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How to achieve high efficiency in the application for studying abroad?


Before writing this topic, I checked the two sets of "magnetism" and "set" in Google and Baidu (although it also used "ceramic", but this should belong to the network habitual typo, so I did not investigate Among them, the name of the work in this application, the data on Google is 522000 and 425000 respectively, so I chose the "magnetism" which is more accustomed to the usage.

When the magnetics are lifted, the first reaction of most people is to set a scholarship. Because everyone is more or less aware of one of the applications from various sources, but how many people really know what these two words mean? To be honest, I don't know who invented the word. From the exact name on Google about this work, we can also see that our definition of this content is somewhat vague.

In fact, this work was determined by the application review process of the US Graduate School in the early years. As we all know, the top universities in the United States have been committed to monopolizing the world's top talent. In order to ensure that professors can recruit their own students to help them with related topics, relying on the PS, CV and recommendation letter materials does not necessarily allow them to make the most accurate interpretation. At that time, for international students, the RA they mainly applied for was taken out by the professor from their own funding, so the decision is based on the professor. As long as the professor who gave the money decides to enroll a student, the department is generally not suspicious. Negotiated. Therefore, in order to obtain more satisfactory results , some applicants will contact the favorite professors to show their research strength and let the professors fully understand themselves. Before the application materials are sent out, the contact with the professor is called the pre-magnetization. After the application materials are sent out, the contact with the professor is called the post-magnetization.

Most people's magnetics

Before the emergence of institutions and personnel lacking research applications from these majors, everyone is more likely to understand applications through their most direct means, such as seniors, teachers, friends, relatives, etc. At the same time, because of the limitations of their own time, few people can thoroughly analyze and study all aspects of the application, so what they can see will not be comprehensive, or it is difficult to correctly judge the information obtained for their own reference. The value is big or small. So for a long time, the same problem will be discussed or debated by everyone.

Just like magnetics, some people see that it is very important to say that the magnetics are set. If they get the scholarship because of the magnetic set, they will think that the magnetic set is very important. However, what is depressing is that there will be many people who say that they did not receive any magnetic or magnetic letters in the application and did not get any reply, so they got the offer, so the magnetic set has no meaning. Then everyone will become confused. Fortunately, everyone is still smart, long time, and reached a more common or consistent view: the magnetic set is still useful for science and engineering graduate applications. So many applicants will start to learn to start a magnetic set.

Most people's practices, find out the professors that each school matches with themselves, introduce themselves, and ask the professors to recruit students this year, or have money. Some people have heard that the mail set has a bad magnetic effect. When the phone is more useful, it starts to try to call the professor to recruit people.

But after doing it a few times, more and more people have discovered that it is very difficult to set the magnet! No one answered, the phone couldn't get through (no one answered or automatically left a message), and when I got through, I didn't know what to say, so I still didn't achieve the effect. So most people will give up.

Set of changes in the magnetic situation

As mentioned above, the magnetics are getting harder and harder, the professors are becoming more and more savvy, and the emphasis on the magnetics is getting lower and lower. Even the school will tell the applicant: If you call again to harass, I will send you a letter of rejection directly! Or some of the majors in some schools will make it clear on the website: the application will be reviewed by the admissions committee, and students and professors are not allowed to contact. Let the people who prepare the magnetics suffer.



More and more applicants: This is a good understanding. Nowadays, most of the American schools use the online application system, so the application process is more and more simple and convenient, and the visa situation has dispelled many applicants' doubts. And now I don't know why, more and more people will apply for more than 15 schools, and even more will apply for all 40 schools in their grades. It’s really a matter of “selling my heart is not painful”, so many application fees are used to donate to the hope project. So the top 100 schools in the United States have received more and more application materials in recent years, one is 20/500. The admission ratio is very common. Therefore, the frequency of harassment by professors is getting higher and higher, so many professors will directly set up the mail system for filtering, or just can't look back.

The application process is becoming more and more standardized: due to the increasing number of applicants, the situation of fish-eyes is becoming more and more serious. Moreover, when professors in various countries recruit students, they have the habit of recruiting applicants who have a direct relationship with themselves, so “ The situation of inbreeding has become serious. In order to ensure "prenatal and postnatal care", there is a trend in the United States: the power of professors enrollment is getting smaller and smaller, and the power of the admissions committee is growing. Many students receive a similar set of magnetic responses: I am very interested in your background, so you can contact me after review by the admissions committee.

The magnetic letter "still" still has nothing to say: Many people know that magnetics are useful, but how many people really understand that professors want to spend their extremely precious time, what do they get from the mail? Either I don’t know what I want to learn, what I want to learn, or I’m out of stock, and I can’t say anything. Moreover, the popularity of email has made the operation cost of magnetic sleeves almost zero. Therefore, the more and more "God" people in the fishing class of Jiang Taigong, the professors are increasingly disappointed.

I think the magnetic cover

In fact, it is not difficult to find out from the above reasons that the root cause of the difficulty in making the magnetic pole is the applicant itself. Now let me say what I think the magnetics should look like:

Magnetics is a process of understanding your academic circle and improving your professional strength to ultimately help you achieve your desired goals. Or it's a job that needs to go through the entire background improvement process and the application process, not just the means or shortcuts to scholarships from the professors after sending the materials. If all the applicants (but I am satisfied with most of them) can recognize this, then I believe that the degree of magnetism will be re-evaluated by the professor, and this process can really make the applicant's professional strength Great improvement.

I think the correct magnetic set

Pre-magnetization: After having the idea of ​​going abroad, I began to pay attention to my academic circle, thinking about my professional interests and what my own strengths are. Generally speaking, this is a rather confusing thing, and it is not easy to understand. So first of all, you can use all the resources around you (classmates, seniors, teachers, relatives, friends, etc.) to collect relevant information. After a preliminary understanding, then read the corresponding level of Review to understand and judge yourself more clearly. The direction of application and begin to understand the research trends in this field worldwide. After a lot of preparatory work, I started to contact professors in the United States to try to avoid the peak period of the magnetics (September-February). The thing to pay attention to at this stage is: don't set the magnet for the magnetic set. If there is nothing, there is no question worthy of the professor's answer. Don't set it up. It doesn't work well.

Mid-term magnetics: After careful preparation in the early stage, in general, applicants will have more and more specific understanding of their own fields, so this stage needs to combine the main practical stages of background improvement, that is, specific papers, The process of research. In this process, under the guidance of a high-level tutor that I can find, on the one hand, I will seriously study my own subject and apply my own ideas to the solution of practical problems, because there is a big difference between what I want to do and what I do. On the other hand, we continue to contact professors in American schools and further communicate based on previous contacts. What needs to be paid attention to in this process is: don't set the magnet for the magnetic sleeve. In general, it is difficult for a general student to maintain a high frequency with a professor if it is purely academic, so don't worry that you will harass the professor. This kind of purely academic communication professor still likes it, they will not be disgusted. So when you really do a full homework, the professor will be more than happy to help you. If you ask questions about the answers already given on the page, ask the professor for a paper that is easy to download in the database, etc., then if you are a professor, see what you think. Do not want to do it to others!

Later sets of magnetism: If the previous two stages are completed very well, then the later set of magnets is more for the professor to help track the progress of his application, and the professor will give more to strengthen the applicant's teaching needs. Background recommendations.

When you see this, there will be many people who will ask: At what stage should these jobs be carried out? In fact, I don't want everyone to separate the application. A real learning process is a continuous process, and the specific situation of each person is different. So we should not give it an overly specific time limit. As I have always stressed: From now on, everything is not too late, it will not be early. It's good to change what we can change. If you are still young (such as a sophomore), congratulations, you have more time to prepare for the job. But unfortunately you may not be able to stick to it or have no sense of oppression. If you are going to apply soon, then congratulations, you will face a very tight and strong schedule, this pressure will be able to fully exert your potential, let you get an unforgettable exercise, and adapt to the future The high-intensity learning pressure in the United States to face.

Here, I still want to emphasize the principle of investigation by the American Admissions Committee. Because many people don't think about these issues at all, this is the main reason why I spend a lot of time writing these thousands of words. The Committee hopes to be able to recruit the applicants that best match them. A win-win situation is the main purpose. Therefore, I suggest that you must not apply for the application, but for the scholarship. I understand the mood of everyone very much. This step is of great significance to most people and is likely to change the growth trajectory behind a person. But after countless facts prove that it is easier to succeed only if you have a very clear career goal. If you are eager for quick success, then it is easy to lead to a difficult mentality in the face of a blow. If you know exactly what you are doing for the current situation, what difficulties will it face, and if you get something, you can easily face it with a calm attitude.

I often say this to my clients: As long as you can continue to do so, then you will learn a lot of things that you can't buy with money. This experience will become your lifelong wealth, the result of the application. It's a matter of course, and the process is more important. This is a very important reason why Americans value experience rather than result. They know the great role that a person's experience can do with it, so they won't judge you by just one result (a G/T score, an award, a paper).

I hope that the things I have written for so long can help those in need. The reputation of Chinese students is no longer good, and many professors have made it clear that they do not enroll Chinese students. So I hope to appeal here, let us work together to create a good application environment, we can not ask the environment to change for us, but we can start to change from ourselves, and thus affect the environment a little bit. Only then can we have a good environment.

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