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禧 禧 Raiders: pure 妃 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 珑 珑 珑


I still watched the Raiders. This time, my mother's drama is still good. The good thing is that although the protagonist's aura is strong, but the supporting roles are not too profiling, each character is vivid, and the selection is to force the show to make the show more frequent.

Among the many roles, I think the most worthwhile writing is pure. Pure life, as her title is "pure", purely can not find half of it. The purest love in the whole play, the purest hate, the purest hope, the purest confession, are all displayed on one person, and the controversy is multiplied, but they can't help but sigh a cute and pitiful.

She is a real famous woman, Fuchao Queen's girlfriend, has the unique warmth of Jiangnan women, superior posture, quiet and elegant posture, is modest, always smiles and appears, is proficient in medical science, full of economy, smart and extraordinary.

She grew up with a good education from a young age, and she smiled and couldn't tell the extravagance. In addition, although one of the four 妃 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 , 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 仿 仿 仿 仿 仿 仿 仿 位 仿

If it’s not a glance, it’s not a slap in the middle of the spring. It’s probably not the most favored in the harem, but with her intelligence, it must be the longest and stable one, her wisdom and chest. Absolutely not only limited to the palace, if it is a man, she will be the pillar of the temple, the character of the river and the river.

But the script made her fall in love with Fu Heng, even if she fell in love with it, but also because of the "good heart" of the prostitute, she mistakenly thought that Fu Heng had responded to himself. What is the bad setting? Even if you fall in love, the crush will fail to cry for a day or a good man, but the double arrow that he thinks is worthy of his calculations, and he guards a Fucha queen who wants to be a white lotus, and gives him a jade to give up the fight. Line, the result she came, you misunderstood.


Not only did not have the good memories of the first love, but also told her that all the previous efforts were wrong brains, and they were all worthless wishful thinking. Anyone standing in a purely ambiguous manner would surely collapse. How did the song sing? You have paid so much, but you have not felt it. Not only did I not feel it, but I didn’t know me at all.

Pure 妃: mmp!

Rather than being purely black, it is better to say that pure cockroaches are just the "enemies" that she thought of. After all, on the issue of noble and noble, pure jealousy has already demonstrated her style of play and rhythm, which is unexpected, meticulous and thorough, with one hit. On the slap in the face, she moved with emotion, made sense, and persevered. She was the younger than Wei, who was the one who sang black face and was a pawn behind the Queen. So arrogant and pure, doing the dirty things that are not pleasing, and using the heart of the world to go to the woman, but she is still doing what she is doing.

No one can think of her, but it is her.

If it is not squandered, let the fragile pure 妃 have a desire, pure 妃 should have been quick and calm after the wrath, and Fuchao White Lotus and Queens apportioned, and never play mahjong together, often accompanied Ancient Buddha blue light. But the script obviously does not want to let the unfortunate young woman of pure 这么 end up so quickly.

She has a desire, not the infatuated woman who has worked hard because of her unrequited love, but a poor man who is eager to accompany her blood. Purely, no matter when, she never put the holy shrine in her eyes. What she wants is, first, a child, and behind her is the place where her child can reach the emperor. Her hopes are so pure that I can't help but feel the Emperor's 30s. Except for the Fucha Queen, no one really loved him.

In the late period of pure sputum and Wei Jie’s fighting method has not yet been released, but in the spoiler, regretting the death of the emperor and the emperor’s pure cockroaches, squatting in front of the Queen’s tablet, said, “You will always be my queen.” At that time, pure You should be remorseful, but if you come back, she will still do what he wants. She is too pure, her world is black and white, and her hatred is clearly engraved in her heart.

The existence of pure cockroaches is not strong. In the early days, it was not as good as the grand opening of the golden finger Wei sister, the flying cockroach, the rich and colorful, and the late stage, but no one can ignore her existence, if Wei Jie is a The open line, lived and vivid in the scriptwriter's pen, is full of life, the pure 妃 is a dark line running through the front and back, love the wrong person, do the wrong thing but still hold the heart of their own color is not changed, pure and clear.

The weather is fine, the sun is slightly tilted, and the pink-blue dress she wears is light and faint. The expensive fan in her hand is raised and the smile is still gentle and harmless, like all the stories happen before.

Ah, then give yourself a wave of attention: Gong MeiiRATA 啥 Talk, pay attention to it, it’s raining, I’ll go home early 嗷嗷嗷