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Zhang Ruojun Tang Yizhen's low-key license: you will always meet the right person


All the unexpected encounters are destined, you will always meet the right person, either early or late, maybe at the next intersection, when you look up, you will see that he is standing in the sun, he is smiling at you, later It doesn't matter~

In this "fally autumn" August, the entertainment circle set off a wave of "breakups."

Ni Nijing’s sudden breakup opened a head, and later Qi Qingzi and Ji Lingchen also reached the end of love. The very low-key couple Ou Hao and Ma Sichun announced that they had parted ways. The unusually sweet Yang Zi and Qin Junjie also recovered in a blink of an eye. single.

Such a lively breakup season, can not help but fans feel: let me know how to love again!

Just as everyone was disappointed with love, a sweet and sultry stream of smog came out:

At about 10:30 on the evening of August 22, Zhang Ruoxi and Tang Yizhen were exposed to have a low-key license!

When the tide broke up in the previous period, the fans said:

As long as Zhang Ruoxi and Tang Yizhen are still together, I still believe in love.

Low-key but sweet, they are the last line of defense for everyone.

Now, this line of defense is not only reinforced, but also has a flowering effect. This pair of monks, standing at the end of this love run, tells us that this is the real way of "I love you."

Thinking of last year, also in August, at 2:22 on August 2, Zhang Ruoxuan sent a microblog and @唐艺昕, he said:

Time gives us lover who can't steal, and you give me time.

This big boy of the sun is really unwelcome when he talks about love, and Tang Yizhen also took the past and responded with one sentence:

"Times reciprocate, love you as ever."

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In a word, the encounter between Zhang Ruoxi and Tang Yizhen is also very dramatic.

On a rainy day, Zhang Ruoxi drove out of the gas station, and happened to meet Tang Yizhen, who was waiting for the red light at the intersection. The two cars smashed each other, and the red ropes of the two people were quietly tied at the moment.

In order to commemorate the first encounter of the arrogant arrangement, Zhang Ruoxi bought a traffic light sign and placed it at home carefully.

This is the starting point of their love, and for him, the meaning is extraordinary.

At that time, Tang Yizhen was also called Tang Ting. After she was with her lover, she took the initiative to change her name.

"Geisha", "If you are", the radicals are exactly the same, the romantic index is simply bursting!

Not only that, the couple's costumes, couple watches, couple accessories, couples' home decoration, various ways of show and love are endless, and even specialize in stabbing couple tattoos.

One is love you as love life, the other is love life as love you.

--"loving You like loving life".

The entertainment circle is complex and dark, but in their love, we only see bright and warm treasures.

In the memo, Zhang Ruoxuan carefully recorded the bitterness of Tang Yizhen, knowing that she loves to laugh, loves to eat cherries, and knows that she has a soft heart under her strong appearance.

Finally, he said to himself: Love her. Don't convince yourself.

How difficult is love, the world is not easy to be good, the clouds are easy to loose and fragile.

They know that there are countless lives in front of them, and they know that they are better off with their own worth than the rumors of hype, but they still firmly hold each other's hands.

Let us also believe that love may be late, but it will not be absent, you have to wait.

You will always meet the right person, know your hardships, understand your loss of feelings, and put away the thorns, just a warm and candid embrace for each other.

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