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[Arts dry goods] let you sketch 8 tips with 100,000 candidates to open the gap!


Sketch, you can come and see when you can't draw a sketch!

Sketching is one of the main means of cultivating keen observation and styling ability. At the same time, it can also achieve the purpose of examining students' artistic quality. Sketching is not only a topic that runs through in basic training, but also a compulsory course for all majors in plastic arts. Today, share a quick way to speed up the eight methods that will help you.

First, the importance of composition and composition, we all know that the composition of a single action is relatively simple, in principle, not to go down. The action is to the left and the composition is right. The duo should pay attention to the primary and secondary contrast and mutual harmony of the two movements. First of all, the proportion should be the same. The standing movement is as high as the sitting movement. The combination of scenes is more difficult, and perspective is the most important thing to pay attention to. The principle of front and back small must be kept in mind. Then there is the echo and connection of the action. In addition to paying attention to character movements and proportional perspectives, scene sketching should also pay attention to the surrounding props, but not too prominent, so as not to affect the theme.

Second, the strength of an example, a piece of white paper, black is very jumping, then how do our works, sketching out in tens of thousands of papers? That is strength! ! ! The first thing is to go black, to suppress the works around you, so that the teacher who has the test paper can see your work at first sight. Even if your details are less, it will give the teacher a bright eye. They had a very short time to pronounce the paper, and they were split in almost 2 or 3 seconds. For example: A painting is generally but very black and powerful, was assigned to the A file, and then after two reviews, the other teachers took a look, no details, the characterization is not deep, can not enter the A file! Then give a 90. Then let's take another example. B, B is very good and deep and detailed, but the painting is too shallow, which causes B's paper to be pressed by those who take charcoal, or Chinese 8B or extra thick pencils. Stayed, this led to B entering the B file, and then the other teachers took a closer look, very good, the details are also very deep, but the teacher can not give a B file the highest score, give a 89, so The first part opened the gap between the two people, so I said that the students who are taking the exam must work hard to paint with the strength of your breastfeeding! It is recommended to choose the Chinese 8B pencil. It is inevitable that some charcoal will pull the paper, and the pencil can also force the strength of the charcoal. As shown below:

Third, after the choice of angle has been strong, we have to consider the angle of painting, we can not get to the examination room ass has not yet stabilized, we must start painting, you have to learn to be smart, like the angle of the big side Don't paint it. It's very beautiful to move a little three-quarters. Don't do it because you don't want to paint your face. This is absolutely wrong. There are fewer things on the side, less can be described, and the picture is easy. Poor handling results in a heavy head. So the big side is not to paint. There is also the front, for the master, the frontal painting is much better, but if the model is standing, the front is difficult to express dynamic, and the front is easy to draw people flat, so the front is also try not to draw Therefore, the chances of your choice of success in this painting will be great. If you have a long time before leaving the exam, you don't have to care about the angle. Choose your preferred angle. Interest is the best teacher, even if you only have a back. Some students said, teacher, we are meditation in the joint test, in fact, the truth is the same, it depends on whether you can make a difference. If you are taking a picture, you can only draw it according to the angle of the photo.

Fourth, grasp the details of the face in the strength, after paying attention to the angle, the next is the most important. The specific method of stealing is the face! The face must be very thin and very eye-catching, expressive, and tell you a secret, the fineness of the face painting can hide some of the missing problems on your screen. If we are a high school student. Or how do high school students exercise to sketch? If you are not just learning to paint, some basics should not be copied. It is useless to have no intention to copy. It is here to explain the reasons why Linyi is useless. Because many people are lazy now, Linyi’s brain is equal to white. Moreover, it is easy to cause some habits to be called "hand disease". Of course, it is necessary to copy good paintings, but the premise is good painting. Now many provincial exams are written except for most of the Academy of Fine Arts, so I think You can practice your photo exercises with the irritability of painting and painting, so that you can face the exam more comprehensively.

In the end, the painting still has to look at the hand, no matter who it is, even if there is a pair of eyes that are good at discovering beauty or have superhuman ability to express things, it is undoubtedly an empty sigh on paper. The hand height represents the skill and skill of the technique, and the performance is vividly in place; the same is true when different techniques are used to reflect different effects. Of course, the technique is important but it cannot be dead. It depends on the artist's cultivation and the idea of ​​painting. It is intended to be improved, conceived and skillful.

Sketching learning not only trains students' hands and eyesight, but also enhances the brain's image thinking. Sketching is mainly to quickly capture and express the instantaneous state of the object through the observation of the object. The coordination of the hand and eye and the brain is quite important during the ascension process. If you want to enter the painting major in the future, the foundation and importance of sketching are unavoidable. Therefore, through the contact of the artist's eyes, brain and hands, the artist's observation, analysis, and comprehensive performance process are represented. The ancient and modern Chinese and foreign painters can't leave for life. They are sketches. Many masters' works, sketches, and sketches are independent works, and they are regarded as art treasures.


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