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On the protracted war of sex

During the idle egg pain, I suddenly found out that I could write a column. So the brother bathed in the autumn wind, and wrote a few black characters in his pen and ink - on the protracted war of sexual love (here is the imitation of Chairman Mao's suspicion of a protracted war).

In the long journey of life, there is such a subtle miracle: the environment changes, the heart is controlled, the heart is in one place, nothing can be done

When a person is running a marathon, if he thinks he is running in his mind, then he will be very very tired, and even difficult to stick to the end! However, when the thoughts turn, he no longer wants to think about running, but observes the roadside scenery and transforms the running movement into "the activity of surpassing one after another." At this time, the village is dark and bright. . . .

The direct effect of the conversion of this idea is that it feels very different. The difference in feelings brings about a wide range of behavioral outcomes. .

Go back to sensitive topics and love love. (The following content is quite sensitive, girls read it carefully)

A lot of premature ejaculation, in the sex activities, they feel that they are running a marathon. The whole journey was 42.195 kilometers, and they cumbered after running for 1 km. The reason why they fought in this protracted war is that a big part of the reason is their focus on their thinking: they have been paying attention to their own running (premature ejaculation friends, almost no exception, they are highly concerned about their feelings They always remind themselves: I am making love, I am entering the woman's body, I am experiencing excitement).

It is precisely because of this focus of attention and thought that their brain centers are highly awakened. They have been immersed in the stimulating situation of sex, sexual excitement is rapidly accumulating, and soon they cannot control themselves.

Brother summed up the common characteristics of lasting men. They did not run marathons in the process of sex, but they watched the scenery almost all the way. What does that mean?

They didn't focus on women, they didn't always think about sex, and didn't think about the kind of excitement that entered women. Instead, they see the piston movement as a piling activity, but they are just piling. Think of sex activities as an ordinary sport from the ideological understanding, without too many yellow concepts, no feelings of premature ejaculation men (all actions are full of excitement, for fear that they will enjoy a little less).

This is a change in thinking and understanding, and an improvement in feeling. Through the transformation of ideas, the feelings of the same kind of movement are completely different. Making the same friction movement, the pleasure is very different

The transformation of human beings begins with thoughts, and the upgrading of sexual movements also begins with the brain, which is the body's largest sexual organ.