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How important is English 4-6? It is helpful for learning and looking for work in the future.


Recently, the English scores of the 4th and 6th grades will be announced one after another. Candidates may also have awkward psychology. The English 4th and 6th grade exams are held twice a year, respectively in June and December, so the chances of the English 4th and 6th grade exams are still A lot of.

At present, the requirements for English CET 4 are not so high in colleges and universities in China. In the past, the CET-4 was mandatory. If you can’t pass it, you won’t get a diploma. The Level 4 exam is no longer a mandatory exam. But the importance of the English CET-6 is self-evident.

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The four-level exam is relatively simple. In fact, many college students are actually naked exams, because the vocabulary of the fourth grade is not particularly large. The knowledge learned in high school can be passed smoothly, and the English test papers in high school are constantly being reformed. Its difficulty coefficient and question type are getting closer and closer to the four-level test. If your college entrance examination score is above 120, then the bare test level is basically no problem.
However, the difficulty factor of the sixth level is much larger than that of the fourth level. If you want to barely test the sixth level, it is almost a very difficult thing. We need to be fully prepared for the sixth level exam. The words and the brushing questions should not be less. At the same time, we must also pay attention to listening training. Many candidates are unaware of the listening experience. When the response comes, the hearing has passed most of the time. Listening accounts for a large proportion of the whole test, so we must pay attention to listening training. The hearing difficulty of the CET-6 is quite large, and we need to be fully prepared.

Many people are thinking, why do we pass the English 4-6? When the 4th and 6th grades are not mandatory, why are there so many people signing up? This highlights the importance of the 4th and 6th grades, especially the Level 6 exam. Now we have higher requirements for ourselves. We not only want a bachelor's degree, but also want to continue our studies. Then we are involved in postgraduate study. We all know that even if you have high grades in the postgraduate entrance examination, you will most likely be retested. Brush it down, then you don't have an English Certificate 6 may be one of the reasons you are brushed down.
The major postgraduate colleges and universities have high requirements for English 4-6, and the English CET-6 has become a plus item for postgraduate entrance examinations. Therefore, if you want to reduce the obstacles for your future postgraduate entrance examination, English Level 6 is an exam that you must pass.

In today's society, it is becoming more and more open and diversified, and the family's economic conditions are constantly improving. Therefore, many families will send their children to study abroad. IELTS and TOEFL are required to be tested. When we go abroad, we will find that English is A very important subject, if you have poor English, you may not be able to communicate with others. The popularity of English in the world is very high. The passage of English 4-6 will improve your English and improve your English. Your social skills.
We may hear such a news that China’s college entrance examination will soon face reforms, increase the proportion of language, and increase the total score of the language to 180 points, but reduce the English share and reduce the total score of English. I personally think this The initiative is not quite correct. Although language is the product of our localization, reducing the proportion of English is totally inconsistent with the trend of social development.

When we apply, recruiters also value our English, because most of the companies are cross-regional. Many companies cooperate with foreign companies. If your English level is not up to date, you will deal with them later. Business is very troublesome, so the English CET-6 is also a measure of whether you are accepted. Therefore, the English CET-6 is not only a measure of your academic standards, but also a criterion for your future entry.

During college, we will have a lot of free time. I personally think that it is a waste of time to do things that are not important. It is better to use time to enrich myself and get some certificates. This is also paving the way for your future. There are a lot of classmates who will take several exams. In fact, we only need to use the time of the game to brush the questions and recite the words. The 4-6 exams are not as difficult as we think.

The importance of the English CET-6 has become obvious. What we need to do is to study hard at the university and pass the English CET-6, so that I can thank myself for my efforts now.