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SMS promotion has no effect, what is the correct posture of SMS marketing?


In daily life, overwhelming marketing messages are full of our eyes. In this era of information explosion, SMS promotion is often difficult to achieve the desired results. Even some marketing text messages, we have no desire to open reading. However, some marketing SMS messages can attract us to pay attention to this brand and touch us to order and convert. So, what should we do?
Why use marketing SMS to promote?
SMS marketing, as the name implies, is a marketing tool that achieves marketing purposes by sending it to ordinary mobile phone text messages. SMS marketing is a marketing and promotion method with low cost, precise target and strong flexibility. Relatively speaking, it is an obvious promotion method. However, due to the rush of SMS marketing in many enterprises, the sending is too frequent and the content is not attractive, which leads to the proliferation of spam messages and affects the conversion.

1. How to get the mobile number?
After I understand why I want to do SMS marketing, some people may ask, I also know the advantages of doing SMS marketing, but the first step in doing SMS marketing is to get the mobile number. How can I get the user's mobile number?
The questionnaire fills in the mobile phone number
to operate. Whether it is a large platform or a small platform, the user questionnaire is regularly published to understand the user's product usage and product demand. In order to effectively attract users to fill out the questionnaire, we often set some prizes. At this time, you can set some prizes that need to be filled in to the mobile phone number, such as randomly selecting 50 mobile phone numbers of the users who filled out the questionnaire, and recharge 10 yuan of phone bills/100M traffic. This will get the mobile number of some users.
When extracting user registration information and receiving information, etc.,
most users register products or activities that participate in products, they will leave information such as mobile phone numbers. These users are our most direct target user groups. When we need to do SMS marketing, the mobile phone number that the user once left has played its role.
The crawler crawls big data.
There are some specialized crawler sites in the industry for crawling big data, such as the Octopus collector. This kind of data collector is generally based on a distributed cloud computing platform. It can easily obtain a large amount of standardized data from various websites or web pages in a short time, and help any customer who needs to obtain information from the web page to realize data automation. Collect, edit, standardize, get rid of the dependence on manual search and data collection, thus reducing the cost of obtaining information and improving efficiency.
data marketing companies from data marketing companies has very detailed user data information, which can be said to be one of the products in the era of big data. Just pay them a fee and get a mobile number that matches the characteristics of the potential target audience based on the characteristics of the product.
2. How to write SMS content?
When we get the mobile number, the next step is to edit the SMS content. But as the article said at the beginning, some marketing text messages, we have no desire to open; some marketing messages, but let us stop. Writing a text message that effectively captures the user's eye is nothing more than a few points.
The number of words in the
text message, the more concise the better. The content of a text message should not exceed 64 characters, that is, the number of characters not exceeding the content of a short message, so as to prevent some users from being affected by the model, resulting in incomplete information of the received short message content. In this way, on the one hand, it affects the user's experience, on the other hand, it will also bring the user a sense of unprofessional and irregular, which may cause the loss of the user.
For example, the following text message is intended to send a verification code to the user, but the non-key content is particularly large, occupying the user's eye, and it is difficult for the user to find the information he needs in the first time. Therefore, under the premise of being able to fully express the information, the fewer words of the short message, the better.

When we look at the contents of two text messages, we will find that the meaning of the text messages is about the same, they are all red packets, but the layout is different, resulting in a gap in the click rate of the last two SMS content. Therefore, when typesetting, the important information is mainly placed in front, so that the user can quickly grasp the key point when previewing the short message, and prompt the user to open the short message to read the detailed content.

Appropriate use of punctuation marks
for the emphasis of information, can be used properly! Punctuation marks are used to distinguish them. Because the content of the short message is relatively weak compared to the online textual expression, the single-color text is expressed. Therefore, if the statement is consistent throughout, it is easy for the user to be visually tired without the desire to continue reading.
Appropriate use of exclamation marks, key mark numbers, etc., can attract users to focus on reading. At present, it is mainly used to identify enterprises, which is beneficial to users in the first time to understand what this enterprise is sending to themselves. If it is a company that is familiar and trustworthy, such a key logo will achieve twice the result with half the effort.
third point of arbitrarily using the number has been said that the weaker part of the text message is a single-color text expression, which is easy to cause visual fatigue, and can not grasp the key words and give up. Reading. Still use this case, if "Congratulations on you being caught in the 65 yuan red envelope..." is adjusted to "Congratulations on you being caught in a lot of red packets...", does it increase the user's reading cost? In other words, the appropriate expression of willingness to digitally captures the user's eye more quickly, prompting the user to have the desire to continue reading.

In SMS marketing, we often attach links to our products on the content of the SMS to attract users to download or order. However, different links may cause new users to make a bad impression on the trust issue.
Looking at the links to the two text messages in the example, which link is more likely to generate trust? Most users will choose the second one. On the one hand, the link is relatively short and looks more comfortable; on the other hand, this is the official website link, ending with com, which allows users to believe that this is a reliable link that can open the content of the browsing website.

In the tone of
SMS marketing, marketing methods are nothing more than two, one is emotional marketing, the other is interest marketing. Different marketing methods, the tone should also be targeted, such as emotional marketing, relatively speaking, such as the previous case: pro, want to die you! It is one of the expressions of emotional marketing.
Subdivided into the age level of the user group, the language style can be targeted, playful, cute, serious, cautious, serious and so on. For example, if the user group is mainly women after 90s and 00, then the text message content can be a little bit, "Dear little master, send you a 65 yuan red envelope, remember to check the 喔~" and the like.
In summary, when we carry out SMS marketing, we write SMS content according to the method described above, and adopt the profit-driven marketing method. The content of the sent SMS is “respected customer, check the bill and send 1 yuan recharge red envelope, pay attention to” Tianyi User Center Public Number can be collected. If you do not need such information, please reply to QX after unsubscribing.” For
the 3 million users, the content of the SMS will be delivered. Within 3 days, the number of new users of the public number will reach 50,000. Said, relying on SMS marketing, the average daily pulling powder is 16,000, the cost of acquiring each new fan is no more than 2 yuan; and the ordering flow has reached 110,000 yuan. From the data point of view, this time SMS marketing is very successful. So, as long as you follow the method described above to do SMS marketing, I believe I will get good data.