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What kind of bag does the man have to look at?


When it comes to bags, many people think that it is a woman's patent. Men don't be crazy about women. Indeed, men and women are different. Generally speaking, they can take less and bring less. Most of them are mobile phones, wallets, and keys. But as a student who is in the lush years or an office worker who is new to the workplace, books and The computer is just what we need. Not only that, but the package is no longer just a representation of urban commuter supplies, but also an important symbol of your pursuit of quality life.

But Xiao Bian has seen the most packages in his life...

Black shoulder computer bag dominates the world!

The crepe on the road seems to be formatted! It seems to be the feeling of carrying this bag for a lifetime! I can hit the bag everywhere, I really think about it! Is there a girlfriend who is not afraid of being rejected by your girlfriend?

Oh, it seems that I have to rely on Xiaobian to save you! Today, I am launching several bags of high-value, high-value bags for everyone from Amway's luggage brand KNOMO in London. Absolutely tasteful, definitely not hit the bag! (Before you have a look, please throw your Swiss army knife bag a little farther~)

KNOMO's qualifications in the luggage industry are not old. It was founded in London in 2004, but now it is a local luggage brand that gentlemen's British people love. In addition to fashion and practicality, it is also known for covering Apple's full range of products, and the sales under the Apple Store line are good. In the UK, one out of every seven people uses KNOMO bags or iPad cases.

Former London Mayor Boris Johnson and Kate Princess's sister Pippa Middleton are all loyal fans, both of whom have been photographed many times with KNOMO bags to go to work or go out.

Since the KNOMO package is so powerful, what styles do we recommend today? Everyone looks down~

KNOMO Falmouth Backpack

The first recommendation is this retro buckle shoulder bag ~ coated cotton canvas and natural leather material, large capacity can accommodate 15 inch laptop, and the collocation is very strong, Xiaobian specially created for you the most suitable match - British street style!

Keke, straight male cancer patients, please put the above picture in the phone

Plaid shirts, vintage sports jackets and slim-washing denim pants have a strong British retro feel, and are worn with skateboard shoes, earphones and other accessories, reflecting the vitality of young people, elegant and rebellious. The combination of hippie spirit and Falmouth backpack is perfect!

KNOMO Troon shoulder bag

In addition to the shoulder bag, the most indispensable package for boys is the messenger bag. The Troon has the same design as Falmouth and can accommodate a 13-inch computer. The most important thing is that it is more flexible than the shoulder bag in the styling, which can let you get rid of the "primary school" image of others!

Focus on the key points!

Since it is a messenger bag, of course, it must be handsome with a dead fly styling! (It doesn't matter if you only share a bicycle.) Artificially worn denim jackets and patterned T-shirts, with the ultra-popular old-fashioned hats, low-top shoes and high-top socks. If you are bold enough, you can also plunge your trousers. In the socks, it is absolutely minute to attract the eyes of passers-by, no matter in the company or school, there are countless rings!

KNOMO Shoreditch Knomad

Multifunctional tablet storage bag

Telling the truth, sometimes boys go out really can't bring too many things, can't use big backpacks, but the messy little things are all stuffed into the trouser pockets. It's really inappropriate. Look at those "hard" in the pants, you really don't Feel spicy eyes! At this time, a small clutch is very useful. This Knomad multi-function tablet storage bag can be used to partition your mobile phone, keys, tablets, pens, various charging lines, change and bank cards, etc. It is small and uncomfortable. The most important thing is to have a B-box in your hand. Whether you are going to date with a sister or a meeting with a leader will make the other person look at you with a taste!

High-necked shirts, Chelsea boots and other formal occasions can make you look mature and have a strong city, while the bright color items are always young, with Knomad and sunglasses. If you appear at the airport, you may be considered Which idol star is catching the plane, let you install B~ in a low-key manner

The British have always been known for their picky and good taste. They don't need to consider those luxury bags that cost tens of thousands of yuan. The above KNOMO bags are no more than 800 yuan, which may be a good choice for the taste of science and engineering. It’s time to say Bye Bye with the black and ugly ugly backpack style!