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26 details you should know about "Stepping through the Blood"


A 16-year-old girl was asked to die and was killed. A young man at the bottom of the society who witnessed the death of his mother completed the girl’s request. A 50-year-old A Sir was obsessed with the story behind him. There are all kinds of people around them, and the bigger one is the world, and their world has the key words of loneliness, confusion, and estrangement. This is the "stepping blood to find the plum."

It is different from the general three-level film, except for blood, sex and poetry;

It is different from the general criminal investigation incident, and the case has already come to the fore. What it asks is why it happened.

At 12 o'clock last night, I watched "Treading Blood and Seeking Plums". I couldn't sleep for a long time. I was so depressed that I couldn't help myself. In order to write this article, I read it again this morning and checked some resources. The details are divided into the basic details of the film and the details in the play.

Basic details of the movie

1. "Treading Blood and Seeking Plums" is based on Wang Jiamei's murder case, but it is not the first film that reflects the murder case. The first one was directed by Bi Guozhi in 2010.

2. The film swept seven awards in the April Golden Awards, including five performance awards, before creating a new record (winning: best men and women, best men and women, best screenwriter, best photography, The best new actor) won the Screenplay Award at the 2011 HAF Venture Capital. The film has a dew point and a bloody lens.

3. If you watched "Treading Blood and Seeking Plums", you must be impressed with its theme song "The Dark Sea". The ethereal sound and the rhythm of the blow are like the fog at night. "The Dark Sea" and "Treading the Blood and Seeking the Plum" are perfectly matched with the fascination, heavy darkness and gentle romantic temperament. Ding Ke is the two best awards for the best original film songs in the Golden Horse Awards and the Golden Awards. Ding is a new domestic musician, likes minimalist classicism, and the song name is mostly English.

4. This film is the first film of Chun Xia (decorating Wang Jiamei) and Bai Wei (decorating Ding Zicong), all of which won awards.

5. Director Weng Ziguang was actually a film critic before filming. "The blood is looking for plum" is the third film he directed.

6. Aaron Kwok experienced five nominations for the Golden Image Award. At the age of 51, he won the Golden Elephant Award for his "Blood Seeking Plums" (Little Plums have a sense of sight)

7. There are two versions of the movie, the 98-minute theatrical version and the 120-minute director's version. The director's version is more complete, including the fourth chapter, "The Room with a View" and the more exposed, disgusting shots. "Seeking Plum", "Lonely Man", "Stepping Blood"), both editions are released in the Hong Kong cinema, but will not be released on the mainland.

Detail in the play

8. At the beginning of the movie, Jia Mei sat on the car that went to Hong Kong. The blue sky and green trees outside were mapped. I couldn’t see the joy and sigh. I sang the song "Dolls Watch the World". She didn't know what she was welcoming her. . The song was also sung at the end of the film. This is a structure that responds end to end. The song "Dolls Watch the World" can be said to run through the entire movie, and is also a realism of Jia Mei.

9. The film's photography is very good, occasionally poetic, Du Kefeng's knife, Du Kefeng is Wang Jiawei's royal photography. In the fragments related to the murder, the picture always becomes very dark, the audience has to concentrate on staring at it, and beware of what happens next, and sometimes the picture about Jia Mei becomes very bright, it shows irony.

10. Jia Mei cuts the wrist at the same table. The picture flashes over Mei Mei's picture in the book. The picture shows various models, suggesting her dream of becoming a model and a star.

11. The film gave the family a lot of close-up shots, taking her big eyes, but the eyes we saw were full of loneliness, not angry, so as to enrich the image of the girl who was aiding the child; After the death, the film took the lens away and turned it into a medium shot or even a distant view, as if trying a cold-eyed bystander.

12. Ding Zicong also has a very gentle heart under the cruel face. From the cat that often appears, he is taking care of the cat. What makes me feel very touched is that there is no such thing as a good or evil person in this movie. Everyone is a victim.

13. In addition to cats, earrings are also an important prop, mother's friend gave her mother, mother gave Jiamei, because it is expensive, it has to go back. Later, Jiamei bought a pair of money she had earned hard (a lot of change from the wallet, including coins), and smiled in the mirror Jiamei, showing how much she liked the earrings, but went to bed with Ding Zicong. At the time, she threw the pair of earrings on the ground. When a person wants to die, nothing can be lost.

14. In Huang Mao’s narrative, Ding Zicong is playing computer, which has laid the foundation for him to know Jiamei’s online knowledge. (The movie also mentioned that Jiamei’s mother spent more than 3,000 for Jiamei. computer).

15. Jiamei received the first customer (skinny, a little strange eyeglasses), and had sex with him. At this time, the camera became a hungry perspective of thin glasses, and Jiamei constantly hit the camera, and the eyes lacked. Elsewhere, she didn't like it in her heart, hoping to end it as soon as possible.

16. When Guo Fucheng went to prison to see Ding Zicong, he brought a magazine, "Wei Zhou", which reported the case of Jia Mei. The content of this was that Jia Mei’s stepfather revealed to the reporter of "Wei Zhou" in order to get the money.

17. When I knew that Huang Mao had sneaked into Murong (the girl who likes the rich) to go to the bathroom, he left the yellow donkey on the wall without saying anything. The neighbors came out to see it, and Ding Zicong took the beer bottle and slammed it. However, when Murong dissuaded and kissed him, he was comforted. It can be seen that Ding Zicong is a person who loves Murong and cares about Murong even if they know that they are not a person of the world.

18. When it comes to the word "world", in fact, the classification of people in the movie is very obvious. It is full of barriers. The girlfriend of Jiamei was hacked (free sex glasses), and my mother refused to let Mandarin say Mandarin. In the Hong Kong society, there are a lot of glasses in the film (or reflection), and the eyes that are full of distrust have explained this.

19. Jiamei will send a text message to Dad every time Manchester United loses, one is to congratulate Dad, the other is to report peace, the mobile phone she used should be Nokia 5300, Nokia 5300 is an arcade in 2008, classic king.

20. Jia Mei said that Cantonese is to integrate into Hong Kong. It is not what she wants. When she talked with Ding Zicong about QQ, she used Mandarin. We only show the easiest side when we get along with good friends, which shows that she is full of trust in Ding Zicong's chat (it is said that their chat content is real). They sucked and pity each other. It is not difficult to explain why they met for the first time. Jia Mei said that he wanted to die. Ding Zicong killed her.

In the 21 movies, the families of Jiamei, Ding Zicong and A sir are incomplete.

22. Ding Zicong had a shot of wearing a pair of slippers and lifting his foot after dismembering the home plum, suggesting the theme of "stepping blood".

23 When the police found the head of Mei in the water, there was a mage next to him; when the police chased the yellow hair and broke into the door, there was a worship in the corner like a land father. In fact, people in Hong Kong are more convinced of these things, or beliefs.

24. Ding Zicong cut his palm and masturbated in the car because he and Murong had sexual intercourse. Murong just benefited from the physiological period. He used this way to remember the past (I didn’t understand it for the first time. After seeing it for the second time, I was shocked. It was really stunned.)

25. Jiamei believes that the person who believes in suicide cannot be forgiven by the Lord to heaven, so he killed himself with his hands.

26. Behind the movie, Jia Li (Sister Mei's sister) has a child. I suddenly thought that if Jiamei didn't die, would she be like her sister: she was bullied and was in a cheap public housing. If there is a Hong Kong man who is willing to take over, anyone who can take it with her, the mother will be grateful for the same. I don't know if the director deliberately arranged, or I think too much, always feel that I am afraid.

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