act of lacking morality , like a woman who is like a street, this kind of behavior will only appear to be inferior, ignorant, low IQ, more guilty of evil, even if there are problems with people, how to talk Got a Buddhist disciple? Since the mouth of the mouth, the fox tail, the original shape is exposed, not attacking and breaking, what is the motivation of a certain king? My two masters and apprentices are already well aware...

( ^ 0 ^ )

On the contrary, those who have the ability will only understate the truth and systematically express it. This is the real cultivation. If insults can make one thing stand out, the Dharma will not be so powerful.

It is no longer possible to use any Dharma to educate this person. He wants to learn "Benevolence, Righteousness, Courtesy and Wisdom". If he does not become a Buddha, he is recommended to learn "being a man." The authors above clearly expressed the motives of some people who are not good intentions, because this is "humanity". At this moment, it reminds some people that they must abide by the virtues of the way of humanity, and do not make the Buddhist monks blind.

The Mahayana Buddhism practitioners uphold the "four infinite hearts" and "do not leave" the sentient beings. Therefore, after the Zen teacher and the lighthearted discussion, he still insisted on the announcement of the connotation of the "Three Laws and Seals" that was truly quiet and passed down . This is a happy event of great cause, and I wish everyone who has the heart to seek something, and wish the heart to destroy the Dharma. People disappear as soon as possible, svaahaa...

Those who have insulted the "six degrees of Prajna Paramita" and the "Tibetan Method" have reconsidered their confession, otherwise it seems that the crime of destroying the law is completely inconsistent with the minimum requirements of the third class mentioned in "The Immaculate Sutra". "You can't ruin the Dharma." I am afraid that this life will not only be able to enter the "clean land", but it is more likely to squat "three evils." When discussing the Dharma, it is necessary to be cautious when speaking about the Dharma. Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable, and the sins will be boundless.

Ok! More to say no benefit, immediately enter the topic, dear readers, [clean and inheritance of the Ruyi] will reproduce the world, are you ready?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

"Three Laws"

If everyone believes that the Buddha is a great sensation, for more than forty years, according to the teachings of Si Shengyi and Prajna, since his testimony, his heart should have been restored to its own pure, clear-mindedness. After all, the reality of the law, no ignorance, no more persistence, no place to go, no greed, no way to leave everything, equal treatment of all sentient beings, resentment, equality, all equality, great compassion Great sorrow, there is no trouble at all, it is Nirvana.

In the face of all the questions of all beings, they can be guided by the machine, not impatient, will not escape, will not respond because the questioner is rude, and will not hate or even retaliate for this. Every day, he is a non-information, and he has questions and answers. He never cares about the return of benefits, never swears, until the end of life.

If the above inference is true, that is to say, after the Buddha's enlightenment, his heart never climbs, and whether he is sitting and lying, he is living in a state of perfection.

This clean, whether in interaction or in isolation, is safe. Because the Buddha can lead by example, in his own life, he fully realizes the truth he has experienced and confirmed in his own life, and unselfishly shares it with the world. He is sincere and true, and he has no universal respect. Therefore, he is universally respected by the world and respects him as a Buddha.

What do you learn from the world?

Buddha, Sanskrit is bodhi, meaning enlightenment, enlightenment or awakening.

Those who can fully enlighten are called Buddhas, and Sanskrit is buddha.

Therefore, the title of Buddha is not a representative of class hierarchy, nor a representative of the universe, nor a representative of the creator. It is just a name for a person who thoroughly understands the reality of life and has a complete understanding and evidence. . Anyone can achieve the same realm through study and practice, and Sakyamuni is a pioneer of his predecessors.

Therefore, what the world wants to learn is to use him as an example to learn the legal principles and behaviors he has performed, and to practice in his own life, instead of ignoring the jurisprudence and ideas, blindly idolatry, burning incense and blessing.

To learn Buddhism, it is necessary to learn based on the legal principles shared by the Buddha. If you violate the jurisprudence, you should not learn and repair indiscriminately. In this way, as long as the fine is held, anyone will one day be able to achieve the Buddha's achievement.

Due to the deviation of the understanding of the teachings of the Buddha, the practice will go astray and cannot embark on the road of awakening. Therefore, the predecessors summed up the legal principles that the Buddha said to prove whether the method encountered by the Buddha is the same as the law.

That is the three laws:

The lines are impermanent.
There is no seal in all laws.
Nirvana is silent.

"The Impermanence"

  • All laws, behaviors, and phenomena have some commonalities, one of which is "the marriage of the common and the union, and the existence of the heart."
  • The human heart takes the phase, that is, the thoughts, the thoughts of the fall, the birth and death, and the birth and death are impermanence.
  • Since the mind is impermanent and the laws are ideal, the lines are impermanent. This word refers to the "cause".
Cause: It refers to the will of the human heart to things or things.

Publicity : It means the will of everyone.

The commonality and harmony: refers to the unity of will after the will of everyone.

The will of one person is impermanent, and the will of everyone is more impermanent. If you don't understand this truth, and you always have the desire to adhere to the impermanent laws, you will be tempted to ask for help, to live and die, and to reincarnate.


If the method of encountering is not to teach people to understand or understand the impermanence of the laws, and to stay away from the greed of the laws, it also leads the scholars to blindly pursue the satisfaction of impermanent laws, phenomena or realms. Suffering, this is called inferiority. Even if you teach people to cultivate good things, they are not considered to be Dharma. It is difficult to embark on the road of awakening.

"There is no law in all kinds of law"

  • All laws, whether they are lawful or inaction, are commonalities and harmony, and they are all born and destroyed.
  • If you don't care, you can't name it.

In other words...

The birth and death of the various laws is only the heart.
  • The life of the various laws is not independent of the laws.
  • The destruction of the various laws is not autonomous.

In this case......

  • The laws of law do not necessarily have the self-sufficiency of self-motivation and thought as a creature. This situation of self-activity without self-action and thought is called selflessness.
  • Since all laws are not self-contained by an entity, they are called laws without me.
Since there is no me, what is the essence of the laws? In the case of the commonality and harmony, the six functions of the human heart through the eyes, ears, and tongues, and the illusion of the color and scent of the human heart appearing in the human body, in fact, the phase is empty.

The husband does not understand that the birth and death of the various laws is caused by the commonality and harmony. In fact, the phase is empty, after all, blindly obsessed with the magical methods, and insists on the rule of the birth and death of the various laws formed by the commonality. And it is suffering.

  • Therefore, the Buddha said that there is no truth in all laws, in order to break the ordinary people's dedication to the various laws, and the general order is far from suffering.
Therefore, if you encounter the practice method, if you do not guide the scholars to understand the reality of the various laws, but instead guide the scholars to turn and pursue in the phase, it is not as good as the law, not a Dharma, and certainly cannot embark on the awakening. the road.

Nirvana Silence

  • Nirvana: It is the relief of all sufferings.
  • Silence: that is, no ups and downs.

In other words...

That is a complete relief.

It is unclear that the reality of the various laws is impermanent, that is, if the illusion is empty, and there is no truth of its own self , so that it will indulge its own desires all the time, sinking into the sea of ​​life and death, so the world will open the four holy sacred, explain the painstaking Tao, the daily method of lowering the heart and living the heart, so that all the husbands can free themselves from the sufferings of the law, and prove the fruit of Nirvana.

In the practice of Fa-rectification, it is necessary to understand the root cause of suffering, and to understand the methods of "reducing the heart" and "staying in the heart". The silence of Nirvana can be just around the corner, and it is indispensable.

Therefore, if the method of law has the above-mentioned jurisprudence and methods, it can be called the Dharma, otherwise it is not the Dharma, it can not be a big nirvana, and it will stop the suffering of life and death.

The above three methods are printed:

  • Knowing impermanence, I gradually understand the following.
  • If you know no me, you will gradually return to the truth.
  • Knowing that the roots of suffering are rooted in the heart and the way to live in the heart can be expected.
Therefore, the Three Laws and Seals are actually the focus of the Four Saints. They are clear about the truth of the law, understand the root causes, and then practice the heart and heart.

The role of the Three Laws and Seals is like the bright light of the night, which is used for lighting the night pedestrians. It is not used to evaluate the merits of any method and create contradictions . If this is the case, it is greatly contrary to the teachings of the Buddha's detachment, and the disappointment of the former sage's compassion.

  • The connotation of the need to know the criticism is actually the so-called righteousness of obsessing with the heart to deny the understanding of others. Isn’t that falling on both sides? How can this fit the real middle road and get into the door of Dharma?
  • Furthermore, when people understand the deviation, they are about to go astray. In the spirit of compassion, they should immediately take the opportunity to show their righteousness and lead the way.
  • How can you be proud of being able to point out the ignorance of others, and even humiliate those who are still ignorant?
  • If this is the case, this is not only compassionate, not equal, and I am arrogant, and I am distinct and distinct. It is clearly telling people that they are completely ignorant of Buddhism, and they only speak to satisfy their personal desires. Seeking the Buddha outside the door!
  • From the avenue to the Jane, it is not complicated, and you have to read your heart and mind. The practice of Gonggong is not to be detained in the text, and it is illegal to teach. (Note: Persevering in the text, making it easy to turn around)
  • The story of the world's revered hills and flowers, and the smile of Dajiaye's heart is nothing more than a sign of the fact that the Dharma is not stagnation and solid. It does not matter with the text, and all Dharma is consistently consistent.

Therefore, it is clear that people convert to the truth, and that the realization of the jurisprudence is to reflect on the self, to lower the heart and to retreat, to abandon the truth, to be the Tao, to advance, to retreat , to be ignorant, to be distracted, to be reconciled, to be clean, no People without me, and they are always silent. They can free themselves from all sufferings and see sex as a Buddhist Tao.

~ "Zen Teacher"