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A history of healing

At first, I thought it was a corn eye, there was an induration, and it didn't hurt. I was walking in the hospital for a day and night. I started to feel pain. When I pressed it, it hurts. I bought a corn-eye sticker and I didn’t see the effect. I checked the textbook myself. It was found that it was awkward, and it was not certain. I was hung in the internship hospital. The doctor said that it was awkward. I said that I had more sputum, I had to do surgery, and I had more than a thousand dollars. I was paralyzed at the time, a small intern. , no wages, but also rely on parents, but do not want to give parents too much burden, they chose conservative treatment, Chinese medicine foot bath method

This is the 疣 on my two feet.
Go to the hospital and spend 190 pieces of Chinese medicine soaking feet.

Look after the feet
After drying, cut off the excess skin with a surgical blade
The residue of the hospital medicine is taken out of the carcass and sleeps for one night.
After doing this, it is like this, there is still a bleeding point in the middle.

I accidentally found that the medicine used by the patient and the medicine I opened in the hospital tasted the same. I asked the teacher and also consulted the relevant papers online. I learned that using 30% glacial acetic acid and gold in bulk, the effect is fast, in Jingdong. Bought, tens of dollars

After peeling for two days, I found that the corrosiveness was so strong that I didn’t apply the medicine for half a month and I was recovering my skin.

After the skin is restored, the body is covered. With the last lesson, how much the drug pack is, the skin is not corroded, repeating it to the present, it is not painful, and it is not indurated.