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There is nothing more exciting in this world than God's perspective.


Quote the words of the industry's predecessors

"If some people are interested in safety, then they are always on the verge, they have no action at all, just like to tag themselves in the community. Then use a label to pull groups to find people who are equally interested, everyone together It’s like a dry safety study. It seems that the process of safe research is solved. The heart is full of pleasure. It seems to have strength in the face of your incompetence. When you sleep, you will find another person to blow a new cow tomorrow. ”

First of all, spurring yourself, not the safety circle is impetuous, but it is impetuous, so it will be felt that the circle is impetuous. If you can't change the environment, change yourself first.

The text begins.

Presumably, most people who engage in hacking want to have a God perspective and pursue freedom. You can easily access anyone’s computer, website, or social circle. This God mode is really exciting. Another God mode is the perspective of rich and powerful people.

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