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Xi'an, tomorrow is not limited! Not bothering?


According to the order of the license plate numbers, the motor vehicles are on the road according to the daily deadline, and they are collectively referred to as the limit number.

This incident was originally a feature of my dynasty, just as difficult to understand as the smashing of the sprinklers on the street.

It is said that it is aimed at the three-level emergency response to heavy pollution, and the implementation of the limit number, I am not guilty of reluctance to wait for the people, although I know that there is no response to pollution, but found that there is a certain special effect on the congestion caused by the low level of public management.

Then limit it! However, since the temporary notice of the limit was issued at 22:00 on the evening of November 3, 2016, it will be implemented on November 4. I didn’t say this first. I continued to talk about it for a few days. When I was blown away by the wind, I lifted the limit again. Then I went to the middle and the middle, and started a three- or four-day limit, followed by snow. Nothing, this is the end of the month, and the limit is started again. As a result, the number 29 is so blue, and the news is not limited! ! !


Ok, I don't want to be a good person. I am a good citizen. Let me talk about it.

Question 1, where are you sending notices? Can I wait for the people to have any channels for getting notice? Is it difficult to wait to see the notice on Weibo in the circle of friends? To be honest, I sent a notice message in the circle of friends that day, and many friends said that I sent a rumor!

Question 2, although the limit number is my characteristic, people can be congested, and we Xi'an said that it is a heavy pollution emergency response? The water overflowing the street in the winter sprinklers is also a pollution emergency response, right? ! Self-deception is simply!

Question 3, you will be limited to the limit number, no one will not let you limit, why do you have to toss people like this? Below the search box is a quick search for "Xi'an Tomorrow's Limit"?

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