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Thermodynamic solution Chinese medicine (1) yin and yang essence


This series first self-evaluates, only to understand some basic concepts in Chinese medicine from the perspective of thermodynamics, can help understanding, can not replace the theory of Chinese medicine.

0, not much nonsense, let us begin to explore the nature of the world together. (Okay, I am actually speaking alone)
1. The world is material.
The tiny components that make up the matter are all moving and energetic.
Unless the temperature of this substance has reached -273.15 ° C, it is absolute zero. (The third law of thermodynamics: absolute zero can not be reached)
2, the answer comes out, the world is composed of matter and energy.
It has been proved in the second sentence that there must be energy in the matter. Does the energy contain substances?

3, so the essence of yin and yang theory is: yin is matter, yang is energy. Everything is not yin and yang.
"Su Wen": Yang gas, yin formation. That's what I mean.

4, we will look at what is said in "Lingshu": Yin and Yang are also the same name.
Let us look at the "moral" in how to say: all things negative yin and embrace yang, red gas that and.
What do you mean?
5, yin is yang, yang is yin.
6, yin and yang are not separated.
7. What is qi?
Gas is energy , energy is in circulation, so it is said that "the gas is thought to be harmonious."

8. Matter is visible and energy is often invisible. (Many people only recognize what they can see, so they are all ordinary people.)
9. The first article written by the Three Commanders of the Taoist Secrets of the Yellow Emperor of the Yellow Emperor: Yes, see you, Yin also. Not seen, Yang also.

10, if you can notice this change in energy, you can feel the change of this energy, then congratulations, is a good material to learn metaphysics.

I have already said clearly in the classics. The so-called Taoist secrets are also a meaning. The sages are afraid to write too simple. There are no followers, so seeing, seeing, seeing, seeing, seeing, seeing, seeing a lot, let ordinary people read it like a book of heaven, and the reader of the wise is clearly aware of it.
Ok, so much today.