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The fourth chapter of the other shore is urgently forced to land


The intestines of the sound are remorseful.

I should not sleep this break!

Now she is manipulating the spacecraft manually and gnashing her teeth, keeping the whole body solution in a safe range from the angle of the spacecraft. In this extreme case, it is natural not to use the mind control loop. Otherwise, if you open a small gap, you will even ship the ship to the atmosphere of the planet where you don't know where it came from.

In theory, people's feelings of time in the state of reaching the speed of light will also change, and a year and a half of the speed of light sailing is just an instant for the people on the spacecraft. However, under actual circumstances, this moment will have a huge side to the driver. Generally speaking, it is dizziness and vomiting. It will cause irreversible damage to the brain. There are even cases of direct death, so the pilot travels at the speed of light. Usually, I still have a good night's sleep for the sake of safety. Anyway, I feel like I have a nap. Just take a break.

The sound is originally belonged to [...]

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