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Dialogue with Mr. Yang Ming——Reading the Recording Notes (43)



Jiuchuan is sick in Zhangzhou. Mr. Cloud: "The disease is also difficult, how do you feel?"

Confrontation: "Kung Fu is very difficult."

Mr. 曰: "It is kung fu to work fast."

Jiuchuan asked: "Introspection, or involvement in evil, or pre-cooking the world. Thinking of the extreme, well-ordered, it is difficult to screen. I think it is easy to be early, it is difficult to feel late.捍格. But if you change his mind a little, you will forget it with two things. It is also harmless to clear it."

Mr. 曰: "Why do you want to do this, just work hard on your conscience."

Jiuchuan 曰: "It is said that I don't know for a while."

Mr. 曰: "I have my own efforts here, why he got him. Only for the Kungfu to break, he will cover his knowledge. If it is broken, then the old work is continued, why bother?

Jiuchuan said: "It's really hard, though I know, I won't go."

Mr. 曰: "It must be brave. It takes a long time to work and has its own courage. Therefore, it is a person who is born in the righteousness. It is easy to win, and it is Daxian."

Jiuchuan asked: "This kind of effort is to understand and understand in the heart, only the book is unreasonable."

Mr. 曰: "As long as you solve your heart. The heart understands that the book naturally blends in. If the mind is unreasonable, as long as the book is above the meaning of the book, it is self-satisfied."


When he was in Zhangzhou, Jiuchuan fell ill. The gentleman said: "It is very difficult to find out about the disease. How do you feel?"

Jiuchuan said: "Kung Fu is really difficult."

The gentleman said: "Happy life is a kung fu."

Jiuchuan asked: "I reflect on my own thoughts and sometimes feel evil and sometimes want to govern the world. When I think about the ultimate, I also relish it, and it is difficult to get rid of it. It is difficult to abandon it. It is easy to get rid of it early, and it is difficult to eliminate it when it is late. It is even more incompetent to suppress it. Only by shifting the mind can you clear out all this phenomenon. It seems that there is no harm to such clean thinking."

The gentleman said: "Why be so, as long as you work hard on your conscience."

Jiuchuan said: "I am talking about the situation where the conscience is still unknown."

The gentleman said: "I have my own efforts here, I will have an unknown phenomenon. Just because your efforts are interrupted, your knowledge is blinded. Since the interruption, you continue to work hard, why do you have to say as you said? ?"

Jiuchuan said: "It is almost a fierce battle. Although I understand, I still can't throw it away."

The gentleman said: "There must be courage, and it will take a long time to work. There will be courage. Therefore, Mencius said that 'it is the one who is born in the righteousness.' It is easy to win, that is, the great sage."

Jiuchuan asked: "This kind of effort can only be understood in the heart, but it cannot explain the meaning of the book."

The gentleman said: "It is only used in the mind to explain. The heart understands, and the textual meaning in the book naturally blends.

If you don't understand it, just explain the meaning of the book. On the contrary, it will only make people feel forced to attach.


Two of the paragraphs are the most classic. First, Chen Jiuchuan has doubts in his heart. Although Xin Xue emphasizes that his heart is always in heaven, when he faces specific things, there will be situations of forgetting the heavens and obeying habits. This problem makes Jiuchuan very upset. To be honest, in terms of my personal experience, it is really distressing. After all, everyone is a mortal. Although I am practicing myself, it is really difficult to ensure that I can always judge according to my conscience, even if I know that I am doing this in violation of my heart. Conscience, but under the pressure of various pressures or temptations, I still feel that I have regretted it. I even want to break the cans and stop the practice of learning. The gentleman once only said one sentence: Kung Fu is broken, and the continuation of the continuation is that it does not have to be so painful. Yes, the main thing is to continue, not to be perfect. Even if there is a break in the middle, you should have the courage to face your own shortcomings and correct yourself. Just as all great wars are tortuous, all great The mind is growing up in the polishing. Therefore, as long as we continue to work hard and ensure that we can make the right choices next time, it is not too late to make up for it. The most fear is to be a saint at the beginning. In fact, we are all fools and mortals. Stick to the simplest effort, without having to bear any burden. The second sentence is "Easy to win, it is Daxian". This sentence is in line with what I just said. It is because Kung Fu can continue naturally, not interrupted by environmental changes, and even if it is interrupted, there is courage and perseverance. It’s natural to realize this kind of effort. Without hindrance or hesitation, it can be said that “it’s easy to win.” What can be done is naturally “great sage”.


There is a general official. Because I have been listening to Mr.’s studies for a long time, he said: "This is a very good study. It is only a difficult book to be held in prison. It is not allowed to learn."

Mr. Wen, he said: "Why do I teach that I am away from the book and the prisoner is hanging out to give lectures? If there is a lawsuit, then it is a matter of truth from the lawsuit. If you ask a word, you can’t Respond to the innocence, start an anger; don't turn around because of his words, give birth to a happy heart; don't blame it, add the rule of truth; can't ask for it because of its request, can't be troubled by his own affairs, freely break and break You can't ruin Luo Zhi by others, but you can do it with your own meaning. There are many meanings that are private. Only you know yourself, you must carefully examine Keji, but you will have a bias in this heart. Du people are right and wrong. This is a matter of knowledge. Between prisons, nothing is practical. If you leave things for learning, they are empty."


After listening, Mr. said to him: "Why should I teach you to abandon the document case and hang up to give lectures? If you need to break the case, you should learn from the case of the case. This is the real thing. For example, when you judge the case, you cannot Because the other person's rudeness is annoyed; can't be happy because the other party's words are twirling; can't be reconciled because of the other's request; can't be tolerant of him because of the other's pleading; can't arbitrarily close the case because of his own troubles; Because of the defamation and framement of others, they are treated with the will of others. All the situations mentioned here are private, but you are personally clear. You must carefully examine the rule of Kezhi, lest you have any deviation from the heart and slanders. This is the knowledge of things. Dealing with documents and litigation is all about real learning. If you leave things behind to learn, you will not be marginal."


This paragraph is my favorite part of the "Biography", which perfectly explains what "people want to grind on the matter". For example, the judge in the text says that he has no time to study when he is busy, and Mr. : Who said that you don't have time to learn, and every job at your hand is done well. This is learning. You don't practice learning in specific matters, it is fake learning. This is like a great general. It must be a life of nine deaths, and it will take a hundred battles to climb out of the blood of the corpse to complete a career. It is also like a ace sniper. It must have hit tens of thousands of bullets and countless enemies. Can become a trump card. Similarly, if you want to learn psychology, you must not stop at the verbal, or think of leaving a large amount of time devoted to learning, but to take everything as a chance to hone, so that continuous progress can be made.


Cangzhou will return, there is a poem Mr. Yun: "What is the matter of conscience, more than the smell, the cohesiveness has been rooted at the time, the likes and dislikes are the holy school, and there will be nowhere to be the yuan." Mr. said: "If you talk about this in the future I don’t know what to say from the 'good and evil'.

In the presence of Shi Ying, "I am sure. I have read Mr. "The Ancient Preface of the University" and I don't know what to say. When I came to listen to Xu, I was a little knowledgeable.

In the middle of the country, the country is the same as the food. Mr. 曰: "Where the diet is just to raise my body, I have to eat it. If I accumulate it in my stomach, I will become a cockroach. How can I grow my skin? Later scholars have a lot of knowledge, staying in the chest, all suffering from illness. and also."

Mr. 曰: "The saints are also learning, and everyone is also known."

Ask: "What is it?"

曰: "This conscience is known to everyone. The saints are only saved without any obstacles, conscientiously, swaying, and naturally, they are also learning. It is only a lot of students, so it is said that the students know how to behave. I don't know this, but there are many obstacles, but the knowledge of the body is difficult to suffocate. Although I ask him to learn from Kezhi, I only rely on him. I only learn a lot of points, so I know that I know how to do business."


Chen Jiuchuan is about to leave Zhangzhou, and writes a farewell poem to Mr.: "What do you know about the good things? Miaohe has already planted roots; the likes and dislikes are holy, and there will be nowhere to be 乾元." Mr. said: "You If you don’t come here to talk about conscience, you absolutely don’t understand what is the “good and evil from”?

On the side, Yu Ying went on to say, "This is exactly the case. I have studied the "University Ancient Preface" by my husband. I don't understand what it is. After a period of listening, I learned a little about it. ""

Yu Zhong, Guo Chang and others have a table with them. The gentleman said: "The diet is only to supplement the nutrition of my body. If you eat it, you must digest it. If you eat all the food in your stomach, it will become a rickety. How can it promote the growth and development of the body? Scholars after Confucius and Mencius I’ve heard more about it, and I’ve put all my knowledge in my chest, and I’m sick of eating and not digesting.”

The gentleman said: "The saints are also learning, and everyone is also known."

Jiuchuan asked: "Why do you say this?"

The gentleman said: "The conscience knows that everyone. The saint only saves it and does not let it suffer any blindness, conscientiousness, diligence, and conscience. It is also a practice. It is only the weight of the knowledge, so it is called the birth. An Xing. The people of the world have conscience when they are children, but they are obstacles and obscures too much. However, the knowledge of the body is hard to be annihilated, even if it is to learn to rule, it is only to follow the conscience. Only the weight of learning is large, so it is said that learning is good. ”


There are two main points in this paragraph that are worthy of attention. First, the discussion of "increasing disease and indigestion" by Mr. is actually satirizing those who only know how to recite, but do not know understanding. In fact, there is a Ming Dynasty, the full application of the eight-part essay in the scientific examination has indeed turned a large number of people into a machine that will only memorize, what is connotation is no longer important, the important thing is that it can be written when the examination, such an academic atmosphere, Until today, it is playing a very bad influence. For example, the so-called Chinese-style English learning means that students have a strong English test ability, but they can't practice it at all. Mr. likened this to a food-borne disease. The "conscience preservation theory" discussed by Mr. in this regard essentially means that everyone's conscience is complete at birth, and the saints can only preserve this conscience. I don’t think this is correct because of the limitations of the times, because everyone’s values ​​are more shaped by the day after tomorrow, otherwise there will be no “wolf boy”, but the first sentence of Mr.’s later four sentences is "There is no good and no disgusting body", I personally think that this is the performance of the gentleman's understanding of the "conscience preservation theory", and the realization that the initiality of the heart is no good and evil, which is also in line with the current scientific generality. Cognition.


Huang Yifang asked: "Mr. Ge Zhizhi said that whenever you know what you are doing, you know that it is a section of knowledge. If you don't know all of you, why do you get the 'Zibo Rutian, Yuanquan Ruyuan' status?"

Mr. 曰: "The human heart is the heavens. The body of the heart, all things should be, it is a day. Only for the obstacles of selfish desire, then the body of heaven is lost. The heart is inexhaustible, it is a kind of glory. Then, the body of Yuan is lost. Now that I am obsessed with conscience, I will smother this obstacle, and the body has been restored. It is Tianyuan." It means that the sky is shown: "If you see the sky in front, it is Zhaozhao. The day, the four seeing the sky, it is only the day of Zhaozhao. Only for the walls of many houses, you will not see the whole of the sky. If you remove the wall of the house, it is always a heaven. You can’t see the sky before, the outside is not the sky, the outside is not The day of Zhaozhao is also here. This is the knowledge of one chapter, that is, the knowledge of the whole. The knowledge of the whole is the knowledge of one section, and it is always an ontology."


Huang Zhiwen: "Mr.'s claim to know things is to know everything at any time. Then, this knowledge is part of the knowledge, not the whole knowledge, and it can reach the realm of '溥博如天,渊泉如渊' ?"

The gentleman said: "The human heart is the heavens. The body of the heart is all-encompassing. It is a day. It is only blinded by the lusts of the earth, and the original appearance of the heavens is lost. There is no end to the truth in the heart. It is a kind of abundance. It is only being shackled by lust. The original appearance of Yuan has been lost. Now, once you forget the conscience, you can clean up the blindness and the shackles, the body of the heart can be restored, and the heart is again a heaven." Mr. then pointed to the sky and said: "For example, The sky that I see now is a bright day, and the days I see in the surrounding are still the brightest days. Just because there are many walls of the house blocking, you can't see the whole picture of the sky. If you remove all the walls of the house, you will always It’s a day. You can’t think that the sky in front of you is a bright day, and the sky outside is not a clear day. From here you can see that part of the knowledge is the knowledge of the whole, and the knowledge of the whole is part of the knowledge. The ontology is always one."


This reading is esoteric, but in fact it is quite simple to understand. Here, Huang Zhi’s question is that if you know what you are doing at any time, then the knowledge is only the knowledge of this specific thing, that is, part of the knowledge, not the complete knowledge, then how can you achieve the broad-mindedness of the mind and the depths? Like the purpose of the water? Mr.'s explanation is that part of the knowledge is the whole knowledge, because the body of knowledge is always only one. In fact, if I let me explain this paragraph, I feel that the core meaning of this paragraph is similar to "Do not be good or small, not to be evil." Why is this explained? First of all, if we develop things that start from the small place to do good deeds and do the right thing, then once we get into the habit, we will become more and more stable on the Kangzhuang Avenue. It is easier for people to do things right, and eventually become a great good. The great merits of life; on the other hand, if we have been lucky in the small disgusting, then the habit of doing evil is formed over time, and it will become more and more without a bottom line, and eventually it may even make a big mistake. Therefore, if we continue to realize the knowledge of Xiaoshan, it may be only a trivial matter that can only be talked about with masturbation, but when we have a real big event, we will have no panic and weightlifting. Indolence in the heart, encountering a small evil and not going to go, will ignore the innocence for a long time, and even ruin the accumulation of past efforts. Speaking of this, I also think of the sentence in the Tao Te Ching, the nine-story platform, starting from the soil, the journey of a thousand miles, starting from the bottom, really doing the same.