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Do you really read "people"?


I often tell you in class that the pronunciation of Japanese characters is generally divided into sound reading and training. In short, because sound reading is often a simulation of Chinese pronunciation, it is mostly used for Chinese vocabulary; The reading method is used in the vocabulary of the language. For example, the word "person" has two kinds of pronunciation: "じん, にん"; the reading is "ひと".

First of all, "じん, にん" is mainly used as a suffix, mainly to indicate a certain kind of person, but there are still some differences in the use of the two:

In addition, there are other words that contain "people". The pronunciation is different and the meaning is different. Please see the following table:

Listening to the teacher has said so much, do you think that it is not so easy to really understand "people", then move the small hands first to collect them, and when they don't, come out and review them. In time, you will read " People".

BY Ming Wang Taoist Research. Lolo

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