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Can I learn to treat a cold series 4: Cough caused by cold


Cough treatment is a bit of a hassle. It is because the beginning of the cold, the cough caused by lung problems has not been properly treated, resulting in accumulation of problems. Cough caused by other organs, the treatment of which is a disease, is not discussed in this article.

If there is a cough in the form, this situation often occurs in a person. Generally, prophylactic administration is given at the beginning of the certificate. For example, Guizhi Tang syndrome of Sun's syndrome, if Guizhi Decoction is accompanied by cough, it will thicken the two kinds of medicines of Park Almond.

Analysis of the problems caused by the lung cavity, in the early childhood, the general cold is sun disease and Yangming disease, Yangming disease is not discussed first, in the sun, most of the children are initially Guizhi Tang disease or Mahuang soup certificate. The reason why coughing is caused by mistreatment is already proven in many cases.

That is to say, Guizhi Tangzhen and Mahuang Tangzheng use anti-inflammatory drugs in the treatment, or cold medicine to suppress, when the symptoms of cold seem to disappear, and actually gradually penetrate into the lung cavity. After repeated mistreatments, the cold began to cough.

If the child is very small, it will not spit, and even if the cough is removed, the cockroaches inside will not be solved. At this time, if you are not afraid of cold, sweat, most of them belong to Xiaoqinglong Tang. That is, it is cold inside and outside.

For a slightly older child, if you can spit, you can distinguish the size of Qinglong soup by the color of the sputum and the presence or absence of bubbles.

The main feature of Daqinglong is the heat inside and outside, the so-called cold pack heat, because the heat inside will accompany the dry eyes, dry mouth and dry nose, and the distinction should not be too much obstacle.

It is worth noting that: Xiaoqinglong soup is a urine solution, Xiaoqinglong soup does not sweat, and the cold is solved by urinating, that is, the amount of Pinellia ternata should reach 25g or more. If there is sweat, people can't be imaginary, and imaginary means that the amount of Pinellia is too small. When the amount of Pinellia is reached, the urine will turn yellow. People do not have symptoms of fatigue.

Daqinglong needs to pay attention to gypsum. Gypsum should be made of raw gypsum. Gypsum is crystallized. This must be strictly required. In other words, you must not use plaster. And the amount of gypsum is much larger than the amount of ephedra. The amount of ephedra should be greater than the amount of cassia twig. In other words, it needs to be used strictly in accordance with the proportion of Zhongjing original. Can't be changed. This needs to be fully implemented.

Because gypsum can restrict the wicking power of ephedra, the amount of ephedra and gypsum should be enough, otherwise the heat and cold inside can not be removed. If the amount of gypsum is not enough to suppress the sweating power of ephedra, it will be sweating and dying.

In case of emergency, you can use Zhenwu soup to save.

Daqinglong soup must be used with caution.

The source of the above-mentioned size Qinglong soup, if suspected, this can be reversed, because the child's cough, after the size of the Qinglong soup is dissolved, the cold will become Guizhi Tang and Mahuang Tang, that is, The symptoms returned to the original situation.

At present, in the clinical, after the mistreatment of the symptoms, children have begun to appear Shaoyin, and there are less vaginal dysfunction, which is Zhenwu Tang disease, which needs to pay enough attention.

Sometimes coughing is a dry cough, which can be judged by the sound of coughing. It belongs to the ginkgo biloba soup.

The above analysis is only applicable to the initial cough caused by the cold. If it is an old problem, it is not enough to master these. That is to say, you should not learn this. If you encounter several cases, you will feel that you can It is impossible to save the world and save people. These are just some dialectic of symptoms. The situation of coughing is very complicated. If you encounter a dialectical feature that is vague, don't mess around yourself.

Qinglong is the meaning of ephedra in traditional Chinese medicine, and white tiger is the meaning of gypsum.