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What are the attitudes of the princes in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period?


The first thing to know is how the Jin State was in the Spring and Autumn Period. In the nearly three hundred years of the Spring and Autumn Period, the main goal of the struggle between the major powers was to dominate, let other countries call themselves a boss, Qi Yigong was the first to do it, followed by Jin Wengong. Since the Jin Dynasty was dominated by Jin Wengong, in the next two hundred years, the main line of the Spring and Autumn hegemony is basically the hegemony of Jin and other countries.

History of the Jin Dynasty

After Jin Wengong took the post, he defeated Chu to dominate. After Jin Wengong’s death, Qin Mugong was defeated twice by Jin Guo. The third time he finally played the game, but he also understood Qin Guo at this time. Far from the distance, immediately turned around to conquer the West, and became the hegemon of Xiqiao, Qin State has also been suppressed by the Jin State.

The Chu State has always had a comeback with the Jin State. However, after the two countries have been fighting for hegemony for a long time, there will be two squadrons, and the two countries will share the hegemony. Four years after the first squadron, the two countries broke out in the Battle of Fuling in the Jin and Chu dynasties. The Chu State defeated and the Jin State triumphed. However, the Jin State soon fell into civil strife, and the two countries continued to get into trouble. The Jin State soon forced it. The Chu State carried out the second military squad, and the two countries basically had nothing to do with each other.

After the death of Qi Gonggong, Qi State has been in chaos. When he was in public, he was humiliated as a doctor in Jin State. Later, he was caught by the doctor and was almost caught. After that, Qi State became the younger brother of Jin State, just like Like the United States in the United States, a former overlord listened to the current hegemon. In the period of Qi Jinggong, Qi Guoguo gradually developed and felt that he could compete with Jin Guo. Qi Guo also wooed a group of younger brothers around his own. At this time, the Jin Dynasty was not as good as before. Jin’s domestic politics was divided into six families. Control, respectively, "Zhao, Wei, Han, Zhi, Fan, BOC" six, of which "Fan, Zhongxing" two joint Zhao Jiayi a small number of people besieged Zhao Jiajia Zhao Zhaozi, Zhao Jianzi and Wei Hanfan attack Fan, BOC, Fan The Bank of China asked Qi Jinggong for help. This was a taboo. The six belonged to the infighting. The joint Qi Jinggong was serious. The result was that Fan and the Bank of China were destroyed. Qi Jinggong hoped to interfere in Jin’s internal affairs and further reduce the Jin State. The plot was not realized, and it passed away soon. After that, the Qi State Government was gradually controlled by the Tian family.

Three branches

The three branches were not created in one fell swoop. After the three defeated the Wisdom, they divided the land of the Wisdom, but they did not ruin the Jin State Office. The Jin State still existed, just as it was still the Zhou Dynasty, but the various princes did not listen to the Zhou royal family.

At that time, the international pattern was a super-strong, and other princes in the Jin Dynasty were of course willing to see it. However, it is still very important for Zhao Weihan to seal the princes. If the three officially sealed, it means that Zhou Li’s collapse completely. A genus can replace the main lord. At that time, the basics of the qualifications were Qin Chuqi and the Three Kingdoms. Among the three, Qin Guo had been defeated by Wei (not yet became Wei Guo) and the entire Qin State was suppressed. The internal chaos of Chu was not necessary to offend the powerful. Zhao Weihan three families; As for Qi Guo, Qi Kanggong was taken to the Zhou royal family by the three family members. Qi Kanggong asked the Zhou royal family to seal the three for the princes to be released. Soon Qi Guotian and his class will be replaced by Qi Kanggong. Too public. This kind of strength does not speak, other small countries have Qi Guoqi Kanggong example, who dares to say no.

In 403 BC, the three officially requested the Zhou royal family to be enshrined. Zhou Kao Lie Wang could not oppose it. He could only authorize three of them as princes. Jin Guo, like the Soviet Union decades ago, officially collapsed into three countries. From then on. Officially begin.