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Yantai Long Island Travel Guide


Traveling, eating well, playing well is the most important thing; as a student party, the second is to save money.

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1. A place worth visiting

The most worthwhile thing to visit is Wan Bird Island. You don't have to buy tickets, but you have to buy a ticket, usually 160-180 yuan, and the holiday will exchange tickets to raise prices. We went to the day before the Dragon Boat Festival. As a result, there were too few people on the day. Some cloudy days, the official did not sail on the grounds of the sea fog, and the second day of the Dragon Boat Festival was on the 16th, using the tickets for the holidays. Tickets must be increased by 40 yuan per person (the previous day's suspension may be related to this). Before going to Wan Bird Island, be sure to buy more ham sausages. There will be a lot of seagulls to follow along the way. Don't buy instant noodles, don't let them feed. When the temperature is around 25 °C, you need to bring a jacket, the sea breeze is very cool.

If you buy a full ticket for the North-South line (including: Lushan Linhai, Jiuzhang Cliff, Moon Bay, Xianjingyuan), it is recommended to go to Lushan Linhai first, the distance is shorter, do not need to take a sightseeing bus. Walk down the entrance, past the bay and glass trestle, then up the hill, overlooking the trestle. Finally, when you get to the boundary between the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, you can see that the colors of the sea water on both sides of the boundary line are inconsistent. The scenery seen in the foggy days is a different kind of beauty. Then there is Jiuzhang Cliff and Moon Bay. The Moon Bay is not a fine sand, but a stone beach formed by very round small pebbles. These small stones are really beautiful, and they can't lift their heads by the sea. But these stones are not allowed, although they will not be taken care of.

2. Eat

For seafood, it is recommended to go to the seafood market to buy fresh seafood and then go to the nearby seafood processing area. If you love a certain kind of food, you can buy more, because the processing is charged according to the type. If a seafood is steamed, it is ten yuan, fried or fried for about 20 yuan. If it is a particularly cheap seafood, don't buy it yourself, just go to the restaurant. Going to the seafood market early, it’s late to leave the rest of the rest. The seafood market can also bargain, the cheaper five dollars a pound can talk about ten dollars and three pounds. If you are not used to local water, you can go to the supermarket to buy a large barrel of mineral water.

3. Live

Book a fisherman in advance, preferably in the South Island, especially near Long Island Harbor. The traffic is convenient and the supermarket is also close.

4. OK

If there are 3 or 4 people, it is recommended to charter. The chartered car in the whole line is about 180 yuan. If it is two people, you can drop it, which is very convenient.

There is also the need to do a good job of sun protection. It seems that the sun is not strong, but it is easy to get sunburned. Look at the red instep of my morning, I am sad _ ≦

It is best to wear sneakers. The terrain of Long Island is very ups and downs, and wearing sandals or slippers can be very tiring.