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How to write a good title in soft paper promotion?


The soft-text publishing platform Ba Pingshe knows that there is no limitless dry goods in the network marketing circle, but there are unlimited soft texts. Whether you agree with this or not, it is true. Some people may ask, why is her soft text not dry, but attractive? Although her soft paper did not dry, she used the soft title to successfully "routine" the reader.

Some senior people will say that a soft paper without dry goods is not a good soft paper. It is a failure. It can only get a lot of reading from readers because the soft title is good. But for marketers, having a pageview doesn't mean marketing.

The soft title is able to bring traffic to this soft article, but it can't make your product sell out, nor can it achieve the effect of corporate promotion. Only the soft text of dry goods can be regarded as a real soft text. Of course, the soft-text publishing platform Ba Pingshe believes that it is difficult to achieve marketing goals without a soft-text title. In fact, the first step in the success of soft-text marketing is extremely critical. So how do you create a soft title? Next, Xiaobian leads everyone to find out!

(1) Making rhymes

Many slogans are about rhyming and symmetry. Soft title can also be used to create this kind of technique. Usually this type is the title of the slogan, and it will catch up when you read it. It is extremely easy to see the soft text in the title. For example, a cosmetic promotion "趁早' spot", do not 'pox' stay."

(2) provoke a sense of oppression

Many major events, as long as they are not related to people's livelihood issues, even if they are in front of ordinary people, they will not be very concerned and will only rush through. The same is true for readers. As long as they have nothing to do with them, they can't inspire curiosity. They won't see them. Therefore, the author should create a sense of oppression when writing soft title. For example, "Central Document No. 1 leaked, with you off, after reading the second!

(3) Moderate exaggeration

Based on the factual situation, the soft-text publishing platform Ba Pingshe believes that moderate exaggeration is acceptable. The author can write a soft text from a certain point of view, and insert a moderately exaggerated modifier in the soft title to make the title appear in front of the reader. Usually such exaggerated words have "over 10,000, 100%, tens of thousands, explosions, madness, first, amazing, tens of thousands, earning."

For example: "After genius 90, the first time learning stocks has already earned!

"100% of people don't know that the car can be used to extend its service life."

(4) Creating an atmosphere of intimidation

Such soft-text titles are often used in the soft-text propaganda of health foods and health products, in order to create an atmosphere that draws the attention of readers. If there is a target customer among the readers, after seeing the title, it will inevitably lead to resonance to complete reading. The author can edit the soft text in a threatening tone at the beginning, and then change to a statement of facts. An example can be given to give the reader a sense of crisis.

For example: "Before the original breast cancer, there will be such a sign!

"Doing these things often after eating, will you get diabetes?"

These are the creative methods of soft title, I hope to help everyone. The soft text title is the soft eye of the text, which can guide the direction of its development and attract the reader's eye. Therefore, the soft-text publishing platform Ba Pingshe believes that the consideration of soft-text titles is also extremely important. Well, Xiao Bian first summed it up for everyone, and the next issue will bring more exciting content for everyone.

The finals are coming!

Qianjiang Evening News reporter Cao Linbo

Because Zhejiang Guangsha, 19:18 became the hot spot of the city in Hangzhou yesterday. Like the tie-breaking game in the semi-finals, the first game of the finals on Sunday night, the home of the Guangsha home game against Liaoning, also set the invoice time for online ticketing at 19:18.

At 19:18 last night, the tickets for the first game of the finals were put on the barley network on time. The situation, as reported by the reporter, is basically not calculated in minutes. In the first minute, all tickets were robbed.

At 19:18 last night, there were countless fans who stood in front of the computer and watched for a ticket. Since Guangsha reached the semi-finals, Guangsha tickets have been hard to find.

From the end of the tie-breaking whistle, the fans for the first time Guangsha entered the finals carnival, there are many fans began to care about when the finals tickets will be sold.

On the afternoon of the 13th, Zhejiang Guangsha Men's Basketball Club announced the first time of the finals in the finals through the official Weibo – 19:18 on the 13th. All fans are starting to wait.

If it is said that the opponents of Liaoning fans are lined up at the ticket office, and Guangsha fans want to grab tickets, in addition to speeding up, fighting fast, spelling IQ, but also to pinpoint character.

Many fans began to ask for the Raiders before the ticket was invoiced. Fans who had experienced brutal robbing and killing had accumulated a history of blood and tears. They warned that they must lose the ID number in advance, and then copy and paste directly, or lose an identity. The time of the license number can directly let you get rid of the first round, and the payment page will not be able to adhere.

There are also fans reminding not to stare at the lowest level of 180 yuan, too many competitors. Don't hesitate to choose a seat. After all, it is important to enter the game. The seat is no longer important.

In the last game of the Seventh, the ticket was sold out within 3 minutes, and there was no mourning in the circle of friends. Before this invoicing, many people began to speculate that the finals must be broken. Sure enough, in 1 minute, the seat page is already gray. The circle of friends continues to mourn, and the tragic degree of the spike is comparable to the "double eleven."

"There have been three consecutive failures, and my heart hurts." "This time it’s hard to stick to the payment link, but the ending is still the same." "The time to lose an ID card is a century."

An old reporter of the Qianbao Sports Department also made an experience with the posture of the father and son, but unfortunately fell short. At the beginning, Lao Ji deeply felt that his efforts to cultivate his son's sports enthusiasm in the past few years were not in vain. In the face of the first invoice, the primary school students are eager to try, relying on the advantages of the mobile phone to become more familiar with the advantages of the mobile phone, and come forward to do the ticket-selling trader, help the father to download the good barley network in advance, the WeChat login is completed, copy the ID number, and the countdown to zero Start to grab the ticket. When the children said with a happy tone, they already bought the ticket, "Dad, eleven rows, 560 yuan, you pay!" The reporter could not help but have some doubts, "Are you sure, bought it? You paste the ID card. No.? Sure enough, the children started from the experience of buying train tickets, thinking that as long as the payment is completed in the shortest time, the ticket is already in the bag. When the two men grabbed the ID number and prepared to pay, the precious 30 seconds had passed, and the seat had just disappeared and it was paid into a castle in the air. An empty joy, the whole process is experienced in two minutes. It is a bit embarrassing.

If it weren’t for the fans who had grabbed the tickets, everyone had the illusion that the barley net was empty. In a complaint, it is hard to see a few winners who have won the ticket. Fan Xin was lucky to grab two. "I grabbed two of my girlfriends together, guarded the computer 5 minutes in advance, grabbed different price points, and then set the contact information in advance to open the secret payment."

Cheng Xin, who had robbed the Spring Festival train ticket and the Jay Chou concert at Hangzhou Station, felt that it was difficult to grab the Guangsha ticket: "There are too few seats." But he still praised Guangsha, who did not raise the price in the finals.

The Hangzhou Gymnasium, the home of Zhejiang Guangsha, can only accommodate 5,000 people, while the Liaoning Gymnasium, which is home to the Liaoning Men's Basketball Team, can accommodate 12,000 people. Guangsha has inspired the sports enthusiasm that Hangzhou has not seen for many years with its historical achievements. When the enthusiasm continues to rise, many fans are also looking forward to a larger capacity stadium.