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I want such a place to live the life I yearn for... What about you?


From tomorrow, be a happy person to
feed horses, chop firewood, travel around the world

From tomorrow, care about food and vegetables

I have a house facing the sea and blossoming in spring.

From tomorrow, communicate with every loved one

Tell them my happiness

That happy lightning told me

I will tell everyone

Give each mountain a warm name for each mountain

Stranger, I also bless you

May you have a bright future

May you have a lover to become a genus

May you be happy in the world

I only want to face the sea, spring blossoms

- Haizi

Living in this cement jungle every day, I wonder if you are longing for a world beyond this intercity line. There are no complicated work, no traffic jams in the morning and evening peaks, no pressure, only "seeing the mountains under the daisy, and seeing Nanshan leisurely." Breathe the natural air, look for inner voices, and live a life that is very different from the city. At first thought, the country is a paradise for fairy tales. It faded the glitz of the city and washed away the mundane world.

A pool of clear water, crystal clear bottom; fish in the water, wear a handsome. The cottages and the blue smoke are in harmony; the tall trees and the low-lying willows are in a prosperous position; the green grass is blooming, the flowers are blooming, and the butterflies are flying; everything in this place is thrown into the embrace of the river. Standing in the field and looking back, I suddenly found that behind the high-rise buildings, the bustling, and replaced by the ancient small stone bridge, the farmland and the cottage inlaid. Picking fruit on the tree, picking vegetables in the field, cooking with fire, and using the work of the day for three meals a day. The purpose of life seems to be for a meal, how pure, life without desire.

The summer in the country is not as hot as in the city. The old people sat leisurely on the rocking chair under the vines and shook the puffs; the children ran around the big trees, sweating and sweating; the women sat together and pulled a few common words, saying no end. . On a quiet summer night, singing and singing songs, the wind blew through the trees and made a "sand..." sound. The river lowered the tone and gently accompanied Qin, forming a squeaky lullaby. I sat there after dinner, you didn't talk, I didn't talk, just sat in the daze, watching the night sky, blowing the evening breeze, only this picture made me want to keep setting.

I need a piece of land, a little further, and I can do whatever I want. To be precise, I want an outdoor venue for my friends, where people don't have to worry about work, but need to work closely together and hone their new craft. I want a place like this, living the life I yearn for...

Changsheng Yifeng·Pingyao Family Wine, I wish to be with you every night.

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