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Prodigal Emotional Education: What do girls do if they like you?


What do sisters need most?

Of course, I know that my sister has no interest in myself.

If the sister is not interested in you, your goodness and concern will become a slap in the face.
If the sister is not interested in you, your persistence and specificity will be regarded as stalking by her.
If the sister is not interested in you, you just want to pull the little hand but get a slap.
If the sister is interested in you, you can't see it, and you are disheartened to leave. Not only is it a waste of her heart, but you can only continue to be a single dog.

I can't see that my sister has no interest in myself. The boys can either be a good man who can't give a kiss to a man or a woman, or just be a "death metamorphosis" that harasses girls. In short, you control more sister skills. Keep your eyes on the air.

As long as you are chatting with the sister, she has these reactions, then your sister skills play on her! She will reply you very happily

When you see someone you like, people will feel happy. This should be the emotion shared by all. When a girl likes you, even through the Internet, you can feel her pleasure from the news she sent.

This kind of pleasure is realized in the lines between words, and can be seen from her tone of speech and the value contained in the reply to your statement.

For example:
You: The weather is really good today.
She: Haha, yes, do you have to go out to play?
You: Where are you going to play today?
She: I want to go to the flower market with my girlfriend. If you have time, come together.

When she replies to you, she will use as many modal particles as possible to make you sound more comfortable and add some replies that are not related to what you said.

What is irrelevant reply?

For example, you said that the weather is really good today. If she only responds to you with a "right", then her words are completely close to the question, and there is no redundant reply. This kind of question you ask me, follow-up reply, most people in the relationship are talking like this when chatting.

But you said that the weather is good, she asked if you have gone out to play, you asked her where she is going to play, she told you to be free, her reply has some parts of the question you asked, this is irrelevant.

For a girl who likes you, when you talk to her, she will feel very good. If she is in a good mood, she will naturally become more, so she will often throw it after following your topic. Some topics, so that you can talk to you more , even taking the initiative to invite you like the example 2 is also very common.

Quick response

If the girl is interested in you, she will not deliberately delay the time to reply to you. As long as I see the news, I will basically return you in a few minutes (unless she is a female middle-aged driver who is proficient in man psychology). Because girls generally take the initiative to find boys to chat, so when the little brother who likes to chat with her, she is not willing to miss the opportunity, so as long as you find her chat, she will reply you soon.

If the girl never returns to you in seconds, don't think that this is her meaning to you. After the girl receives the news, she does not want the boy to feel that she is very anxious. Second, she needs to carefully consider the words, so even if she sees the news. Most of the time, I will only reply to you after a few minutes.

Even if I return to you for a long time, she will definitely explain why.

For example, if you take her to Judy, I will send a message at noon the next day to ask her: "Is it fun to play last night?" After the result was sent, I waited for a long time and did not reply. Some boys may have a sigh of relief. It’s not right where I did it. The sister lost interest in herself.

Don't worry, as long as she replies to you, it is safe to say why you are back so late.

"I didn't get up to see the news when I slept until now."

"Haha, I am very happy to play. I just came back with my girlfriend."

Deliberately bullying you

After our boys like a girl, they usually show her good things, and care about her in all aspects, but girls are not necessarily. Some girls will care about you, either explicitly or implicitly, and be gentle and considerate to you, even trying to cater to you.

But some will deliberately bully you!

For example, deliberately give you some nicknames for "stupid pigs" and "two goods"; good for others, but always fierce for you.

As the saying goes, playing is a pro, 骂 is love, some girls subconsciously think that girls need boys to pursue, can not accept their own initiative to express love to a man, and even feel that they actively like a boy is a bit "loss." So when she likes you, she will do something that seems to always be too much for you, both to cover up his feelings and to draw your attention.

Usually, some of her words quietly told you her thoughts -

Like these

"I think you are so handsome"

This is simply not too straightforward. If a girl is praising a boy, it means that there is indeed a trait in your body that attracts her and makes her feel uncomfortable.

Other similar ones are "You laugh very well." "I think you are gentle and gentle." The effect is similar. All the girls feel that you have touched these features directly, and they don't spit.

"It’s very fun to play with you."

She is very happy to play with you, indicating that you can make her feel very relaxed, and there is no pressure to get along with it. This feeling is a precursor to a person.

You have to know that girls rarely express their emotions directly to boys, so she does not deliberately say this to a boy. She is willing to share this feeling with you, indicating that you have already obtained a position in her heart, and there is no need to keep it.

"Tell me, how do you and her %#^^ (some dirty content, everyone will be fine)"

When a girl actively inquires about your privacy, especially in terms of privacy, why is she trying to lead you into the shackles?

In fact, when the boys lead the girls to talk about some embarrassing things, they have the same mentality. By talking about some topics that are easy to raise adrenaline, they will create a sigh of relief between the two people and gradually establish a special relationship beyond the relationship of ordinary friends. Feeling, then a little bit of love and love.

"Is lying down?"

When chatting with girls in the middle of the night, if you suddenly curiously ask her why she hasn't slept yet, if the girl tells you that he is lying in bed, it means that you have a special place in her heart.

Not interested in you, who is still hiding in the bed to chat with you in the middle of the night, sleep well? Even if you don't sleep well, playing games, reading novels is the right thing to do when you are hiding in your bed and playing mobile phones.

In fact, as long as the girl likes you, she will have obvious changes to your heat, but the boys generally lack a heat detector, so often the sisters have to stick to the face and still do not understand.

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