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How to compensate for traffic accidents


Don't panic after a traffic accident, the first thing to do is to report the case in time. The traffic police department shall determine the responsibility for the accident. Of course, in addition to reporting to the traffic management department, it is necessary to report the case to the insurance company in a timely manner. On the one hand, the insurance company knows that the insured person has a traffic accident, on the other hand, he can also consult the insurance company on how to handle and protect the scene. The insurance company will teach the rider how to ask the other party for the accident certificate.

What are the traffic accident compensation projects?

The traffic accident compensation project refers to the items included in the compensation for the victim caused by the perpetrator in the traffic accident, including medical expenses, lost time, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, food allowance during hospitalization, nutrition expenses, and appraisal fees. , disability compensation, disability aids, funeral expenses, dependents living expenses, death compensation, and mental damages.

How to compensate for traffic accidents?

The insurance company underwritten by the strong insurance shall compensate within the limit of the third party’s liability, and the excess department shall be compensated by the other party according to the responsibility. The insurance company and the other party are required to pay for medical expenses, lost time, hospitalization, hospitalization, and transportation.

After the identification of the disabled person who caused the disability, the compensation for disability compensation, the living expenses of the dependent person, and the compensation for mental damage shall be determined according to the disability level.

What should I do if the other party is not responsible for the traffic accident?

First of all, the traffic accident certificate issued by the public security traffic control department is the evidence for handling traffic accidents, and it is also the important evidence submitted by the parties to the court on civil damages.

Secondly, it can be sued, the infringer and the insurance company of the vehicle are listed as defendants, and the insurance company compensates within the scope of its insurance, and the insufficient infringer compensates.

So it depends on what kind of insurance on the other vehicle.

Once again, the legal fees will be paid by you first. You can ask the defendant to bear the responsibility in the prosecution. After the victory, the court will decide. If the evidence is conclusive, the defendant will not appear in court and may be absent.

What if there is no money for traffic accidents?

First of all, if the legal document is in force and the obligor does not enforce it, it can apply to the court for enforcement.

Second, if the person subject to execution has no property available for execution, the court may suspend execution and wait until the other party has the ability to execute and resume execution.

Third, for the refusal to enforce the court's ruling, there will be judicial detention or even suspicion of refusing to enforce the civil judgment document.

Fourth, don't worry, this situation is like a bad debt of a bank, but as long as he has the ability to work, he can be held accountable for his performance.

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