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Written at the time of the chain


Let’s start with a few announcements. The first is the announcement of Thunder.

Since January 31, Chain is only allowed to be used in application services provided by Thunder and Thunder partners, and no transfer function between users is provided.

Under the panic of the speculators and the looting of the big families, the chain slammed down sharply, and countless small flesh. The problem now is that it is already so low. Do you really feel the need to cut meat? !

We all know that the early Thunder has implemented real-name certification and crackdown transactions, and the chain has also hit from 10 yuan to less than 5 yuan. Now this second wave of blows, the chain is advancing toward the oversold state, in the chain trading volume of the largest trading online, yesterday's lowest to reach 2.2 or so.

Now let's calm down and read the announcement of Thunder carefully!

“The chain is only allowed to be used in application services provided by Thunder and Thunder partners, and no retransmission between users is provided. ” What does this mean?

Does this mean that all new chains in the entire mainland are locked! These chains must pass through the Thunder and its partners.

We know that only 160 million are dug up now, less than 13% of the total amount, and several times the current amount of chain grams have not been born, they are all locked. What does this mean?

In the stock market, we know that the release of shares locked by shareholders of listed companies will lead to continued pressure on stock prices. The lock-in of listed company shareholders or the purchase of their own stock locks is a common means of maintaining their stock prices.

Therefore, the rapid decline of the circulation plate should be accompanied by the rise of the price of the chain. The reality is that under the tightening of national policies, the rendering of large households, and the fact that the trading plates are not large, it is easy to cause a big drop. And is this process providing the best opportunities for big players? Because, after the 31st of January, the newly born chain can not be transferred, can not buy, you must absorb the chain that has escaped to the international market, the smart chain may be more difficult to suck.

In order to understand the game situation of the chain, we have to see how its competitors do it. As the second institution named by the Mujin Association, Yunfan also has a CDN license to see how he responds.

We looked at his announcement carefully and seemed to be completely following Thunder, but there was a way out! On January 31, the official website transfer function was closed. Why is it just to turn off the official website transfer function, and can not directly close the transfer function between domestic users like Thunder. It turns out that Yunfan has adopted a complete decentralization technology, which means that he has no ability to turn off the transfer function. Only the newly-created "flow ore" can be closed and it will not be transferred from the official website. This can also play a role in locking the future currency. The "flow ore" that Yunfan had already born had to stay in the world and was transferred to everyone.

Look at another giant competitor, just returned to the A shares of 360. This is the real fear of Thunder! Only the project has just started, just in the tightening of the policy, and the Thunder, which seems to kill thousands of self-destruction, has to issue an announcement, and does not open up the personal drilling function of mainland users.

360 now clearly mentioned that to bring the project into the international market, Yunfan has also declared that it will start the international pace, and Thunder has already been at the forefront, and has made great publicity at the US ces show, and Hong Kong's first launch was second. The future battlefield has already reached the international market. This is no longer the imaginary token competition of pediatrics, but enters the competition stage of the entity listed companies, and the battlefield is obviously easy to see overseas!

Yunfan can't close the transfer function, and has a natural advantage overseas. It is easy to speculate on high prices. And Thunder can not give their first-mover advantage to others, but also has a strong ability to fight 360 in the back. In order to compete, the transfer function of the Thunder International Edition chain is bound to be closed.

Considering the volume and first-mover advantage that Thunder already has, its fast-growing player cloud and halving the output chain every year, the difficulty of obtaining is greatly increased. Now, on average, there are less than 2 per day, and it is only 3 days per day. 6 yuan, taking into account the higher level of foreign wages, the attractiveness of 6 yuan can only be said to be normal, but if Thunder is used to do 6 yuan a day abroad, it is clear that the market will be lost. Because the competitor 360 has not yet started, his base is small, and the average person is divided into dozens of coins. The huge price difference will lead everyone to choose 360. As the major shareholder of Thunder, will Xiaomi be willing? Xiaomi has always been ambitious, and it wants to go public!

More likely, I don't dare to say that I can only say that if I am Thunder, I will do this! Take the opportunity to lock all the domestic chain grams! In this case, there are a number of huge benefits. First, the plate is very light, and it is easy to continue to lead the competition. Second, the huge amount of non-circulating chain in the future of the domestic backlog, the ecological enterprise will definitely be jealous, so You can quickly attract the head eco-enterprise to come in without any cost, and create a thunderstorm ecology in your dreams! This is also the style that Xiaomi is used to, and it is a big ecology! After all, building a solid ecological moat is the foundation for Thunder to maintain a competitive advantage! So if I am Thunder, I will not hesitate to cooperate with the national policy to combat domestic transfers.

Another point is that from the perspective of actual speculation, the big players are sucking up in this wave of decline, and the chips are concentrated. After the smashing, the future will be very easy.

After analysis, there are several official websites attached to facilitate the attention of the official news:

Thunder game

Yunfan Flow Ore Official

360 shared cloud routing official website

Yesterday, the number of new units was 70,000. The situation of Thunder is really fierce!

Finally, add a sentence, purely personal opinion, investment is risky, need to be cautious when entering the market!

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